Naagin update Friday 10 June 2022


Naagin 10 June 2022: Episode starts with Nayantara going from there. Dev looks at Brinda. Hawa mein bahenge plays….He recalls telling her that her family’s respect is foremost important for him and he will not let any drama to happen. Song continues to play. He comes near brinda. Brinda turns towards other side. Piya re song plays…… He recalls everything. Vish comes as Mundika to Nayantara and tells her that she knows that the work is done, Dev and brinda are separated because of the child. She says the baby was not of brinda, but of Lily. Vish gets upset and tells asks her to do as she says. She asks her to take Dev on honeymoon, tells that she will expose brinda there, knows that she will come surely. Brinda is in kitchen. Dev comes there. Brinda says whatever I have done is not for you. She says she don’t want sorry and says this new Dev will never understand me..

Dev comes there and says just like you didn’t understand me. He says you haven’t tell about your feelings to me. Brinda says even I don’t know, but I am here infront of you, in your kitchen. She says she wants to hate him. He asks her to look at his face and tell why she wants to hate him. Brinda says she don’t want to say. Dev touches the hot bowl accidently. Brinda gets concerned for him and pours water on his hand. she blows on his hand. Tu Nazm Nazm sa plays………………He holds her and makes her sit on the kitchen slab. He says I am trying to understand you. Brinda says it is not in your hands. Dev says I want to thank you for whatever you have done for Lily. Brinda looks at him. Dev says I can be thankful, but I can’t….He goes.

Swara comes there and asks what Dev is doing here? She shows the note and asks if your Baba came here? Brinda says Baba also said about the letter. She says she didn’t write it, though the hand writing if of her. Swara says surely there is conspiracy around her, and doubts Dev, asks her not to forgive dev. Brinda says I will kill you soon and recalls Dev stabbing her mother.

Ketki keeps the baby in the cradle. Lily says this baby is mine. Rasik says this baby will be here. Ketki says this baby is not yours, don’t touch her. She asks her to go. She scolds her for giving birth to baby without marriage and says he will live as an orphan. Rasik says we will get you married. Ketki asks her to have children then. Rasik asks her to go and says we will see this baby. Baby starts crying. Lily asks him not to cry and says they will take care of you. Ketki asks her to go. Lily goes out. Rasik locks the door.

Dev asks Shalaka/Nayantara if they are going somewhere. Nayantara tells that she has packed their bags and asks him to agree to go for an outing. She asks him to book their stay and says they will go to Materan. Dev says I will book a hotel. Nayantara hugs him happily. Brinda overhears them from outside. Dev tells Shalaka that he wants to sleep in study as he don’t want to hurt her and goes.. Shalaka says you will hurt me when I permit you to hurt me and tells that she will get him. Brinda puts the invite to everyone’s door and tells that they all will be there in 3 hours. Lily sees the invitation letter and calls Mily, but Bily picks the call and tells that Mily’s phone is with her. Lily asks her to come home. Bily tells that she is coming home to meet Brinda and looks at the temple pic on her laptop.


Dev and Shalaka come to the hotel. Dev tells her that he has come here before and tells that they will get food from the village kitchen. Shalaka says this is good for her and asks him to pose for selfie. Dev asks her to watch TV and says he has some work. She says I told you just like that to bring your laptop. Dev tells her that she knows that he didn’t want to marry, their marriage is just an adjustment for him. He married her for mom. Dev says I will take selfie and they pose for the selfie. All family members come there and surprise them. Akash asks Dev if this is the same place where they are doing project. Dev says yes. Brinda comes there and thanks Shalaka for calling her also. Shalaka says it is a surprise, I know that Dev can’t stay without his family and that’s why I called everyone. They think to have party.

Shalaka comes to brinda and asks if she has done everything. Brinda says you said that it is a surprise. Shalaka thanks her for helping Lily and tells that Dev is mine. Brinda says I have understood when you didn’t tell anyone about me, and tells that she will handle her like handling the enemy. Lily talks to Maid and asks her to call her if baby cries. Ketki tells her that they have hired maid for the baby and asks her to leave them.The young generation brings the board to play a game. Vrushali says lets play the game and make teams. Hardik selects his team numbers while the others are in other team. Brinda comes there. Shalaka says nobody took brinda in their team. Lily asks Brinda to come in her team. Bily comes there and hugs them. Bily hugs Brinda and says you didn’t tell me that you have become icchadhari naagin from human. She says it is part of my research, Mili told me. She says she knows lal tekri mandir secret, which Brinda shall know.

Just then they call Bily. Dev goes to draw the drawing. He tells Brinda eats it. Brinda says chocolate. Lily says it is not chocolate. Dev says you know it. Brinda recalls and tells it is a fruit. Dev and Brinda hug each other happily. Dev says I said that you eat it. brinda says only I can identify this. Someone comes from office and Dev goes with him.Brinda is about to go. Shalaka stops her and asks her to help Lily. Brinda signs Bily. Rohan makes the drawing of cat. Bily asks brinda to go and have tea. Brinda hears Dev talking to his business associate and he will never forget that day 8th March as you gave me courage all day and night. Dev says if I haven’t given you courage then wouldn’t have got such an efficient person. The guy thanks Dev. Dev tells that he has to go out. The guy gives his rain coat to Dev. Dev wears it and walks out. brinda hides. Dev goes out. Brinda thinks no Dev Parikh, you will not return, this night will be last for you. Lily asks who will come next? Shalaka says I will come. Lily gives her chit. Shalaka makes the drawing on board. Sparsh identifies it right. Brinda asks the guy about Dev. The guy says he went by back door. Brinda thanks him.

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