Once there was a king update Tuesday 29 March 2022


Once there was a king 29 march 2022: Raaj Mata kiss Raja on forehead. She was happy that now her Raja is with her, she will never do it again. Raja takes her along and help her on her bed. Rani leaves the room, but Raaj Mata holds Raja’s hand. She asks Raja what else Rana ji told him. Raja makes up that Rana ji told him how stubborn she is and doesn’t take care of her, she has to take these fruits else Rana ji would be angry at him. He sits nearby and makes Raaj Mata eat fruits. Rani watch this from outside, the doctor joins Rani and says a stranger is doing what they all couldn’t do. Rani says he isn’t a stranger, he is a childhood friend. The doctor calls her lucky, she must take care of him.

Rani cries nodding happily. At night also, Rani feeds Hema while watching Raja feeding Raaj Mata with his own hands.Rani was asleep on the bench, while Raja also sleeps on a bench outside. The next morning, Rani wakes up on the bench to find herself covered in a quilt. She notices Raja was busy. She comes to reception and demands Raja what he is doing here? Raja forbids her create a drama here. Rani says there will be a drama when he would tell everyone what he helped her about. Raja drags her into a room. Raja accepts he is a bad person but she is the reason. Rani asks if he know what happened to her family. Raja tells Rani he had to leave his home and live in a boarding just because of her, she took that Raja Baja along, and only Prince Rajveer was there.

He lost his trust over friendship. Rani says he is right, his misbehavior is her mistake. But she won’t discuss her problems with him. He is right, her friend was Raja Baja and not Rajveer.Raja says today she will understand his pain, when he is going to lock her in this room. Then they would realize what fate had given her. He bolts the door from outside, Rani keeps on knocking the door as her Dadu is really ill. She calls for someone, when Raja opens the door. Rani almost fell down, Raja holds her close. Raja asks if she couldn’t stay without her owns for five minutes, did she ever think how that 8 years old raja lived without his family. Neither he could go back home, nor could anyone come to meet him.

He cries that his life turned to a punishment just because of her. He got a friend like her, and a father who always made him fearful. He cries that he is always surrounded by people, but no one in this world is as alone as he is. Rani also cries. A nurse comes to ask them complete discharge formalities, Raja wipes his tears and go with him.At night, Raja and Rani take care of Raaj Mata. Raja promises to come meet her in the morning. Raaj Mata demands where he is going, a son always stay with a mother. He will stay with her. Rani objects. But Raaj Mata decisively says her Raja would stay with her, its Rani’s responsibility to take care of him. Raja coughs and demands a repetition from Raaj Mata. Rani leaves murmuring her shoe won’t ever serve him. Raja asks for any help in his service.

Rani thinks that Dadu never watched Mughal e Azam, then how she thought about being Raaj Mata. She was sure Raja can’t spend a single night on the floor. She keeps a stool to take mattress and slips. Raja holds Rani in his arms. Hema calls him for samosa and tea, he drops Rani down and leave. Rani was curt that he called Hema as Mausi, she will inform Raaj what she lost.Raaj appreciates samosa and appreciates the sause. Hema qualifies Rani made it, he feels hot with spice all at once and asks for a glass of water. Rani stares at him, while he teases Rani. He then asks to go to washroom, Hema directs her.

Raja opens the tap, there was no water. Rani informs Raja there is water for only two hours in normal people’s house. He was shocked. She pours him water to wash his hands. He turns to leave. Rani says she wants to say something, she wants to thanks him for saving her Dadu. Raja says she called him as Tum in childhood, why Aap now? Rani says she is used to it from the first day of college, and he is older than her. Raja boasts he isn’t as old. Raja tells Rani to accept she needs him. Rani says she is sorry about what he lost in his childhood, but she also lost a lot. Raja asks Rani not to let go of a small chance about apologizing him. Rani asks if it’s done? Raja tells Rani he won’t spare her so easily.

Raja warns Rani he isn’t going to leave until she doesn’t apologize. They hear Hema calling Rani, Raaj Mata was crying on floor that her son that Rani’s Baba were killed. They killed everyone, and faints. Raja holds her carefully to her bed. Rani sits beside her, kissing her forehead. Raja leaves the room. Rani comes behind him. Raja stops her in the corridor, he says he didn’t know about her Baba. Rani wonders what he thought he would have gone leaving his mother. Raja apologize. Rani says it’s been years since her Baba’s death, life has taught her to live alone; she neither needed a support then nor now. Raja holds Rani close and says their childhood will always be connected, she can never change a truth that he is her Raja Baja.

Is the friendship of years greater than misunderstanding of a single day, tears roll over Rani’s face? Raja holds her hand and promises never to leave her anywhere, she must get used to bear him. He hasn’t seen any brave girl than her, may be not support but even braves need companions. He won’t leave her side and her hand, never even if she insists him to. They share an eye lock after which Rani hugs him. Their childhood flashes in their minds.
The next morning, Rani wakes up on a chair besides Raaj Mata. She comes outside and slips to fell over Raja. He watches her lay over him, then holds her on him saying he can’t let her go, they are again friends. He won’t let her cry again.

Rani rolls her hand over his face, opens his eye to check if he was asleep. She keeps her hands over him carefully and leave. Raja sits behind her, laughing and lay on bed again.Rani was in kitchen making tea, she wondered why he said their fight has ended. When did their friendship end? She is an idiot, she took a help from someone who taunts her every time. If she helps him people will get a chance to speak about her, she can’t give anyone such a chance. She was determined to end this story before it begins. Raaj Mata calls Rani to bring the tea. Raja was sitting beside her. Raja suggests Raaj Mata to go outside for lunch. Rani objects as her exams are near.


Raja says all books and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Raaj Mata says Rani is right, she must play. She insists on Raja to study and work hard, is he in same class with Rani? Rani teases him but telling Raaj Mata he studies in same class for three years, he gets all marks for leaving the topic blank always. Rani suggests she will pack food for Raja. Hema promises to pack food for them both, Rani should also leave. This time, Raja tease Rani.
Rani and Raja hug Raaj Mata, Raja holds her hand behind Raaj Mata that she tries to withdraw. Raaj Mata blesses Rani, and bids farewell to Raja.


Raja promises to return soon to meet her. It was evening when Raja arrives in the college. Rani had fallen asleep. He removes a hair strand from over her face. She wakes up at once and comes down the car. He goes to take the bag, Rani says she can take care of her luggage. He calls her chipkali, she forbids him call her by this name. He inquires if he should call her Anarkali? She tells him to call her anything he wants to and goes inside. Raja jumps from a window to confront her calling her Chipkali. He didn’t bring her to sleep in car. Rani qualifies she was trying to avoid him, and now she has to sleep to avoid him further. He must also concentrate on his studies now. He calls her to turn behind once, she replies she won’t.

Rani comes to her room but Meenu was asleep and the room was locked. Rani calls her, but she turns her face other side and sleep again. Rani goes to sit on the bench, and takes a book to read. Raja comes to the corridor and smiles watching her. Suddenly the lights go out, he watch Rani bring a torch from her bag and carry on her study. He walks towards Rani, he says he accepts she is an owl but is it necessary to prove it? Rani accepts being an owl. Raja leaves. She watch him bring a wood ladder, and boasts about filling her life with light. She asks him to let it be. Raja comes down the ladder, stuff her mouth with a cloth piece and tie her hands behind. He then takes her torch and fix the lamp.

When he unties Rani’s hand, she demands what this misbehavior is. He helped her Dadu and she helped him, she doesn’t need his friendship. Raja replies he is also tired of helping her and apologizing, from now on their ways part. Rani takes her bags to leave, Raja walks the opposite way.Meenu takes Rani from the café just when Raja enters and notices Rani’s scarf there. She comes to take it, and wish him luck. Bindu finds some papers on the floor, Rani and he prepare in the café sitting on different tables. Bindu brings him cheating but he tears it away.

The next morning, Bindu and friends hit Rani. Bindu predicts the day going to be bad as she saw Rani. She asks Rani to turn away whenever she is coming, her face is a bad luck for her. She taunts her to be their maid, miss down market. They all hurry to exam hall. VP asks everyone to bring out any cheating, else he would be caught badly. VP points towards Raja’s friend and demands the examiner for checking them. The examiner brings out cheating, they both deny owning them. VP instructs them to get out, the examiner now comes to check Raja but nothing could be found in his pockets. VP checks on his paper, Raja assures him he won’t write about him and Poonam, but answers. He want to pass this time.

Rani turns behind to look at him, the examiner had arrived to bring out cheating papers from her bag. Everyone was shocked, Rani herself was clueless about the papers. Bindu smiles wickedly. VP matches her handwriting, Rani was clueless. Bindu says she must have become a topper only by cheating. Rani explains she never kept this. VP says if she doesn’t have an explanation about how this paper came into her bag, he must suspend her. Rani pleads that this will ruin her career. Jeewan stands up calling it a trap for Gayatri. He asks whom she met last time, Rani Thinks about coming to Raja in the café. She turns to look at him. Raja stands up to take the blame over himself.

He wanted to teach her a lesson that she doesn’t belong here. If she has to stay here she must be friends with them, she denied so he put this papers in her bag. VP comes to scold Raja now, Bindu was hurt. VP tears Raja’s paper over his face, scolding him for an attempt to ruin a girl’s career. He sends Raja out of the class. Raja stares towards Rani who was weepy, then leaves the class. At the door, he turns to look towards Rani. Rani also looks behind as tear roll down her face. Raja walks away. Bindu was upset. Tears fell over Rani’s exam sheet.
Raja and friends were in corridor, Rani walks out.

Raja stops her by holding her hand, but she withdraws. She asks if there is something left for listening, in childhood he broke a foreign car he couldn’t control, he is still the same. Who gave him a right to play with her life? She doesn’t want to hear anything, does he call himself a friend. One doesn’t need an enemy when he is there. Raja says if she really think he can do any such thing, he doesn’t want to give an explanation. Bindu, Jeewan and everyone had gathered. Raja and Rani move in opposite directions. Bindu regrets that Raja turned her game over.Raja’s friends demand why he took the blame over himself.

They deter treating her worse than before. Raja stops jumping the rope, and says no one will touch her. He pushes his friend towards the wall, and insists she is Rani. Rani had arrived there. Bindu also heard this. Raja tells his friend that all of Rani’s dreams must be fulfilled, he has already failed thrice, be it once more. He tells his friends someone else must have put in the papers in her bags, it doesn’t matter who. What matters is that there must be no hurdles in Rani’s education. Rani leaves the place. Meenu tells Rani that Sir himself confessed in front of VP, he would be suspended at every cost.

Rani speaks to Raaj Mata, Raaj Mata says she is perfectly fine but why is Rani Upset. She asks Rani if she had a fight with Raja? Rani says he would never speak to her again. Raaj Mata tells Rani that her father was also the same, stubborn but her mother was also stubborn and always made her up. She advices Rani that every relation has to be built up, straw by straw, stick by stick. She must never let any misunderstanding hinder their relation.
Rani comes to canteen, Raja turns to leave but she stops him. Bindu was also there. Raja asks if something is still left. Rani demands Bindu till when she would witness this drama, she must tell everyone about the truth. Bindu talks in her usual tone, Rani keeps a foot in her way but Raja holds Bindu. Raja demands Rani why she is bringing Bindu in between, Rani tells Raja that Lovey was the one who put in those papers in her bag.

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