Naagin update Friday 29 july 2022

Naagin 29 july 2022: Bani reaching the room, when she hears everyone shouting for Monil’s death. She thinks she didn’t kill him then how did he died? She promises the lady that she will return and rescue her, but now she has to go. The lady asks her to run away from there. Bani asks her not to worry seeing her and becomes snake, she crawls back inside the hole and reaches the bathroom. She thinks where is Monil. Balwant says Monil is killed by Bani. Chacha ji asks Monil to get up. Daksh calls her Naagin and asks her to get up. Veer asks Daksh to talk with her with manners as she is her bhabhi. Bani tells that she didn’t kill Monil, but she wanted to kill and Ponky. She tells that she overheard them talking about molesting Noor Baig and then killing her. She asks him to ask Ponky and says you had herself buried her. Veer is shocked. Balwant says you have killed him. Bani says whoever has killed him, have done the right thing as his result will be death. Balwant tells that he will kill Bani today and tells that Monil is bitten by a snake.

Veer says Jai is also at home and tells that he must be a murderer. Shukla tells that he has kept his eyes on Jai and he was in his room. Jai tells that he has killed Monil. Bani asks Jai not to take the blame on himself. Shukla tells Jai that he has seen him inside the room. Balwant says Bani has killed him and asks all eagles to kill her. Jai asks Bani to come with him. Veer says her husband is standing here and will protect her. Bani says she is Aadinaagin and don’t want anyone to guard anyone. She shows her red eyes and asks whoever wants to die first, come infront of me. She tells Balwant has hidden a lady in the cellar from his family members. Veer asks who is that woman? Balwant says she is lying.The lady manages to come down and tries to escape, but Bani tells Veer that she is that lady. She runs to her and sees her face. She asks the lady not to get scared. Veer is shocked to see the lady’s face. Veer gets teary eyes and comes to the lady. He is about to touch her face, but she stops him.

He holds her hand and asks why did you leave your son, and got separated from your son. Sad song plays….The lady touches his face and calls him Veer. Veer hugs her and calls her Maa…He cries. She cries hugging him and smiles too. Bani looks on. Veer says my mom has recognized me…He says I am your Veer, you didn’t forget me Maa. He says my mother haven’t forgotten me and asks why you are in such a situation. Bani says her condition can deteriorate with such questions. Veer asks her not to fear and come home. Bani and Veer bring the lady inside. Balwant asks what is going on? He gets shocked to see Veer bringing his mother and hides behind his brother. Tapish comes infront and gets emotional too. Veer asks where did you go leaving us and says thank God, you came back, I missed you so much. Veer introduces Tapish to their mother. The lady gets emotional, but gets scared seeing Balwant. She says that man will kill me.

Veer asks what is the matter? He says you have no danger here. The lady says that man has kept me captive in the cellar, he will kill me. Bani asks her to calm down and says I have brought you from cellar, so you are my responsibility, I won’t let anything happen to you. She tells Veer that they shall take her to room. Veer looks at Balwant doubtedly. He says we are not yet done. Tapish asks Veer to look after Maa. Balwant stops Tapish.Veer asks Jai to leave the room as his mom wants this room. Jai says I will not leave my room. Bani says I have promised to save her and this will be possible when her room will be beside my room. Jai says ok and goes. Veer and Bani take the lady to the room. Veer comes to Balwant and asks why did you lock Maa in the cellar since many years. Balwant says no. Veer says now I understand why there was no woman in the house and why they were not saved. He says my mom will not lose her life like others, I will rescue my mom. Balwant says I won’t let this happen. Veer says else. Balwant asks will you kill your father and provokes him. Veer raises his hand to hit him. Balwant asks him to hit him. Veer goes.

Bani helps Veer’s mom change her clothes and makes her sit on the bed. She says I will bring something for you to eat. Veer comes there and says Maa sleeps on left side of bed and says he remembers everything. Bani smiles. Veer brings their childhood pics and shows to his mom. He shows the toys and asks if she remembers giving to him on his birthdays. He says there are many memories, asks her to take out and see from the bag. He asks her to rest for now and makes her lie down on the bed. He says I am with you always. Bani smiles seeing his love and concern for his mother. His mom holds his hand and shows the toy elephant. Bani asks why did she return this elephant to you. Veer says Maa knew that it was my favorite toy, I used to sleep holding it and that’s why maa wants it to be with me. Later Bani calls Veer. Veer tells that he has to give medicines to Maa. Bani says she has already taken the medicines.

He says ok, I will keep these medicines and will keep pillows around her if she fell down. She smiles and says you had already kept the pillows. He says he had searched for her so much and when his mom is with him today, he can’t believe. Bani says you are right, you are not that bad and don’t deserve hatred. Veer smiles and says I deserves love… Bani smiles. Dil ibadat song plays…… Bani goes from there smilingly and sees Jai standing. He says so you have started flirting with him. Bani says never. She says I praised him for his goodness. Jai says you don’t want to kill him. Bani says I am seeing him from a new perspective as we are alive because of him. Jai says did you forget that he does woman trafficking along with his family members. Bani says Veer shall get a chance to change. Jai says Veer will betray you and then don’t tell me.

Shukla tells Balwant that they will not leave Monil’s murderer. Tapish says Maa returned the way…Balwant tells Bani that if she is naagin then he is cheel and says you don’t know what I can do. Bani says but you know what I can do. Balwant says you did a mistake by taking that woman out. Bani says then it is the right thing and goes.Pandit ji’s wife comes to meet Bani. Bani meets her and thanks her for coming. Panditayan asks if they came to know about you. Bani tells that everyone knows her truth now and asks if Jai and I will be punished if we leave Veer. Panditayan is about to tell her Jai’s truth, but snake charmer comes there and asks her to listen to her heart and do whatever she thinks right. Panditayan asks her to keep the real loyal people with her and not the ones whom she thinks to be loyal. She asks her to find out with the loyal person’s help.

Snake Charmer says she can’t tell more and takes her from there. Bani calls someone and says you have to do something for me. Veer thanks Bani for bringing his mom home from cellar and thanks her. Bani says don’t thank me so much then I will doubt on you being Viranshu Singhania. He says I want to ask you something. Bani says I am seeing a goodness in you as you didn’t call me gharwali today. Veer says I will never call you gharwali, if you want then you can leave my home and this relation. I am freeing you from this relation. Bani is shocked.

Veer says you are free to go. Bani says you are just saying this, but will not do this. Veer holds her hand and says if you want then can remove mangalsutra and sindoor, but just leave one thing for him, this ring. He says I will keep this ring as your last memory. Bani says what are you saying, I don’t trust your words. Veer says Bani…you are free to go, Sweetheart. He smiles and asks her to come. Naagin song plays…..He holds her hand and takes her out of the room. She asks what game is he playing? Veer says no game, anymore. His mom opens the door and sees them leaving.

Tapish signs Balwant to see at Veer and Bani. Balwant asks Veer if he is leaving house and leaving his mother alone on his responsibility. Veer says I am not going anywhere and asks Bani to go wherever you want to go and says you are free to go. He asks her to go before he changes his mind. Balwant asks what happened to you, sometimes back you was about to raise your hand on me and now asking her to leave. Daksh says she will not go from here. Balwant says she will not go from here alive. She has killed Monil and it will be proved soon. Bani says nobody can stop Aadinaagin. Veer says Dad…Bani says I can handle everything alone, but for now I am not going anywhere from here, as injustice happened with many people here. She tells that she will not go until everything is fine and she punishes guilty human, eagle or snake. Balwant says lets see. Veer looks at her.

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