Never say goodbye update Monday 2 May 2022

Never say goodbye 2 may 2022: The Episode starts with Vividha calling out Guddi and asking her to come out, else she will never see Guddi’s face. Guddi falls down and is injured severely. Everyone hear the sound and rush. Vividha sees Guddi and gets shocked. Vividha says nothing will happen to you, don’t be scared, I will call doctor. Guddi signs to someone. Vividha turns to see and does not see anyone.Everyone come there and get shocked seeing Guddi. Vividha asks Sujata to see what happened to Guddi. She cries. Someone takes the pendrive.

Ravish comes. Vividha asks Ravish to see Guddi. She asks Guddi to have courage and keep eyes open. Atharv gets scared seeing Guddi’s state. Ravish holds Guddi’s hand to check pulse. Guddi dies. Vividha asks everyone to call doctor and ambulance, no one is doing anything, I will take my sister. Ravish says she is dead. They all get shocked.Vividha says Guddi is acting, you don’t know her. Jo mai jaanti……. plays………….. Guddi’s moments are shown. Vividha shakes her. Ravish says she is not between us more. Vividha says no Ravish, get up Guddi.

Ravish closes Guddi’s eyes. Vividha says Guddi is fine, she is alive. She asks her to get up. Ravish asks Vividha to come to senses, Guddi has left us, she is dead. Vividha cries and hugs Ravish. Everyone cry.Police comes to investigate the matter. Atharv looks at Guddi. Ravish and Daddy ji talk to the police. Uma and Dadi come there and get shocked seeing Guddi. Dadi and Uma cry. Uma asks Guddi to get up. She asks Vividha to ask Guddi to get up. They all cry. They take Guddi away. Atharv looks on. Vividha hugs Uma and sees Atharv, thinking our Guddi left us forever.

Guddi’s final rites are done. Vividha, Dadi, Uma, Ankit cry. Ravish and his family stand sad. Atharv signs something to Sujata. He asks Sujata why do they cry. He says Guddi is gone…… Uma cries seeing Atharv’s state. Vividha recalls Guddi and cries. Sooraj tera………………plays…………She thinks of Guddi signing to someone, and promises Guddi to find out who has done this, even if I have to pay any price.Sujata getting tea for Uma. Uma cries and says our Guddi is no more, she is gone. She hugs Sujata. Vividha looks on. She says we have to go out, police has come for investigation.

They all go to hall and talk to inspector. Inspector says someone has thrown Guddi from upstairs, we are investigating, its not an accident, its a murder case. He asks Ravish and everyone if they have any small clue or someone’s name, they can catch the culprit.Ravish says when I came back from headquarters, Guddi was already fallen here, everyone was here, I don’t think anyone knows of it, it was night and everyone was in their rooms. Inspector says Guddi was murdered, it means some family member has killed her.

Inspector asks about Guddi’s father. He says if none was present here except families, then it means a family member has killed her. Vividha and Ravish see each other. Inspector says captain Ravish, you know no one is out of doubt circle in murder case, did anyone see someone. Atharv says yes, I have seen someone pushing Guddi from upstairs. Vividha asks whom did you see, tell me. Atharv says shall I show and points towards the family. He points to himself and says it was a black cat. Inspector says Ravish, if anyone knows anything, contact us, we will investigate the matter.

Atharv says it was a black cat. Vividha says we will find it. Suman cries and apologizes to Guddi as she could not take care of Guddi. Uma says it was not your mistake, what had to happen has happened, we did not think Guddi will die. Vividha cries and hugs Uma.Uma says we have to do preparations for puja for Guddi. She goes with Dadi and Ankit. Vividha recalls Guddi and cries. Ravish holds her. Sujata stops Atharv. Jaana na dil se door……….plays……………. Atharv cries seeing Vividha crying. Its night, Vividha recalls Guddi and inspector’s words. She says I came out after getting note, Guddi fell infront of me, who can it be.

She thinks there is no clue. She recalls Atharv’s words, the black cat, what was he saying, I wish I got some solid proof. She hears a sound and goes out.She hears a cat’s sound and stops. Ravish sees Atharv and Vividha’s photos on a laptop. Vividha sees the cat and gets shocked. Ravish looks at the pendrive. He recalls how he has taken the pendrive. Vividha says I have not seen this black cat in this house before, how did it come suddenly, Atharv was saying about this cat, it means Atharv has really seen something when Guddi fell dwn. She goes to wake up Atharv.

Sujata asks why are you waking him up, he slept by difficulty and cried a lot. Vividha says I know, I think maybe Atharv has the clue, we both have always become medicine of each other’s pain. Atharv asks how much will you cry, and cries seeing her tears. He says I don’t like to see you crying, don’t cry like this. Main tenu samjhawan…..plays…………….They hold hands. She asks him to think carefully and say, what did you see by this binoculars yesterday, who else was there, did you see anyone.

Sujata says don’t take his words seriously. Atharv says yes, I have seen. Vividha asks who was there with black cat. Atharv says there was a black cat, someone was there who has pushed Guddi down. She asks who, tell me. She cries and asks was it a woman or a man. He says how do I know it was man or woman. Vividha says none has black cat in this house. Suman feeds the black cat.


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