Barrister Bahu update Monday 1 August 2022

Barrister Bahu 1 August 2022: Episode starts with Bondita asking Anirudh will he believe anyone against her. Anirudh recalls Saudamini. He feels guilty. He says no…. I promised to not let injustice happen, I have to give equal rights to both of them, I have to know my responsibility towards both, I have to give time to both, I can’t ruin a girl’s life to do right with the other one, no… Bondita falls asleep. He says I understood what I should do after talking to you. He calls Saudamini and says I did much injustice with you, I couldn’t take care, I couldn’t keep you happy, why couldn’t I see you breaking down. She smiles. He says you will be getting my time. She says no, Bondita needs you, she is your wife, your responsibility, I m just your friend. He says childhood friendship isn’t a small responsibility for me, my day will be divided into two halves, one half will be just yours and other half of Bondita.

She smiles happily. Shivraj asks what did he say. She says I have made Anirudh bow down to me, thanks for help. He says I can do anything for your wish. She says for business also, if Anirudh becomes your son-in-law, your business will reach new heights. He asks her to go and sleep. She says one day drama has affected Anirudh well, I m Mini, I won’t get happy with half day, I want Anirudh and his time completely. Its morning, Bondita prays and says its not an easy decision for me, Anirudh wants me to study, Trilochan wants me to become good housewife. She says I want Anirudh with me when I study, so that master ji doesn’t beat me, its still hurting my hands. She goes to kitchen. Bihari asks her to make tea. She says it will be easy, I will make it now. He says Trilochan drinks ginger and Elaichi tea. He gets the items. He says Binoy drinks black tea, Somnath and Batuk drink cocoa milk, Anirudh drinks coffee. She gets confused. He asks did you understand everything. She says yes. She tells wrong. She says why do everyone eat different things, eating together increases love, its waste of time and money to cook many things, Mami used to make same food for everyone.

Trilochan comes and says this pride is our sign, everyone here has their own choice. She says I don’t have such. He says its because you are a girl. She says you said bahu is the respect of the family, why to differentiate then, even she will have her own choice, is it right to keep men’s wish, women make food of everyone’s choice, but can’t have anything of their own choice. Trilochan asks her isn’t it wrong to just talk and not work. He asks her to make milk and tea as per everyone’s choice. He goes. Bihari says bahus have no choice like servants.Surmani says Sampoorna has changed. Mami says I find her same, if its about dowry. Surmani says forget it, congrats, Sampoorna is pregnant. Mama and Mami get glad. They bless Saurabh. Mami thinks why isn’t he happy.

Munshi says we are glad with Sampoorna’s gift, we don’t want give goats as dowry. Mama says its a good news. Mami asks Sampoorna to come with her. Surmani says she is your daughter, talk to her. She thinks its happening as I want, I will send Sampoorna to her Maayka and get Saurabh married in a rich household. Bihari teaches Bondita to make tea and cocoa milk. She makes everything ready and smiles. She takes the coffee for Anirudh. She thinks where is he going, he won’t be home when master ji comes.Bondita saying you said you will be with me. Anirudh says I know I told you, I have other responsibility also. She asks what responsibility can a husband have other than his wife. He says Mini, even a friend can have his friend’s responsibility. She says yes, Saudamini is your childhood friend, you should take care of her, she came in your life before me. He says its not about time, but about relation. She says Durga maa always takes care of me, I will give Saudamini’s responsibility to her, her dad is angry on me, why did he say that I have snatched her happiness, what did I snatch, you give her my happiness, if I knew what I took from her, I will return it. She says I got copy for you.

He says its coffee. She says its enough for today. He asks her to say coffee. She gets confused. She asks him to go. He says I should go. She thinks if master ji beats me again, he doesn’t trust me. He says I will come back soon, I promise, but you promise me, you will not avoid studies and be a good student.She says Master ji is bad, you see him. He says I promise to come back on time and see master ji, I spoke to your mum on telephone, she said Bondita is good. He cheers her up. She says you will say it yourself that I m good Bondita, promise, you don’t forget your promise. He says I won’t, I will come back on time. Anirudh goes to Saudamini and says we will go to doctor. She says I won’t go, what will people say. He asks did you study to think of society. She says people will taunt dad. He says I won’t let this happen, none will come about it. She thinks doctor will know the drama. Bondita prays. Trilochan asks Batuk to make the dog out. Bondita goes and smiles. Bihari sprays Gangajal at them. Trilochan scolds Batuk. Saudamini says you promised to be with Bondita, I won’t come between her studies, she is your first responsibility. He says you are mean equal to me, master ji will come at 3pm, we will come back soon, don’t you trust me. Trilochan says you will be punished.

Bondita smiles and asks will you make him grind the flour. Batuk says no, I won’t. He cries.Trilochan says boys don’t do that, its girls’ work. Bondita says but the flour is eaten by both girls and boys, why to differentiate in grinding when not in eating it. Trilochan says again arguing. She says sorry, what punishment will you give him. Trilochan says he won’t be given breakfast. Batuk says I feel hungry. She smiles.Mami says Saurabh didn’t look happy, did anything go wrong. Sampoorna says he is saying I can’t be pregnant. Mami asks why. Sampoorna says he said we didn’t get close that I get pregnant, I couldn’t see the pics in the book he gave me, but symptoms are there. Mami says you mean Saurabh said you both didn’t come close.

Sampoorna says we didn’t come close as he is saying. Mami asks don’t you have sense, when you both didn’t come close…. She explains Sampoorna. Surmani looks on. Mami asks Sampoorna to play the pregnancy drama, else Munshi will ask for goats. Sampoorna asks how shall I lie. Surmani asks Mami to go, her husband is waiting. Mami asks Sampoorna to take care, everything will be fine in few months. Surmani asks Biraj to go and call Daima. Biraj goes. Surmani thinks I will send away Sampoorna now. Bondita says I will help you.Bihari says you always complain about Bondita, she is sharing her food with you, she has a big heart. Batuk says I also have a big heart. She jokes and laughs.

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