Naagin update Thursday 25 August 2022

Naagin 25 August 2022: Episode begins with Bani tells Veer that they needs to stay together always and that’s the right thing to do also. Jay changes his plan because of Bani. Bani says Veer just belongs to her. Daksh spikes Veer’s drink and mocks Veer for hugging Bani. Veer pushes her aside and asks what she wants.Veer drinks the alcohol Daksh gave him and Monica comes back to him saying she thought he forgot her. He dances with her saying she can’t go anywhere leaving him.Bani was about to leave from there and collides with Jay. Jay says Veer didn’t changed yet and tries to instigate her against Veer. She refuses to believe that Veer changed. He tells her to follow Veer and Monica to know the truth. Veer searches his brother but Monica takes him to the room.

Bani says Veer won’t cheat her. Jay says he can prove that he is still the same Veer and they goes to find Veer. Jay sends her towards Veer’s room.Monica opens the curtain so Bani can see her with Veer. Jay informs Daksh that Bani would have seen Veer with Monica but shocks seeing Bani with him. He wonders how it happened. Bani lays on Veer and says this is what she wanted. He gets up and says she is desperate for him but he doesn’t like her and tells her to leave the room. Bani asks if he doesn’t likes her then why he didn’t let Monica touch him and told her to leave the room. She recalls how she throws Monica out of the room after seeing Veer’s harsh behavior towards her.

Bani says he can’t let anyone touch him because he loves her. He says Daksh was right about her. She says she is really his wife. He asks her to stay away from him and she is just a stalker nothing else. She cries. He asks her to not cry because he can’t see that. He tells her to not touch him and says he wants to stay alone. She asks him to look at her eyes saying she won’t back off because it’s about her love. He pushes her and she falls on the floor. She was about to leave from there but he stops her seeing her injury.Jay tells Daksh that their plan failed. He sees Angel there and escapes from there. Veer treats Bani’s injury and tells her to sit silently. She thinks he forgot her so she can’t change into snake form now. Angel controls Ponky, Daksh and asks about Veer. Jay realises that Angel is behind Veer and decides to follow him. He realises that Bani and Veer missing and goes to find them. Angel takes Veer, Bani to somewhere. Bani tries to wake the unconscious Veer.

Angel says Bani become bodyguard of eagle’s so he has to do his work and asks her to not interfere. She tries to change into snake but she could not able to do. He says she is doing wrong that’s why she become weak and she is going to lose against him and traps her using his magic. He attacks Veer in front of Bani. Bani asks Shivji to help her to save Veer saying he knows that she is not wrong. She escapes and attacks Angel and pleads him to leave Veer and asks him to not snatch her love from her.She apologize to him saying she didn’t want to kill him but she has to save Veer. Veer regains his consciousness. Angel thinks he lost because he was wrong and Bani is right. Baba comes to meet Bani. Ponky informs about Baba to Jay. Jay brings Bani to through backdoor. Veer complaints about Bani to Balwant.

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