Once there was a king update Wednesday 30 March 2022

Once there was a king 30 March 2022:  Rami questions Bindu why she wants to ruin her best friend’s life. She says she has another witness who saw her put those papers in her bag. She will inform VP about it, and Bindu will have to answer Kaal then. She turns to go to Vice Principal. Bindu says yes, she put that paper. She apologizes Raja as she wanted to take revenge from Raja. Rani says any apology is now pointless, she won’t let her ruin Raja’s life and will tell this all to VP. Raja holds Rani back, and says no one will go anywhere Gayatri.

Rani asks if he doesn’t want to get rid of this accusation from over himself. Raja says he already knew Lovey put in those papers in her bag. Rani asks why he took that accusation over him then. Raja says she won’t understand, Lovey is his friend and he know how to fulfil friendship rights. If he could save her, why not Lovey. Rani had left his side, but Lovey has always been there. Her smile and tears matter to him and hugs Bindu. Bindu says once in childhood Rani hurt him, she only wanted that she doesn’t hurt him again. She cries apologizing again. Raja says everyone makes a mistake, to accept one’s mistake takes a huge heart. And similar huge heart is required to forgive other’s mistakes. He takes Bindu outside.

At night, Raja sings drunk in the corridor. Rani comes there and warns her of VP’s anger if he continues his action. He has been suspended now, maybe he gets expelled later on. Raja stands up, and walks towards Rani spilling the alcohol around her. He says it’s good, she will be happy if this happens. Rani holds his hand back, he withdraws his hand and inquires what she is? Raja leaves, Bindu stops Rani saying his injuries from childhood haven’t been filled yet and she came back again. Rani insists she always wanted better for him. Bindu says it’s better for Raja to stay away from her, she loves her Dovey and can’t witness him in any trouble.

She requests Gayatri to stay away from her Dovey and leaves. Rani sits upset on a bench, crying as she think about Raja. She thinks she couldn’t recognize he still is her Raja Baja, she got late.The next morning, Raja was in the basketball court when VP comes behind him. Raja turns to leave saying his suspension has been taken away. Raja turns around, the VP says he understands he lied to save Gayatri and didn’t put that paper in her bag. He gives way to Gayatri standing behind him. Raja looks curtly towards him. VP says no one needs to lie now. Raja confess he lied to save her, now she is lying to save him. VP explains she kept those papers in her bag by mistake, and forgot to take them out. He will give her a warning only, he can come to take another exam paper that will be marked.

Everyone congratulates Raja and go away. Raja walks towards Rani, both looking into each other’s eyes. Rani smiles at him. Raja passes her away and leaves the hall. She follows him to corridor saying Dadu sent something for him. He stops at once. She brings out a lunch box that is especially for him. They were sweet laddu. Raja hands it back into her hand, she says I am sorry. He stops at once, Rani apologizes for considering him wrong. He says alright, Gayatri Singh said a sorry to him and he heard. Rani says it’s by heart, he must forgive him. Raja tells Rani he saved her Dadu and she saved him, its balanced. Rani asks why he let her apology go unheard. Rai feels uncomfortable about people around and asks to talk about it in alone.

Raja inquires if in closed doors, what people would say then. He warns her to stay safe. He heads towards Rani, saying if she keeps on looking into these eyes for so long she will be lost. Rani was pinned at the wall as she backs up. Raja traps her there and says she didn’t come in this college to lose something, but to get something. He is a down fallen guy, who isn’t even her friend. Its better for her to stay away from him. He leaves, while Rano stood with her eyes closed.Rani runs into the hall crying, thinking about her and Raja’s dance there. She runs out through the corridor, into the class room thinking about Raja’s will to do anything for her.

She was upset. In the café, she pours a lot of black pepper over the egg and eat it, with much difficulty. She was asleep when Raja knocks at her door at night, she was elated and goes to open the door. She hugs him tight; then wakes up to find it was a dream only. She recall Raaj Mata telling her that her mother was as stubborn as her father and used to make her up.Raja was trying to play music while there was a thunderstorm. He calls the servants to close the windows, he was shocked to see Rani out there. Raja asks the servant to leave, he will look into the matter. Jeewan comes in the heavy rain to get Rani inside, Rani was stubborn and was determined not to leave until Raja forgives her.

Jeewan insists on her to come inside, he is her friend if not Raja as Raja is really stubborn. Raja shuts the window from inside. Rani says she is also as stubborn as Raja is, she won’t leave. Jeewan goes to bring umbrella for her, Raja comes to drape her in his jacket. Rani holds his hands and apologizes, she wants her friendship and childhood back. She thought the economic difference between them is really great, she forgot their friendship is greater than every wall. She has always remembered her Raja Baja in the past 12 years, sometimes as the bruise and sometimes as medicine, but she no more needs these memories. She wants his side. Raja also comes under the same jacket. Rani avoids his stare. He holds the watch Rani had returned him, Rani asks if he has still kept it.

Raja nods saying he only had the hope to tie it over her wrist and tell her they both are family to each other. He ties the watch over her wrist. They hug each other.Jeewan brings the umbrella and was shocked to see them hugging each other. Rani gets away from Raja but her hair get stuck with his button, Raja drags her closer by holding her from her waist and plucks the ear pin that had been stuck. He then allows her to get away, because he will no more back up. He holds his jacket on his shoulder and takes Rani inside.

Rani steps inside the palace along with Raja. She recall how Raja had pushed her out of the palace once. A photo of Rana ji and Gayatri was still there in the store room. Raja brings her in the room where their childhood memories flash in their eyes. He was concerned that she got wet, and turns to get her clothes. She stops him assuring she is alright, then sneezes. Raja gets her a towel, she dries her hair up. Raja walks towards her and removes the hair from her back. She sneeze again. Raja goes to get hot soup for her. Rani smiles. A photo frame comes down the wall due to heavy winds, it was Bari Rani Maa and Raja framed in the photograph. She wonders if this witch is still a witch or did she get any better with age.

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