Our perfect place update Friday 3 April 2020

Our perfect place 3 April 2020: sameer gets out fustratedly on the bike, gayatri comes behind him, and asks if he feels better having vent it out. he says that it wont be solved in a year, or a day. she explains how letting go shall easen his pain. he is tensed. gayatri asks him to come once, when he has calmed dwn, to listen to what she has to say. he doesnt respond and drives off. she is boggled.

In the balcony, ila cries, while rita asks her not to bother unnecessarily. ila asks how cant she, after listening to what she had to from sameer. rita says that anger made him vent out like that. ila says that what he said was right. she explains how her brother and his wife loved sameer. and how they missed having an issue, and hence gave sameer to them, to ease their pain. rita says that she knows how painful it must have been for them. ila recounts the torment, while ila is distraught at what sameer said. rita says that she doesnt want to increase her pain, but sameer is indeed right, as he didnt see her tears and his father’s pain, and he only felt that he was being given away. ila again recounts what happened. rita says that she needs to make him realise his importance in their lives. ila wonders how can she make him do that, as he is leaving them forever. rita asks her to have faith in the goddess, as she would find out a way. she leaves. ila sits apalled and still crying inconsolably.

Scene 2:
Location: Parimal’s residence
Sameer comes to gayatri, and says that he has been angry and shall always be, as he always felt their love as pretense. she says that its not possible. he says then how could they have given him up so easily. she says that it was just the relatives. he counters if she could give uday, and she says that he is their only son. sameer says thats what makes him feel like a stephany, and he always feels that he has never been loved, and no amount of convincing shall make him believe otherwise.

Scene 3:
Location: Gharaunda
The next morning, gayatri comes to rahul, and finds him working in the kitchen. she taunts him, and sets him aside to help him. she wonders where is rita and ila. rita meanwhile is taking care of ila, who hasnt eaten anything, and is developing high fever, as ila goes into a self victimising mode, that she deserves this, for having pained their son so much. gayatri comes and asks her not to do this. rita says that she cant take meds too, since she is hungry. gayatri says that she shall get sameer and make him see this. ila holds her back saying that he isnt at fault. gayatri tensedly leaves. she goes out and calls sameer, to tell him about ila’s situation. he gets tensed hearing this.

As govardhan comes in, he finds ila sitting tensedly, and the food plate lying like that. he reprimands her for not eating, and asks her to stop this immaturity, as there is a puja in the house. he says that she shall sit. he screams that she isnt okay, and asks what good would this behaviour solve, and asks if it shall chnge anything. he asks rita to give her food. ila asks him not to scold her. he asks if he too should do the same. she says that its their right. he says that scolding is their right then. they both sit down emotionally. as govardhan starts crying, she says that its their right too. rita eyes overwhelmed. he tells ila that the ultimate darkness absolves when she smiles, and he cant see her crying like this, and how would he handle himself. she asks him not to cry, as she is already depressed. gayatri asks her to talk with sameer over the phone. ila composes herself, and starts talking. he asks what should he say, that he was lying, and apologise. he says that they cant change anything, and asks her to have food and get better. she says that she wishes to say that he shouldnt hate her so much, that she almost dies. he goes unconscious. they are apalled. he is upset over the phone as to what happened.

Later, as she sits in the bed, ila is reprimanded by everyone, while sameer eyes them from a distance. ila apologises to him, for bothering him. he asks why do this, as it was inside him, but he didnt say anything, and bahevd properly. he asks her to stop crying, as if she keeps doing so, he wouldnt be able to say anything. she complies. he says that he might have vented out, but he didnt call it off with them, as they might have 4 sons, but he has just one set of parents. she gets overwhelmed and hugs him. tears stream down their cheeeks, as they both clutch each other tightly.

In the temple, niranjan and rahul are busy decorating, when they are releived that ila is better and eveything is okay between her and sameer. they are uptodate with the preparations. inside, govardhan talks to sameer, that he might have kept it inside him all this while, but this means a big deal. sameer asks him not to think, that he has forgotten everything. govardhan says that he understands. he says that there is something that he cant tell ila, but he needs to tell him. govardhan hears intently.

Gayatri and rita, in their room, discuss as to how sameer is introvert and doesnt open about his feelings easily, and how ila used to be tensed about this nature of his. they talk about how he vented out his feelings after so many years, and all are so upset over it. gayatri says that it was inevitable, and its good that it happened. rita explains how such a good dy, isnt received well by people. gayatri says that ila and govardhan forget everything, when it comes to worshipping. they get light hearted bantering, where rita gloats about her new dressed for Dandiya, and gayatri gets tensed. she gets a little but sullen, but is surprisingly overwhelmed, when rita gives her a dress that she brought for her too. they amusedly banter.

While driving, Parimal get niranjan’s call, telling him about ila, and how it happened, and what did the doctor do. parimal gets angry at sameer. but niranjan says that he already came and spoke to ila. Niranjan tells parimal, that she isnt well, and asks when would he come. PArimal asks what good would he do. niranjan says that this isnt right and he should come too. niranjan reminds that ila isnt well, and there is puja in the house and then he also tells him something about sameer. Parimal gets tensed hearing this.

Later, as ila gets ready for the puja, govardhan comes and enquires about her health. she says that she is fine and now her son is with her too. he tells her that just because sameer is coming and everything is okay, it doesnt mean anything has changed. she tries to explain how it has hurt him if he said those things to her, and now she wont stop him to go to paris. govardhan comments and says that if he comes tonight, still he shall leave for PAris. she is shocked and aghast to hear this.

Location: Gharaunda
Ila is aghast to know that sameer is leaving tonight. govardhan tries to calm her down. as she omes for puja, sameer asks why did she come, when she isnt well. she says that she doesnt know when again she would get the chance to be with him. he asks her to send him off in a good mood, and not like this. they resignedly comply and sit down for puja. she wishes all of her sons to be there, but parimal isnt. the puja starts, and parimal joins them. when Parimal joins them for puja, and they are plesantly surprised. they continue the puja. Later, in the evening, ila and govardhan are dressed for dandiya. they wonder where are the rest. they start coming one by one. rahul gets the entire dandiya on shoot, for memory, while sameer teaches govardhan how to use the camera. rahul asks ila to cheer up, for this reunion atleast. All take ila and govardhan’s blessings, while they amusedly banter. they are surprised to find that parimal has joined them too. he comes and casually mixes with everyone. Dandiya is on in full swing, as govardhan and ila enjoy, while the sons and their wives dance with full fervour. Later, govardhan and ila join them too, and have fun. ila feels dizzy and govardhan takes her inside.

Later, all wish and bid sameer goodbye, when finding that his decision is taken. they all give him advices, while sameer says that he needs to go, to get some stuff from home. they all bless him and wish him well. he hugs all the brothers, and then finally comes to gayatri, who is super emotional to see him go. they wish each other goodbye. hugging rita too, he then begins to take their leave, as they see him off. he turns and tells gayatri to tell his parents that he shall call. ila comes asking if he would go without even meeting them. he tensedly confronts as both of them walk in. he comes to them, and says that he thought she must be sleeping. she begs him to remember her, and then hugs him. govardhan barely fights back tears, when he hugs sameer, who looks at all of them emotionally, and then walks out, while all siblings go to see him off, while ila and govardhan stay back.

Later in the night, as the doorbell rings, ila rushes to check if sameer came back. govardhan follows. they find a young girl standing there, asking if they are sameer’s parents. they comply. ila is boggled. she asks who is she. she identifies herself as Puja, sameer’s girlfriend. they are shocked. as they all sit, ila says that they had no clue of her existence, even after asking him. Puja says that she tried to get him to make her meet them, but he always refused. ila asks how long they know each other. puja says that they know each other for the past 2 years, and for the past ne year, hey have been in a live-in relationship. they are shocked. she clarifies that the flat is hers, and he came last year to stay with her. govardhan comments that he had no clue sameer was upto this. she apologises for having bothered them. ila informs that sameer is going to paris. she says that he is going therefore she is here, and that she loves him, and tried to stop him. ila asks if sameer loves her. he says that sameer loves hence he stays. he then asks puja what to do, as sameer doesnt listen to them. she says that she knows about their problems, but she had no respite. they are shocked that their sameer could do this. he is at a loss of an answer. ila says that they need to do something, and decides to call him. sameer receives the call from the cab. she informs him about puja’s arrival.

sameer is frustrated that puja reached there, and says that she doesnt know anything about puja and him, and hence she shouldnt comment. he says that he cant do anything now. she is shocked. he says that he has left for airport, and that he shall call her once he reaches paris, and abruptly cancels. she is distraught to see this. puja asks her to let be, as its useless now. ila apologises. puja asks her not to, as she knew they were helpless, but still she came hee. she decides to take leave. she gts up, ready to go, but ila and govardhan are tensed as they eye her going. puja suddenly falls unconscious. they rush to attend to her. The doctor checks and treats the girl, as she lies on the bed. he tells ila, that she fainted due to unconscious state, and soon she shall wake up, and asks her to let the girl rest. he also asks her to consult a lady doctor. ila is boggled. he clarifies that its needed as the girl is pregnant. he leaves. ila is apalled to hear this. she places the drapes around her, and then leaves the room.

As sameer is checking in, ila calls him up, and informs about puaj’s pregnancy, and reprimands him for leaving her like this. govardhan lashes at him furiously, at the heinous upbringing. the elevator closes, and the signal goes off. govardhan thinks that he cancelled the call. Sameer sits on the bench, distraught and stunned, as he hears te final bording call, for his pars flight. govardhan and ila are tensed, when the phone doesnt get through. Meanwhile sameer gets up and begins to go.

Ila comes out and tells it to govardhan. he is shocked. as they tell it to sameer, he stands shocked. he cancels the call. they discuss as to how sameer could have done something so heinous. puja comes out and hears this and asks if its true. they make her sit down and explain everything, and then extend all possible help, and even asks her to consider them as her family, even if sa meer ditched her. they find out about her parents, and she says that she cant even think about going to them as they are enraged. she begins to leave, and they are tensed for her. they are fuming as sameer’s phone isnt going through. gvardhan says that he shall talk to her father if need be. but she is unsure. he reprimands sameer as he should have been here. he decides to go, but puja stops him, saying that he must have checked in, and she dosnt want to keep him back emotionally blackmailing him. Puja leaves the house. rita eyes her going. she identifies the girl in front of parents. ila asks if she knows her. rita says that her father was a big criminal one time, and tells that she is the daughter of DOn Ramakant. they are aghast at sameer’s choice. rita says that maybe he left it all, and her mother died long back.ila is worried about sameer’s problem, and the live-in. govardhan is tensed.

rita professes about living in. they talk about how they might be outdated, but what people do in modern days, in the name of new generation is unaccptable. thy lament about how first devyani did it, and now sameer. he is thankful that shashikant married her, or else god knows what would have happened. rita says that she shall talk to puja, and they can try contacting sameer. rita leaves with ila. then niranjan comes and informs govardhan, about how his friend’s shop is closed after his father’s death, and how he is planning to start the hardware busines with his friend, and focus on it. govardhan is happy for him and his passion. nirnjan credits him for this, and govardhan asks him to focus, and wishes him all the best.

MEanwhile, puja gets in the car distraught and apalled, and then drives off.

Late at night, in the bedroom, ila finds govardhan tensed. she asks whats the matter. he talks about how they played dandiya as a family. they ponder over the puja incident. the doorbell rings and they wonder if its puja. they go out, but are shocked to find sameer back with his baggage. they ask about his flight, and he asks if puja is really pregnant. they comply and all come in. she asks if he isnt going. he denies, and says that first he needs to talk to puja. she asks him to attend to her first then as she is tensed. he says that he hadnt gone there for 3 days, and hnce wasnt staying there. before leaving, he says that he went to her place, but didnt find him there. sameer says that they dont know the full story. she reprimands him for lying to her, about having a girlfriend. he says that they arent in love. they are shocked. he says that they were just living partners, and no commitments. govardhan asks how is it possible, as she is bearing his child. she says that puja said she loved him. he says that she said this, when he decided to go to paris. govardhan asks him how can he be in such a relationship without love. sameer says that he shall go if need be, but govardhan shouldnt shout at him. govardhan asks him to get lost then, as he wont bear this kind of thinking. ila is distraught at the struggle. he begins to go, but she stops him, and says that she never thought he could do this. he says that if he had to do anything like that, then he wouldnt have left the flight and been here, and tells that he is tensed. govardhan says that its 3 lives entangled now. she explains to him, that if he wishes to rectify, then they are with him, and asks him to marry her. govardhan asks her to ask sameer if he wants. sameer says that he is willing to take responsibility of his child. govardhan asks him to go and talk to puja’s father then, and they can meet and finalise things, and then their marriage shall be arranged. sameer begins to go, as ila asks him to rest. govardhan reminds him to stay back here only, till the time he gets married, after that he can decide whether he goes to live with her, or takes her to paris. he silently complies. sameer is still lost. ila comes and asks whats he thinking now. he says that he is wondering if puja didnt go home, then where did she go.

the next morning, while ila is praying, rahul, niranjan and govardhan discuss his case, his marriage with puja, and his oppurtunity for Paris. they lament as to how sameer’s career faced a huge setback. govardhan says that today’s generation is distracted, but first he wants to get sameer married, to rectify his mistake. niranjan asks if he had a talk with puja. sameer comes and they ask him curiously what happened. sameer sits down and says that she didnt comply, and says that he shall leave for Paris, as puja has left for Ahmedabad, and that when he talked to her, she says that she didnt want commitment out of sympathy. govardhan says that he has to marry her, and give the child his name. sameer says that he wished to do just that, and now his job is at stake for nothing, and if puja doesnt need him, then whats the use. govardhan asks him to stop being so hasty. sameer says she doesnt wish to talk to him, or marry.

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