Married Again update Thursday 21 July 2022

Married Again 21 July 2022: Yash and arti get in to a romantic embrace, and share a romantic dance.The next morning, Suraj tells the family, at the breakfast table, about a marriage invitation, of the people who have bought their house in bhopal, insisting them to come. Arti comments as to how they got a chance to be back in Bhopal so soon, and they were missing too. Suraj decides on the arrangements, and tells pari and prateikAs suraj begins to talk to yash, arti stops him, saying that aysh is very busy, and teases him saying that they should leave yash here only, for the work, as mumbai cant function without him and go themselves. all are amused hearing this. Yash says that he can spare two days atleast.

  • Married Again 20 July 2022

Vidhi teases arti that he wont let her go. Prateik and pankaj too remind him of his important meetings this week. Arti teases him regarding the same in whispers. Yash says that we shall see who misses whom more, he and she.In their room, arti and yash, looking at the wedding car, reminisce their own times, how their relationship had started. She tells him that he didnt like him at all, and considered him a snob, and didnt want to marry him at all. They remember their old sequences, how arti disliked yash, and how she had refused to marry at the last minute. Yash says that she was like this from the beginning, and rejected someone who girls used to throw themselves on.

Arti remembers how she was very nervous on their wedding night, and how they shared it awkwardly, with yash doing all the wrong moves. Arti remembers how she was disguted by all that. she says that she realised later on, how prateik was to blame. She tells that they used to differ in everything, but finally fell in love. Yash reminds how she had first confessed her love, on the beach here in mumbai only. They remember the sequence. Arti says that she didnt take time in confessing her love, but yash tortured her for a long time, before he proposed her. They remeber that too. He says that he had never thought that anyone could replace arpita, but he did this only for the sake of his kdis, and family. and them the marriage, resulted into friendship and finally culminated into love. he says that he didnt realise when she taught him to live again, and smile and enjoy life.

she says that he gave her much happiness, but she cant forget when he had adorned their room with their pictures, replacing arpita. Yash reprimands that she hadnt even noticed it that night, and it was only next morning, when she found out. Arti tells him to stop talking, as she’s in a reminisceing mode.They reminisce how prashant had created trouble in their marital life, demanding custody for ansh. She says that she felt everything would be over between them, and yash would be lost. He reminds her of ishita and her evil plans, about seperating them, and kidnapping ayu. Keeping his head on her lap, he says that with the blessings of their parents, and their children’s good wishes didnt let it happen.

He asks arti that nothing or no force in the world, can seperate them ever and that they shall always be together. Arti nods her head in agreement. She says that this is true love, and life too is defined by this, and is spent by being with each other, smiling and crying, and spending every stride as it comes along, in their life. Arti says that she would forever remember every moment of her life, spent with him. she thanks him for giving such beautiful memories. Yash is all smiles in remembrance. arti jerks him away, saying that she has to get ready for bhopal. But yash is in a mood for flirting. Arti hampers it by giving him a false scare of cockroaches. Yash says that he would come after her.

As arti is all ready, yash caressingly tries to stop arti, flirting that they can have a second honeymoon, if she stays back, when she says that her husband doesnt have time for her.While yash is flirting with her, arti is in a fix what to do. Yash tells her to say that she’s sick. arti says that then radha will also stay back then. She rubbishes all other ideas also. Yash tells her to say clearly then, that she cant be without him. Arti says that they all would make fun of her then, and asks him to let her go, else she would miss her flight. Yash asks her to miss it then, as she would the only person there along with him, and they can be with each other then. He corners her against the wall, locking her in his arms, not allowing her space to move. Arti remembers how she had confessed her love to him, with the poetry.

They romantically gaze into each other’s eyes, reminisceing romantically, intimate past moments.(TUM HI HO)She scares him saying that suraj has entered the room, and he grows conscious, and arti finds this time, to escape from his grip, and run off, while he stands sad. Arti rushes back and saying I LOVE YOU, rushes off again. Yash tries to stop her, but in vain.Radha and arti advise prateik on whats to be done with the baby, and also take him for the vaccination. Yash asks them not to forget calling. Vidhi again starts teasing that this statement is only meant for arti. Arti tells yash everything that he needs to know about his requirements. To be able to spend some more time, yash asks arti to arrange his stuff again, but arti teases him saying that he too needs a vaccination. pankaj too joins in teasing yash.

Buaji too comes in and says that she’s waiting for a along time, and they would miss the flight if they dont leave now. they all are on the move. Yash and arti tell each other, that they would miss the other.Pari and prateik takes care of the child, readying him to go for vaccination. Pratiek however is very nervous about being naive in han dling a baby for the first time. She shows the diary that arti has written for her, giving her all the instructions. She says that she’s a student to arti. He teases her saying that she would have to live upto her teacher’s teachings. She says that she too would be a good mother like arti. Prateik says that she has forgotten him ever since ayu came in their lives. They get into a romantic chatter, with pari teasing prateik about the fact that prateik has been duly replaced by ayu, as pari’s BABU.

But finally she pleases prateik too, by confessing that she loves him too much, and he would always be her first love.Pari and prateik reach the hospital. While prateik gets busy in parking, pari gets down along with ayu, and goes inside the hospital. As pari walks past the reception, ishita casts an evil glance on her, draped in a shawl. Ishita says that this is a very big mistake that arti left ayu alone, and gave her a second cahnce to take her revenge on her, by kidnapping ayu. She says that their enemity started with yash, and would end with ayu. she says that she wont be able to live in peace, if she doesnt take everything from her. She looks on with a determined stare.

While pari is walking with the child, after the vaccination, a nurse, planted by ishita, comes and says that one of ayu’s dose is still left, and wants to take the baby inside. But pari says that she wont leave the baby alone, and wont commit the same mistake twice. Pari says that she too would go with the child. But the nurse asks her to wait, while she gives him the dose, but pari is adamant. Ishita, seeing this from a distance, understands that she has been given proper training by arti, and wonders what to do next.Pari gets prateik’s call, who asks how much time more it would take. The nurse, seeing that she’s busy on her call, takes the baby from her, saying that she would give him the dose, while she finishes the call. Ishita is happy to see her plan work. the nurse takes him inside, while ishita goes through the back door.

Ishita stealthily gets in, draping a shawl. she steals ayu from the nurse, and runs off. Yash too joins prateik, while he talks with pari, on the phone.All are talking how much they are liking being in Bhopal, and have their plans made for the holidays.Yash gives arti a message, welcoming him to bhopal. Vidhi again teases her regarding the same, while arti decides to call yash about this, and find about ayu’s health.As the nurse comes out, she tells pari that she has already given her the baby, while she was on the phone, while pari is shocked to hear this. The nurse tries to reprimand him, in turn that she couldnt handle her own kid, and is blaming the staff.

Pari tells that she would complain about the nurse to the police. Ishita meanwhile, runs out with the baby. Pari sees this and runs after her, reprimanding her that she would forever regret this. But ishita doesnt listen. pari calls up yash and prateik and tells them everything. prateik and yash run after her. Yash waits and searches outside, while prateik goes inside the hospital to find pari. Pari and prateik, togethr serach for ishita, while yash looks outside. They cant however find ishita anywhere.

In the meanwhile, yash gets arti’s call, asking about ayu. He cancels the call in haste, telling that everything’s alright, and he would call her later. Arti is a little tensed hearing yash’s urgent tone, and wonders if everything’s alright.Meanwhile, they spot ishita getting into the car, and are shocked. shegets into the car and drives off, with yash missing her car by an inch.


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