Naagin update Tuesday 19 July 2022

Naagin 19 July 2022: Episode starts with Jai asking Shukla if everything is going as per planned. Shukla says yes. Mayuri asks if anyone doubted on him. Shukla says no. Mayuri says Shakura is hot in this look and tells that if she was in Satyug inplace of Aadinaagin then she would have left Jai. Jai asking Shukla if he found out why Shakura took Akesh’s face and not Veer’s face. Shukla says don’t know, but everyone accepted him. Jai says Veer will die in 2 days and his feathers will fall down.

Shakura/Akesh bring her to the sky and asks her not to forget that he is the king of the sky. Bani asks why did he get scared to attack her. He says he is worried for her.She says she can get saved from any attack. He asks if she can be saved it here. She asks him to touch her and see. He says you didn’t realize that I am holding you with my both hands. He says I will kill you, without touching. Shukla shows the knives to Mayuri and jai and tells about the poison on it. Akesh drops Bani and she falls down in the clouds. He says bye bye sweetheart and he flies in air. Jai says fall Aadi naagin so that I can kill you. Shukla, Mayuri and Jai are about to throw knives on Bani, when Akesh flies down and holds her. They all stop. Shukla takes him away from there. Bani asks why did he do drama to save her and tells that she would have saved herself. Akesh tells that he is the King of Sky and didn’t let even a scratch come on her.

She tells that Naags are better than eagles and walks off from there. She reaches home and asks what did you say? He says Mahadev said that you can’t attack me until I attack you. He says you are looking beautiful. Bani tells that Bholenaath knows her patience level and giving him time. He pulls her closer and says I thought you will go. She says she will go, but not now. She says you have done so much in Satyug and also in Kalyug. She promises to kill her when he raises hand on her.Jai fumes with anger and asks why did Shukla bring him back? Mayuri says if Shukla haven’t brought us back then Aadinaagin would have seen us. He asks where is that eagle? Shakura/Akesh comes there. Jai asks why you saved her. Shakura says he is not his owner. Jai says I’m your owner and reminds how he took him out from the cage and shows the keys. They are about to fight. Shukla stops them. Shakura says I will do what I want to do.

Jai says you was brought here to kill her and not to romance with her. Mayura asks Jai not to get angry and says you will get her. Shakura goes. Mayuri says we needs his help even now. Jai says I will make a new plan now.Bani goes to washroom. Shakura gets angry on Jai and thinks if he didn’t have the key to his freedom then I….He comes to the washroom and looks at her while she is about to change her clothes. He looks at her and asks shall I help. She asks if he don’t understand that she is changing her clothes. He says I am your husband. She says I have no relation with you and tells that if she can then she will lock him in the kal kothri. He gets angry and breaks the door. She becomes naagin. He says you are very beautiful and asks her to change her clothes with the door open. She comes out after changing and tells that she wanted someone who respects her, loves her and stands as a shield. He asks who is he? She says Jai. She asks him not to call him Dhaba wala. He says he has named him Jai and says he would have kill him today. He sleeps. Bani thinks he didn’t call him Dhaba wale today. Veer is seen as eagle captive in the cage.

Balwant brings Daksh to the basement and gives him money. He finds the sparkling stone/Gandhak missing and thinks where did he go? Daksh asks what happened? Balwant says only Veer can touch it. A woman is peeping there through hole and tells that even Aadi Naagin can touch that stone. He comes to Akesh and asks him to come out. Akesh says he is busy with his wife. Balwant asks him about the Gandhak stone which can be controlled by only Veer, being the rajkumars of eagle. Akesh says I really didn’t know about the stone. Bani hears them. Balwant tells that the stone can destroy them if not with them. Akesh asks Jai to find out about the stone. Bani finds the stone out of the cupboard and locks it. She frees honey bees from the box and thinks she will force Veer to attack her and then she will kill them all.

Pandit ji’s wife reads about the magical stone, when she gets up to drink water. Jai comes there and takes the papers and books from there and locks her. She asks who has locked her? Jai says your husband’s murderer and begins checking the papers to know about the stone.Bani sees Akesh coming to room and opening the cupboard. She gets tensed. He turns and asks what is in the box. She releases the honey bees from the box, but it becomes the soap bubbles. He says it is very romantic. She falls stepping on soapy water and pulls him while she is falling. He falls on her and imagines dancing with her on the song humma humma. Mayuri sees that and reaches temple to inform Jai. She tells Jai that Shakura is losing out for Bani and tells that don’t know what is in her. Jai tells that people get attracted by her simplicity, innocence and truthfulness, but her magic don’t work on him as he is Aadi naag. Pandit ji’s wife hears them and feels helplessness.

Shakura tells that there is a soap river and have to pass it through drowning. Bani gets up, but is about to fall. He holds her by her waist and holds her hand. He makes her fall on the bed and laughs. He then asks her to relax and says you have kept this curtain nicely, so that neither I can see you nor you can see me. Bani thinks he had tied this curtain. Akesh gets a call from Mayuri and they ask him to come. Bani opens the cupboard and the gandhak stone comes out of the box and goes to Monil’s room. The stone attacks Chacha and then Shukla. Shukla flies in air and asks balwant to save him. balwant thinks what is happening?The stone attacks Shukla, Chacha and Monil. Balwant comes to Akesh and asks him to stop the disaster as the stone is out. Bani hears him. Balwant is also attacked by the stone, while Shakura saves himself. Bani thinks if he is an imposter.

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