Our perfect place update Thursday 14 May 2020

Our perfect place 14 May 2020: Gayatri confronts Rita that she will not let her force Falak and Bejal to stay with a nanny, she will take care of children instead. She reminds her how much she used to take care of Uday as she loves him like a son, similarly she loves Falak and Bejal and does not differentiate between them and Uday.

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She continues that Uday will teach Falak and Bejal and asks Uday to speak. Uday says he does not have any problem and even Falak and Bejal will love it. Gayatri takes Uday’s oath and says she will not let Falak and Bejal speak to Niranjan without Rita’s permission. Rita silently stands continue her grudge. Gayatri extends her pallu and pleads to let her take care of Falak and Bejal. Rita reminisces what all Gayatri did before and Niranjan telling Gayatri likes gossiping, etc.., and walks away with jealous face. Whole family stands silently. Parimal tries to console Gayatri.

Rita goes to children’s room. Children does not speak to her. She asks what happened. She says she is very bad, she does not let them speak to papa and now taimaa, she forced bad nanny on them, does not have time for them. They kept quiet thinking she is busy with her work, but she is very bad. They go and side aside. Rita starts crying.

Parimal and whole family try to console Gayatri, but she continues crying. Rita comes with Falak and Bejal and tells Gayatri that she has rehearsals tonight and Falak and Bejal does not want to sleep alone, so if she can let them sleep in her room. Gayatri gets very happy. Chilren run and hug her.

Rita patches up with Gayatri and lets her to take care of Falak and Bejal. Whole family gets happy. Rita then taunts Rahul it is time for his marriage and she has found a girl for him. Gayatri says she has found a girl for Sameer. Everyone excitedly ask who is she. Gayatri says Hetal, she has seen how much she likes Sameer. Sameer gets shy. Ila says it is time to turn their hands yellow/marriage. Uday asks when will she turn his hands yellow. Everyone laugh. P

Parimal says he will make his hands red, blue, yellow, green and scolds if he finished today’s studies. Uday says a bit is remaining. He asks what is he doing here then. Ila scolds Parimal to stop scolding child like his bapuji, he has becoming like his bapuji off late. Parimal says he is not and asks everyone if he is. They all say yes. Parmal says he will go then. Rahul says no argument today and it family selfie time. They all together take selfie.

Uday sends family selfie to Niranjan. Niranjan gets happy seeing them and thanks Uday for sending selfie and informing that nanny is out of children’s lives.

Rahul starts drinking again in his room looking at his and Tanu/Shree’s photo. Sam enters with Shree’s mental rehab report and says he came to discuss about Shree didi. Rahul says he met her again even after knowing he will lose Heal if she will know about it. Sam says he went to tell her that he cannot meet her again, but then saw her mental rehab report. She went to US after her papa’s death, but tried to suicide 4 times in depression and was kept in mental rehab.

Rahul says he feels bad for Shree. Sam asks him to check her report and extends his hand. Rahul is about to hold it when he gets stomach ache. Sam gets concerned, but he sends Sam out saying it is just usual pain. He then starts rolling in bed in pain looking at his and Tanu’s pic and says he is paying for the sin he did. He throws up blood from his mouth then.

Sam does not get sleep thinking how to patch up between Hetal and Shree/Tanu. He does exercise rigorously in the garden. Ila sees from balcony and walks down. She asks him what is bothering him. He tells his friend hates her sister with a misunderstanding and he wants to clear their misunderstanding. He is confused whether to go ahead or not as his friend may stop talking to her all together. Ila says she is proud of his thinking an he should do what he feels best. He says he is worried his friend may stop talking to him. She says not to worry about consequences, if his intention is right, only right will happen.

Hetal gets ready for college and dances with Prachi on a song…Prachi say she has changed after her kuchiku/affair with Sam, else she used to scold her hearing music, she should continue like this and not fight with Sam. Sam calls her and says he wants to meet her out. She says she has to go to college. He says to cancel her class today. She says she is going for 1 hour and they can meet at cafeteria. He says he does not want to come to cafeteria today and wants to spend time with her today.

Sam messages Shree next that he is going to tell Hetal about her truth. She messages back not to do that, else he will lose Hetal. He replies he will not listen to her this time. She continues calling and messaging. He does not pick call.

Rahul wakes up in the morning and sees blood on his pillow. He reminisces coughing up blood last night. His friend calls him and asks where is he, client is reaching for a meeting soon, they have to rush. Rahul asks to message client’s number. Friend says he does not have time and to come over directly soon. Rahul cleans pillow blood and wipes blood from his lips. He gets ready and goes out. Ila asks him to have breakfast and go. He says he is not hungry. She force feeds him. He says why she takes care of him so well. She says it is her selfishness, when she will get old, he will take care of her. He says he does not want to see her old. She says she wants him to carry her to her permanent place on his shoulders. He says she will not get old in front of him. She says to do some magic then.

Shree comes outside Sam’s house and messages Sam that she is outside his home and to come and meet her. She does not reply and walks in. Rahul also comes towards her, but they both are busy on their phones and don’t notice each other.

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