Naagin update Friday 8 July 2022

Naagin 8 July 2022: The episode starts with Veer remembering Bani while lying on a sunbed near the pool. He drinks alcohol and closes his eyes recalling his moments with Bani. He gets angry when he remembers about Bani killing his brother and breaks the alcohol bottle saying that he didn’t want to hate her but he forced him to.On the other hand, Bani comes at what is supposed to be her wedding party and asks about Veer who is not there. She pretends to be sad as Veer left her alone and she is scared to stay alone. Veer’s cousin try consoling her. She says that he is very nice. Monki takes Bani to the pool area and flirts with her. She is about to get into her real Naagin aspect and is willing to kill him but stops when Veer comes. Her plan fails.

Meanwhile, a shape-shifting peahen Mayuri makes her entry. She rescues Jai who is alive but ties him.The next morning, Balwant gets angry when she sees Bani all set to clean the house and change curtains. Bani says that his house and even his boys need light. Balwant gets angry but Pawan and Tapish control him. Monil, and Moki are about to leave but Bani brings brooms and ask them all to grab their favourite one. They are all shocked.Two men ring at door and Mayuri opens it asking them to take care of Jai whom she has tied up. The woman calls Shukla who asks her to do the work the way he instructed her. He says that he sent Teer Singhania to the mount and made him throw Jai down and they have to keep Aadhi Naagin’s companion alive.On the other hand, Veer comes downstairs and sees his family working. He laughs and asks Bani to give holiday to them. Bani says that he should work then. He turns on the vacuum cleaner and says that he didn’t hear her.

Bani removes the plug and asks him to take the basket of dirty water upstairs. Veer does that and Bani wonders how he accepted so easily. She asks the cook what he makes for breakfast. Balwant gets angry and asks her to tell whatever she wants to eat without asking about them.eer is going upstairs when the basket with dirty water falls down, directly on Bani’s head. He transforms into Cheel and flies downstairs. Veer takes her in front of mirror and says that this is her inner beauty now.Mayuri comes there. She sees Bani and says to Veer that she is his wife. She mocks Bani and introduces herself as Veer’s friend saying that they met at a wild party. She asks Balwant if she can stay with them and Balwant accepts with no objections. Mayuri is about to say which room she wants but Bani says that guestroom will be perfect for her.

Bani takes Mayuri, who was about to enter Veer’s room saying that after so much time it feels like her own, to the guestroom. She keeps mocking Bani saying that she stinks too. As soon as she touches her, Bani feels weird and her snake skin appears. She has some flashes of a peacock and is confused. Mayuri smirks.Bani goes in the temple and stands in front of Bholenath idol. She says that she was going to take revenge from her culprits but everything opposite happened: Cheel killed Jay and now she is his wife. She doesn’t know why she did that but she felt right to enter that mansion and destroy them.She adds that now she feels like there is another enemey of hers in that house. She wishes Bholenath could talk to her. Baba and Saphera come there and Baba ask her to listen to her heart. Bani recognizes them and asks him what she should do. Baba says that she changed history by marrying Cheel and now she must follow her heart only. She leaves. Saphera asks Baba why he didn’t tell Bani that her companion is alive. Baba says that she has to find out herself since it’s Bholenath’s wish only.

On the other hand, Shukla stops Mayuri and asks about her ring which will hide her identy of peacock from the housemates. Mayuri shows the ring she is wearing. Shukla asks her to be careful from Aadhi Naagin and then leaves.Mayuri enters Veer’s room and sits on bed with him calling him boring after wedding. She says that he should have told her how they met at least. Bani comes and Mayuri recomposes saying that it’s nothing like she is thinking.Bani says that she doesn’t care anyway. Mayuri requests Veer for a party and he accepts. She says that he cannot say no to her and thinks that she has to bring Aadhi Naagin’s reality in front of him too and that’s why she asked for this party. She leaves the room.

Bani taunts Veer saying that at least there is someone whom he listens to and whose emotions he can understand. Veer stands in front of her and says that he wanted to do the same with her, even more, but she ruined everythine as she killed Teer. He leaves.Bani is unable to decide what to wear for the party. She wonders why she is even bothering. Mayuri comes and asks if she is planning to do something at party. Bani looks on. Sunny comes with some clothes. Mayuri says that she brought some designer clothes for her and introduces her stylist Sunny. Bani says that she has her own clothes. Mayuri mocks her and says that class doesn’t come with money.Bani replies that the biggest example of that is in front of her eyes. Mayuri doesn’t understand that and asks Sunny to show coothes. While Bani is distracted, Mayuri tries to mix something in her drink. On the other hand, Jai gets consious. Veer comes for a dress for Bani but she doesn’t like it. Mayuri decides the dress for Bani who goes to change. Mayuri thinks that Bani’s end is about to come.

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