Naagin update Wednesday 24 August 2022

Naagin 24 August 2022: Episode starts with Bani telling that she is responsible for the magic which happened on Viranshu, and tells that the magic is powerful. She blames herself and says all the history is changed due to my one mistake. She says I was born to take revenge and kill eagles, but I end up loving Viranshu. She says whatsoever the reason, I have changed the history and will be punished. Meera asks who will punish you, tell me. She says if you don’t tell us then how we will help you? Bani says nobody can help me. Tapish asks her to maintain distance with Veer until he remembers everything. Meera says very soon, he will become normal and remember everything. Bani says I will be away from Viranshu’s way till then. Meera takes her from there.

Veer talks to his brothers and tells that they will go on a drive. Daksh says we will go to Karjat on a drive. Veer says there will be girls there. He asks them to get ready. Suddenly he feels pain in his head. Bani rushes to him worriedly. He asks her to go and asks Daksh to send her away. Bani goes to kitchen and cries. Angel comes there. Bani asks if he wants to praise himself again. Angel says Paris do that and tells that he came to see if she understood why did she get punished? He says you have broken the rules. Bani says yes, I have broken rules, but my choice and decision is not wrong, says my Viranshu is not bad. Angel says Viranshu and his family do all the wrong things. Bani doesn’t believe him. Angel says his family kills people and do bad with everyone, but how can Veer don’t know about it. She says Veer must be knowing everything and asks her wait and watch, what happen next, says nobody will be saved from punishment.

Jai asks Daksh and Ponky to wait for his parcel to come and tells that his plan is so good that Veer and Bani will separate for forever. Veer asks Daksh and Ponky about Mahek and Dahek. They tell that Chachi is their mother. Chachi calls Veer as damad ji and then says Viranshu ji. Daksh and Ponky receive the courier and get some trunk. Bani thinks what is this parcel? Daksh says Veer’s name is written on it. Bani gets worried and sees Veer coming there.Bani asks him to stop. Veer is walking towards them. Bani is stopped by Tapish and Meera. Veer opens the box and vanishes just as he opens. Everyone gets shocked. Bani shouts Viranshu… Bani sees Veer there and says thank god you are fine. Veer asks why she is after him and says my brothers are right about you, you are a blo*dy stalker.

He says I give you a hint, but you didn’t understand and says I don’t like you and gets irritated by you. He asks did you understand now. Bani is shocked. Veer reads the invite which came in the box, someone invites them for the bar inauguration. Daksh and Ponky take the wine bottles. Veer tells bani that he don’t like to insult the women and asks her to go and get their clothes ready for the party. Balwant comes to bani and tells that he don’t want her to go from here. Bani says I have read about all the illegal businesses of yours and tells that she knows about it, even though Veer doesn’t know. He says he was waiting to kill her and get all her powers, says this was his planning, but everything changed. He says my son Veer changed because of you, for good. He says I have done many sins and don’t want my son to get punished, but whatever happens with him is good and that is possible when you are with him. Bani says though I don’t believe you, but I will never leave him even if he wants. Balwant thanks her.

Bani goes out and finds rudraksha mala. She thinks she has called Panditayan, but she didn’t come and feels that it is of her. She calls Snake Charmer and asks about Panditayan. She tells that she got rudraksha mala, just as she wears. Snake Charmer gets worried and thinks he has to break his promise.Veer comes to Ponky and Daksh and says he feels that he didn’t check out girls since many days. Daksh says tiger is a tiger. Ponky says we will bring you back to the game. Daksh calls Jai and says they are going to the party. Jai sees a girl coming and thinks plan has started working. Bani returns home and finds blood stain on the floor and also on the wall. She runs upstairs. Bani goes to the terrace and finds Chacha ji injured there. Angel says now you can take breathe, as this is not your dear Viranshu. Bani says I don’t need you to take my revenge. Angel says yes, you are taking revenge since many days. Bani says she don’t kill any innocent eagles and tells that Viranshu is innocent. He asks why did you leave other eagles? Bani says once she gets proofs then..Chacha ji says you will not get proofs against us, now Viranshu don’t remember you and tells that her story will be reverse now and the eagles will kill her with their hand. Angel says he is predicting your future and attacks Chacha ji. He says he is the death angel and asks bani how she will kill him? Chacha ji says now Balwant will do all his bad deeds openly. Bani gets angry and says it is good that you have opened your mouth and tells that she got the reason to kill him.

She says there is only one punishment for people like you, and that’s death. She bites him to death Angel says you have killed him just as she threatened you. Bani says I killed you as he said that he will do his bad business again. Angel asks what about Viranshu? Bani says he is good-hearted. Angel says I will punish him. Bani thinks I have to search Viranshu, before this angel reaches him.Veer is driving the car when Bani comes infront of his car. He asks do you want to die? Jai calls Daksh and the latter says they are on the way. Bani tells that she had gone to mall to buy clothes for him and shows it. veer says he lied so that she goes away from him. He asks her to go and asks her to wear the jacket brought by her. He makes her wear it. Ponky asks him to come. Bani asks Veer not to go to the party? Veer asks why shall I agree to your sayings and asks if they have any relation? He asks her to sit holding the shopping bags. Bani cries. Veer looks at her and her tears fall on his hand, as he drives off his car. Song plays…..Bani thinks what is happening with her. Bani sees Angel going and thinks what to do. Jai meets Monica and asks her to trap Veer. Monica asks about Veer’s marital status. Jai says she has a wife.

Monica says she takes 1 crore for married man. Veer comes there. She says he is hot and gives 10 percent off. Veer takes a drink when Monica comes to him and tries to flirt with him, when he imagines Bani in her. She says Cheers….Veer thinks of Bani’s teary eyes.Bani comes to the Pub and sees him dancing with Monica, while he imagines Bani in her. Monica says everything says the same when Veer says that he is finding her everywhere. Bani cries seeing him dancing with someone else. Jai smiles. Bani thinks what Veer is doing…He turns and looks at her. He sees Bani in every girl. Jai calls Ponky and asks him to mix something in Veer’s drunk. He says once Monica takes him to room. Daksh asks what will happen? Jai says your brother’s respect is going to be looted and tells that he will take Veer and Monica’s intimate pics and will take video too. He sees bani and asks them to turn. He hides. Ponky says she came to our car too. Humma Humma plays…..Bani asks the girl to go away from Viranshu. Monica asks who is she? Bani says I am of Viranshu and he is mine…She says she has more right on him. Bani asks her to go. Monica turns to go, but Jai signs her to stop and go back. Veer is dancing with Bani and asks what are you saying? Bani says you feel that I am your stalker and follows you, and says that’s why I am proving you right. She says wherever you go, I will be there. He says I don’t know you. Bani asks then why did hold me so close? Veer says don’t know, but I am seeing your face in everyone, and says I was meant to hold you, this is right. Bani says we shall be together and keeps her head on his chest. Veer pushes her and asks what the hell you want?

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