Barrister Bahu update Friday 26 August 2022

Barrister Bahu 26 August 2022: Episode starts with Bondita thinking of Anirudh. She thinks how will I take Sampoorna out of here. Anirudh shouts Bondita, I have come. Bondita thinks its Anirudh’s voice. Rasiya says I will pray that the pain in your voice reaches Bondita. Bondita looks around. Anirudh says I know you are here. Tara asks the men to play tabla aloud, Bondita shouldn’t get any other sound. The men play tabla. Bondita shuts her ears. Rasiya says maybe Tara has done this to suppress Anirudh’s voice, why will she do this. Bondita thinks I have to protect myself and Sampoorna. Anirudh sits coughing. Saudamini comes to him. He leaves her hand. She says Bondita isn’t here, if she was here, she would have given you a sign. He says no, she didn’t sign, it means she is caught up in some danger. Bondita sees some coal. FB shows Trilochan seeing the smoke. He shouts bahu lit the fire, get water, Bihari. Bihari gets the water.

Trilochan asks how is the smoke coming. Bondita says I got this dhoop, I got the coal, I came to make Anirudh’s room pure.Trilochan says when you light up the coal, open the windows, else the smoke will be in entire house, everyone will think fire caught up. FB ends. Bondita goes and gets the coal. Anirudh says she needs me. Saudamini says you are a barrister, how can you say that. He says that alphabet was a proof, I got that letter by fate, I will light up the hira mandi if anyone hides her. He shouts Bondita, I will save you from here. Bondita lights up the fire and thinks the smoke will spread. She shouts fire, run. Tara shouts where is everyone. Bondita hugs her and says I m afraid. Tara says don’t get scared, I will go and see. Bondita gets the keys. Anirudh asks Saudamini to just go away. He says I can’t handle you right now. Bondita goes to Sampoorna and takes her out.

Anirudh asks Saudamini to go back with Kaka. He sends her. Rasiya gets shocked seeing Bondita. She smiles. She thinks Bondita is trying to run away. She asks what’s happening, will Mujra happen or not. The man argues. He says let me go, let me save my life, you save your life. Bondita and Sampoorna run out. Rasiya says bravo Bondita, fly in your sky, Tara bai save your palace from fire if you can. Bondita says we came out of Tara’s cage, she won’t hurt us now, come. The man says there is no fire, someone has lit the coal. Tara asks who can do this. She looks for keys. She says Munmun has run away with Haseena, find her, she shouldn’t get saved. The man runs to find them.

Anirudh says I need your help, will you help me. Binoy says yes, tell me, how can I refuse you. Anirudh says I had to ask, if you know any british officer here, I want a warrant in hira mandi, its a big place, I don’t know where is Bondita, will you help me in finding her. Bondita and Sampoorna run. Bondita’s dress gets stuck. She asks Sampoorna not to worry for her and just run away. The man and Surayya look for them. Bondita asks her to toss the coin. She tosses the coin. She says its a queen, you go now, run away. Sampoorna says you knew it, right. Bondita says yes, I know there is queen on both the sides. She hugs Sampoorna and asks her to go. She tries to free her dupatta and runs. Saudamini sees Bondita there and is shocked. She recalls Anirudh’s words. She goes. Binoy says fine. Anirudh thanks him. He says I will find you out and save you. Binoy says I can never do this, you will again try to help the world, I don’t want this, I want you to be under my control, it can happen when you marry Saudamini and go to London. Bondita sees Saudamini and shouts. She runs after the cart. Saudamini turns away.

Munshi scolds Saurabh and beats him. He says you can get another wife, how will you get another job. Saurabh stops him and says enough, if one goes, other wife won’t come in this house. Munshi shouts on him. Saurabh says I will find another job, but Sampoorna will be my wife. Munshi says you also speak like Anirudh now. Saurabh says yes, I learnt this from him to protect wife. Surmani asks him to apologize to Munshi. Saurabh says no, I don’t regret for it. Munshi says my loyalty is imp for me, get out of my house, don’t show me your face again.Saurabh says fine, if this is your wish, I will go with Sampoorna, I will not regard myself wrong that I took care of my wife. The man catches Bondita. Sampoorna thinks I will pray that this time you and Anirudh never meet, this time your relation breaks forever. The man brings Bondita to Tara. Tara scolds her. She asks was it right that you cheated me. Bondita says you also cheated me, this place is not heaven, you didn’t keep Durga maa idol here, because you are a devil.I m not scared, you are very bad. Tara gets angry. She says no one spoke to me like this, you have much courage, you have to pay a big price for this.

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