Naagin update Tuesday 14 June 2022


Naagin 14 June 2022: Episode starts with Brinda kicking the tanker with her tail to make the owl comes out. The owl flies and sits on the tree. Brinda tells that she has seen it here when Bili was murdered. She asks it to help her for the person whom she thought wrong and asks her to help. She hits the owl with her tail and it falls down, to become human. Brinda says I haven’t used my poison on you. The owl says she is Ghumri. Brinda asks for her help and tells that she will give her whatever she asks for. Ghumri says she will say when she needs anything. She makes the locket appear infront of her. Brinda takes it and calls Dev. Dev opens the door. Inspector comes inside and asks Dev whom is he saving and asks why he didn’t get pick the call. Shalaka tells that her husband is innocent. Inspector calls everyone.

Dev reads Brinda’s message asking her to come to the murder site. Ghumri tells that she will go, but will return to get what she wants. She leaves. Vish comes to the murder site and thinks she can’t go infront of Brinda. Dev gets another message from Brinda and asks Police to come with her, as the latter called them. Brinda hides and sees Vish coming there and searching for locket. She keeps the locket so that Vish picks it up. She records it in her mobile. Vish finds blood stain on it and thinks what to do with that. Brinda asks her to wash it, like washing your sins. Vish says I came to search you. Brinda accuses her for killing Bili and betraying Manyata. She says you have been betraying me since you met me. Vish says you shall not care if Bili, or lily gets killed. Brinda says surely you had killed Bili as she came to know about the lal tekri temple. Vish asks Brinda not to challenge powerful naagin like her. Brinda says you are not powerful than me and tells that now she came to know about her powers.

Dev comes there with the Police and family members. Brinda tells that Vish is the murderer and shows the locket. Dev asks why Vish will do this? Vish says yes. Shalaka says to wipe the proofs. She comes near her and asks why did you kill Bili? She puts the locket in the strap of her saree blouse. Vish tells that she is innocent. Lady constable finds the chain and the other half of locket with her blouse strap and she gets arrested. Vrushali regrets to trust Vishaka. Inspector says they need Brinda’s statement and asks Dev to be there. Shalaka says she will come with Dev. Vrushali asks her to come with them. Shalaka hopes to separate Dev and Brinda, touches her locket and her eyes becomes green, she thinks if Mundika powers are coming in her.

Brinda confronts Dev for not trusting her. Dev says even you didn’t believe me, don’t want to see my face and just hate me. I don’t know what wrong I have done. Brinda says I know that I never trusted you, haven’t thought you mine and says sorry. Dev says you are sorry with tears in your eyes, knowing I can’t bear. Brinda asks what do you think that my tears are fake? He says I will go. She holds his hand and says you will not go anywhere, because I love you. She says I got late to confess you this. Their moments are shown. Brinda says I would have told you this long before, but I got late. He touches her face. She says I felt bad that you have forgotten me within a year. Dev says I didn’t forget you, but want to forget your betrayal. Brinda says I didn’t betray you, I should have return long back. Dev says if you had told me then I would have waited for you, I wouldn’t got married to Shalaka. Brinda says sorry. Dev says mistake is ours. Brinda says we will lead a good life, I don’t want to go away from you. Dev says I will give you whatever you deserve. Brinda says everything will be fine. They come back home.

Dev asks Brinda to come inside. Brinda says she will make something right and will come. Dev gives her car keys. Brinda asks him not to trust anyone. Dev asks her to take care. Brinda leaves and thinks of the manager telling that Dev was with him on 8th march. She thinks who had killed Manyata maa and sees Vish asking her to see Dev’s car there. She thinks Vish might be the murderer. She thinks someone has taken Dev’s avatar and Vish knows that person. She thinks Vish can tell her about the murderer. She thinks once she gets to know the truth, it will be upto Dev to choose between Shalaka and her.

Shalaka thinks Dev has to choose her and tries to rub Vish’s ring. She thinks she was angry when her eyes had turned green. She gets angry and her eyes turn green. She asks the ring to stop Dev. Dev comes there and the photo frame falls down near him. Shalaka thinks the ring worked. Dev tells her that he wants to clear something and says he didn’t want to be in the loveless marriage with her. Shalaka is shocked and picks the fallen photo frame pieces. She injures her finger. Dev tells that he will take care of her happiness. Shalaka says she don’t want anything. He says I will talk to Maa and tells that Brinda is first in her life and nobody could be after her. Shalaka thinks only I will be in his life and that naagin has to go.

Brinda comes to meet Vish in the police station and asks why did you kill Bili? Vish says I didn’t do anything and haven’t killed Bili. She says I don’t know her also. Bili says may be she knew something. Vish says she knew about lal tekri temple secret and…..Brinda asks how did you know? She comes inside the lock up. Vish says I fooled you. Brinda asks what is your conspiracy? Vish asks why you want to proof your innocence infront of Dev Parikh and says he was Manyata’s murderer. Brinda says I have realized that Dev was not the murderer, but you was the murderer. Vish is shocked. Brinda says I know that you had killed Maa. Vish says you are blaming me to save Dev and says pati vrata patni. Vish says Dev is married now and asks who are you? Brinda says yes, I am his shield. Vish says go, I will get the power from Dev…..Brinda becomes snake and leaves.

Shalaka comes to Vrushali and asks why did you get me married to Dev? She says so that we stay happily. She asks why you are letting the snake stay in the house. Ketki says she is calling Brinda as snake in sleeve. Shalaka says no, Brinda is a naagin and that’s why your son is in her control. She asks them to come and says I will show you something. They take the bel patr and stand near the door to make it fall on her . Brinda comes and gets some flashes of Lal tekri temple. Ketki and Rasik make bel patr fall on Brinda and she becomes naagin. She spits heavy wind from her mouth to make the bel patr fly away from her.Vrushali asks when did you come to know that Brinda is a naagin? Shalaka says I don’t have that much time and asks if they are with her. They say yes. Shalaka asks her to take divorce papers and talk to Dev. Vrushali comes to Dev and asks if he is taking divorce from Shalaka? Dev says I was about to tell you. Vrushali starts badmouthing about Brinda and tells that Shalaka deserves to be their bahu only. She says don’t know where did Brinda stay for a year etc. Dev gets angry, naagmani starts shining from within his forehead. He says I don’t want to talk to you about Brinda. He says if you want to talk to me about Brinda then I don’t want to talk to you. Vrushali get shocked. Dev says he has already talked to Shalaka and she is ready for divorce.

Dev goes out of his room. Shalaka calls him. Dev is still angry and turns to him. Shalaka finds the naagmani sparkling from inside his forehead. Dev asks her to say and calm down. Shalaka asks him to take care and thinks naagmani is inside his forehead. Dev comes to Brinda and tells that Vrushali is having objection with their relation. He says he can’t go against his mother. Brinda says ok. Vrushali drags Shalaka inside the room and says you are like me. Shalaka says I am not like you, I am shalaka, the one and only Shalaka. Vrushali says ok, but we both love dev. She says today I have seen something in dev’s forehead. Shalaka and Vrushali say naagmani at the same time. Shalaka says she came to know just now. Vrushali says we have to get naagmani. Shalaka says yes.

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