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Naagin 13 June 2022: Episode starts with Dev blaming Brinda for his family members’ murder. Brinda says I didn’t do anything. Dev says how did you kill them and calls her monster. He asks why did you bring me here? Brinda tells him that she brought him to take him to temple and asks him to come with her to the lal tekri temple. Dev tells her that the temple is here. Brinda says it is not here. Dev couldn’t see the temple. Brinda says this means there is some unseen power here. Dev says who can be magical than you. Brinda asks him to come with her and see all the truth with his eyes. Dev says there is no temple there and if it was there then I wouldn’t have taken you there to make it unpure.

Just then storm comes in the desert and Brinda gets thrown inside the temple. She says this story started 13 days back when I thought that Dev has killed my Manyata Maa.A fb is shown, Brinda follows Dev and recalls Dev killing Manyata. She thinks this is the same day when you had killed Manyata day a year before. That day you had killed my mother and today I am behind you. She asks Bholenath not to let her fall weak and give her power to kill her enemy. She thinks Dev ran and says run Dev run, even today I remember that dark night, 8th March. She then recalls Manager telling Dev that he was with him on 8th March all day. She realizes and thinks if Vishaka had taken Dev’s avatar. She then thinks Vishaka was with her that day. She thinks if Dev was innocent. Just then she sees Bili turning towards her. Bili is stabbed in her stomach. Brinda shouts calling her name. Bili tells Brinda about the lal tekri mandir secret which is really big. Brinda tells that she will take out the knife from her stomach. Bili says there is a danger. Dev comes there and sees Brinda holding the knife.

He misunderstands Brinda and asks how dare you? I have seen you killing her. Bili dies. Brinda thinks Bili di was in black rain coat, Dev was not in it. She says it was someone’s conspiracy.Vishaka/Mundika is with Shalaka and hiding. Shalaka says now Brinda will be blamed, and tells that her idea was good. She says how I would have seen Brinda attacking Dev, he is my husband. Fb is shown, she says she saw Dev going out wearing the rain coat and stopping him for sometime. She says I will keep it safely. She then calls Bili and asks her to come out through the back door of haveli, and meet her. Bili says ok and tells Dev that Brinda called her for help. Fb ends. Vishaka asks how did you take Brinda’s voice. Shalaka says she has learned this since childhood. She says she then made Bili wear rain coat and followed her. She says I stabbed her. She says I went back home and told Dev that Bili is not there.

Vishaka says we will know lal tekri temple secret also. She asks her to go before Dev sees them. They start running. Shalaka sees Vishaka’s face and thinks what does she want from me? She is Vishaka. Brinda asks Dev about the rain coat which Bili was wearing. Dev says you had called Bili here and asks her to tell, what is her problem with her. Brinda says Bili was my friend. Dev says when she hugged you, you was shocked. Brinda says I can’t tell you. She asks him to believe her and says she is her childhood love, friend and wife. Dev says you are not related to me, but Bili is my sister. He asks her to tell who is the killer and says you was holding the knife. He calls Police. Brinda tells that Bili knew something and wanted to tell me, but someone killed her. Dev gives her 24 hours to prove her innocence. He calls Rohan and asks him to inform everyone that Bili was attacked and is no more. Brinda says I thought you wrong. Dev says I thought you right.

Police comes and tells that they found some finger prints on the knife. Dev asks him to take the finger prints. Shalaka thinks why is he not taking Brinda’s name. Bili’s mother cries. Lily blames herself. Dev tells Brinda that they don’t need to wait for 24 hours now. He asks Brinda to give her finger prints first. Brinda’s skin get scaly and then she gives the finger prints, it doesn’t match. Everyone gives their finger prints. Shalaka thinks why Brinda’s finger prints haven’t matched. She panics and gives her finger prints. The lady constable says matched and then says not matched. Inspector tells that they will keep him updated about the case. Dev says we will return to Mumbai and tells that they will return now itself. Dev comes to Brinda and says I saw you holding the knife and don’t know why your finger prints didn’t match.


Brinda says I have still 24 hours to prove my innocence. Shalaka hears her and thinks this naagin will search the real murderer now to get saved, but I won’t be trapped. They are on the way to Mumbai. Shalaka holds Dev’s hand. Brinda thinks she has to use her naagin powers carefully. Shalaka asks what is she doing with her bag? Brinda says she is feeling fever and wants to cover herself. She opens the bag and gets the shawl. She covers herself. Shalaka’s saree pallu gets entangled in the seat and she pulls it back.Brinda covers herself and tries to recall the past. She finds the Sandal foot prints on the land and thinks she will find out. She removes the shawl and keeps it back in the bag. They come back home. Shalaka asks Dev to enter house with her. Dev agrees and goes.

Brinda asks Servants to keep the bags at the door and sanitize them. Swara comes there and asks them to do as Brinda said. They leave. Brinda tells Swara that they have check everyone’s bags for the sandals. Swara checks the bags along with Brinda for the sandals. Servants bring more bags. A servant asks if she is searching something. Brinda says she is searching sanitizer which was in Baa’s bag. Shalaka searches for her locket and thinks it is in the bag. She asks Servant about her bag. Servant says Brinda bhabhi is sanitizing the bags. Shalaka says I am your bhabhi and not brinda. Brinda and Swara are still searching the bags. Shalaka hears them and comes there to take her trolley secretly. She hides behind the pillar. Vishaka comes there. Shalaka signs her about the sandal. Vishaka takes the sandal out of bag using magical tricks. Brinda looks at Shalaka’s bag and finds it open. She says she had closed it in the car after keeping the shawl. Swara asks her to use her naagin powers and tries to see. Brinda sees something as naagin and comes in human avatar.

She says she has to go somewhere and collides with Dev. Dev asks where is she going in a hurry? Brinda says she is going somewhere and will return in 2 hours. She asks him to pick the call when she calls him. Dev asks why to pick your call. Brinda says as you are Dev.Brinda runs out. Dev fumes in anger. Shalaka asks Vishaka to keep the shoes in the box. She says Brinda had a doubt and asks her to go and search her locket’s half part at the murder site. Vishaka says she didn’t come here to help her. Shalaka says I saw your face on the construction site and I know your intention, as you had trapped me in the pillar. Vishaka says you can’t be lucky everytime. She threatens to shout and gather the family members. Vishaka attacks her. Shalaka asks her to kill her and says who will take you to Naagmani. Vishaka says Brinda. Shalaka says only she can help her take naagmani and not Brinda. Vishaka leaves her. Shalaka asks her to go and asks her not to hide her face as mundika next time. Vishaka leaves.

Brinda comes to the construction site where Bili was murdered in the hill station. She recalls everything and looks for the owl sitting on the tree that time. She searches for the locket and looks inside the big tanker. She becomes half snake and hits on the big tanker. The owl comes out from it. Brinda asks the owl to help her and tell about Bili’s murderer. She asks the owl for help, but it refuses. Brinda hits the owl and it becomes human/shapeshifting owl.

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