Naagin update Thursday 21 July 2022

Naagin 21 July 2022: Episode starts with Bani falling in the pit while searching for Shakura/ fake Viranshu. Shakura comes there and captive her in the magical trap. He says I knew that Mayura and Shukla can’t caught you. He asks her to enjoy and flies away as eagle. She thinks I can’t come out. Shakura comes to Jai. Jai says you have just 1 day, Veer will die tomorrow. Jai says where is she? He says she is in pit, I left magical rudraksha there. Jai says she is Aadi naagin. Shakura says she can’t come out. Bani manages to come out and thanks the magical stone. She comes there. Shakura tells Jai that today he would have been exposed and asks him to show his face. Jai turns and Shakura is shocked to see Veer instead of Jai. He asks what is it? Jai as Veer asks him to do his work.

Bani thinks Veer sent him to kill me and thinks he is not trustable. Shakura says I have a condition. Veer tells that you are nothing infront of me and shows his hand. Bani looks at his hand and thinks he is not having my ring, he is also not real Veer Singhania. He asks who is he? Bani leaves from there. Shakura asks Jai why did he become Veer? Jai says I don’t need to tell you. Bani comes to the temple. Jai asks did you find anything and thinks it is good that I became Veer infront of her. Bani tells that she saw that man with Veer, but he was not him. Jai shouts and says he was Veer, if you have seen him and says I think that you have soft corner for him. He says when I asked you to return to me, then you didn’t return. Bani tells him that he is her friend and she can fight her battle. She tells that everything is changed in Kalyug, asks him not to forget that she is sarvashrest naagin and don’t need his or anyone’s help to take her revenge. Jai says surely. Bani asks him not to feel bad and leaves from there.Jai gets angry with her for reminding his position and limit. He thinks now she came to know that Shakura is not Veer and also my effort to become Veer has gone waste. He thinks to go. He comes to Shakura and tells that Bani came out of that pit and came to know that we both are not Veer. Shakura says she is beautiful and intelligent. Jai asks him to bring her to him and says he will handle her.

Shakura says ok and asks for the keys. Jai says you will get it after the work is done. Shakura says if you don’t give me keys then I will tell your reality to Bani. Bani comes out of her bathroom and sees Shakura talking to the hooded jacket guy. Jai asks him to bring bani to him and says if you don’t bring then I will tell eagles that you are not his son. Shakura says I will bring. Bani comes down and sees Jai walking away. He takes Shakura’s avatar and asks him to stop. Jai thinks what Shakura wants now. He is about to turn, but Shakura comes there and asks him to stop. Jai starts walking sensing the danger. Shakura laughs and says you are looking handsome in this avatar too. Bani runs behind Jai, but couldn’t catch him. Shakura comes there and says he went. Bani says do your boss know that I came to know your reality. Shakura says he is not my boss. Bani asks him to shut up and says think of ways to save yourself.

She comes back home. Shakura comes there as an eagle and becomes human. He says today he will give her surprise and gives his jacket in her hand. He walks towards her and takes the towel…says surprise..He says you will get another surprise tomorrow and goes to take shower.Bani comes to Meera. Meera says I don’t know what to say? Bani tells that she married Viranshu to take revenge, but he got missing and two imposters came. She tells that the imposter was talking to fake Veer in the cave, but he was not Veer as he was not having my ring. Meera asks which ring? Bani says the boss was from my naag vansh only. Meera asks her to search real Viranshu and tells that this fight is against Aadi naagin. She says may be Viranshu know that who is your enemy? Bani says my biggest enemy is Veer, but I have to search him and make him confess the truth. Meera smiles and asks how you came to know that he is imposter and not Veer.

Bani says I have seen his hands and he didn’t have my ring. She says that day, he made me wear mangalsutra and worn my ring in his hand, said marriage is two way. She shows her Gandhak Pathar and tells that only Veer can control it. She asks her to keep it with herself, as it will be safe with her. She says I will call it whenever I am in need of it. Meera asks why it will listen to you. Bani says as I am Aadinaagin. Meera keeps the stone in the cupboard and hugs her.Shakura searches for the stone and thinks Bani might have hidden the stone and she must have came out using the stone. He takes the rod in his hand and hits Bani just as she comes to room. She faints. He thinks the stone will come and save Bani. He checks her purse and thinks I thought stone will come here to save her, but it didn’t come.

Jai and Mayuri are waiting for Shakura to bring Bani there. Mayuri says they will come. Shukla calls Jai and tells that Bani and Shakura are not in the room. He asks him to use the key and find Shakura. Jai says he has given the key to Shakura when he blackmailed to expose him. Mayuri says don’t know where did Shakura take Bani?Bani wakes up in the room and looks out of the room. She finds the moon big and thinks why it is big and seems near me. She switches on the lights and finds herself dressed as a bride. She thinks what is this place, and why I am in bridal wear. She recalls Shakura hitting on her head and comes down from the room. The guy and gals standing in the hall and doing the decoration for their marriage, asks her to go to room else Malik will get angry. She tries to run away, but Shakura comes there and tells that she is here since 24 hours and tells that she will marry him. She says I will not marry you as I am married. He says you don’t love your husband. He says Shakura is his real name. Some Pandits come there and throw something on her head. She looks at it.

Meera asks her parents to get inside. She locks them in room for their safety. Mayuri and Shukla asks her to tell where is Bani? Meera says she didn’t know. Mayuri says she must have called you. Meera says Bani had said that the man staying in the Mansion was not Veer, but an imposter. Shukla says she will tell us after seeing her parents and sisters dead bodies. Meera asks them not to do anything and tells that Bani will come there in midnight. Mayuri and Shukla think to wait outside and warn Meera. Jai is standing outside.Mayuri warns Meera, pushes her and leaves. Meera thinks I told that Bani will come in midnight, but if she don’t come then. She goes to room and takes out the stone from the cupboard, thinks it can only help her find Bani. She prays to it and says I don’t know who and what are you, but whoever you are, save my Bani and bring her back safely. She thinks whereever Bani is, take care of herself. Shukla sees Gandhak Pathar coming out from Meera’s house and follows him. Mayuri asks if Gandhak stone can help us trace Bani.


Bani tells Shakura that he can’t bind her. Shakura tells that he has done magic on her and that she can’t become naagin until the marriage happens. Bani is shocked.Bani tells that she will not marry him. Shakura tells that he loves her. bani says you are trying to marry me forcibly. He says you got married to Veer and refusing to marry me. She says she married Veer with her wish and will not fulfill it even if it is his last wish. Shakura tells that within half an hour, Viranshu Singhania will die at Poornima night. He says chance is good, you shall marry me, else will become widow. She says I will go and opens the door. She stops seeing the clouds. Shakura holds her hands to stop her. He tells that it is better for her to marry him, tells that his house is on the 7th sky. Bani looks shocked.

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