Naagin update Monday 11 July 2022

Naagin 11 July 2022: Episode starts with Jai is tied and kept in a room. A guy is sitting outside and locks the door. The peacock lady tells bani that she couldn’t be identified in a costly saree and says she is joking. She asks her to drink water as when Sunny starts doing make up, he don’t give time. She closes the door and thinks how do Cheel and Adinaagin will look while fighting? Sunny asks bani to sit after she drinks water. Jai frees his hands and calls Bani, but the latter gets unconscious after drinking the drugged water. Peacock/Mayuri comes there and asks Sunny to lie down beside Bani and she goes to call Veer there. Bani thinks what does she think that I will get into her trap and opens her eyes. Jai thinks why Bani is not picking the call, becomes snake and leaves. Mayuri brings Veer there and asks him to open the door. Veer opens the door and sees Bani shouting for help while Sunny tries to molest her. Veer asks how dare you to touch her and beats him.

Naagin 8 July 2022

Bani tells that she agreed to get the make up done, as Mayuri suggested. Sunny says I did whatever was asked…but before he could take her name. Mayuri gets angry and slaps him. They leave. Bani tells Mayuri that whatever she wants to show, it was flop show and asks her not to underestimate her. She says she will get her scolded by Veer. Mayuri says lets see and goes. Veer comes back to Bani and asks are you fine? Veer asks what happened, she is always ready to fight with him, but why she was helpless infront of Sunny. Bani says she needs to change her clothes. Veer goes. Jai comes to veer’s house and sees Bani and Jai’s reception board. He thinks Bani married Veer and gets shocked.

Shukla pulls Mayuri to the room. Mayuri pushes him on the bed. He becomes cheel and while she becomes peacock. They fight. Shukla becomes human and apologizes to her. He reminds her whatever happened in Satyug and tells that Veer didn’t attack Adinagin in Kalyug. Mayuri asks him to relax. Shukla says our aim is big. Mayuri says I know, lets party now.Ponky and other brothers have wine in the reception party. Bani comes there. Ponky says devil arrived. Bani gets happy seeing Chachi, Papa, Meera and others. Bani hugs Meera. Meera says Papa misses you so much. Meera hugs him and says even I misses you. Chachi asks Veer if Bani set in his house. He says yes, and tells that he has no complains. Mayuri comes there and tells that Bani is making all men of the house dance on her tune.

Chachi asks who is she? Veer says my friend. Mayuri asks if she is looking good. Veer says hot. She asks if she is looking more hot than his wife. Veer looks at bani. Balwant asks Shukla to check the sand timer and asks why did it stopped? Shukla thinks because Adinaagin is with Veer. He says he will check later. Mayuri asks Ponky and go and take a chance with the girls. She asks what did Veer see in Bani? Chachi talks to a couple and ask if they have a son and asked for the number. The couple excuse themselves. Chachi scolds Bani and Meera.

Mayuri comes to Meera and asks if she is Meera? She says what happened to his choice. I shouldn’t have gone to Newyork. Bani says you shouldn’t have returned. Chachi says she said right. Papa asks her to be quiet. Bani holds Mayuri’s hand and takes her from there, as she gets flashes of Mayuri saving Jai. Mayuri asks her to leave her hand. Bani asks her to behave herself and says Meera is my Di. Mayuri sees Veer’s brothers mingling with Chachi’s daughters. Chachi asks if her daughters are beautiful. They say very beautiful. Daksh comes to Meera and asks her to dance with him. Meera says she doesn’t know dancing. Jai comes inside and hears Bani warning Mayuri. Meera tells Daksh that she don’t want to dance with him and asks if he has shame or not. Daksh tears her skirt with the pen. Jai gets angry, but hides. Bani comes to Meera’s rescue and covers her. Veer comes and slaps Daksh, asking how dare you to tear her dress? He says if a girl refused then you shall not turn to go. He asks him to say sorry. Daksh says sorry. Meera cries. Veer makes him go.

Mayuri looks on. Veer asks Meera to get confidence in herself and asks Chachi to take Meera to room. He asks Bani what is her problem, you becomes Jhansi ki rani infront of me and asks her to teach something to Meera also. His Chacha/uncle comes and asks why did you beat him? Veer says I just beaten him and not killed him. Jai comes to bani and takes her to side. Bani cries seeing him fine and says Jai…you are alive. She holds his hand and says I have seen you falling down from the valley. Jai says when I came out to the car, Veer’s brothers hit me on my head. He says when he fell from the valley, he was trapped in net. Someone saved him and when he gained consciousness, he saw a man keeping eye on him. He says he escaped from there and came here. Bani says I stay here now, I got married to Viranshu Singhania.

Jai asks why? Chachi thanks Veer for saving their respect and tells that stapler did wonders. Bani tells him everything. Jai says you did right. Bani tells that she felt the same restlessness with the girl Mayuri, like she felt with veer. Mayuri asks Shukla where is Naagin? Jai tells that they have to find out who had kidnapped him, but didn’t kill him. Bani asks him to find out the reason of their destruction. Jai asks her not to cry and says I am with you. Bani says I am really angry. Jai asks her to use her anger rightly so that Veer attack her and she can take revenge. Jai apologizes to her. Bani also apologizes to him and then asks why are we apologizing to each other, those eagles needs to be punished. Jai leaves. Bani turns and sees Mayuri standing. Mayuri asks Bani if she started talking to guy alone and says she has felt bad seeing her cheating her best friend. She asks her to tell who was that guy? Mayuri holds her hand and Bani gets some flashes. Bani thinks she is peacock and she can make me weak in seconds. She pushes Mayuri on the floor and gets her skin scaly. Mayuri pretends to be scared. Bani says I know that you are a peacock. Mayuri’s face turns purple and she attacks bani. Bani holds her neck and asks her to tell what is her aim. Mayuri shouts. Veer says this is Mayuri’s voice. Bani thinks they are coming out, they can’t see my real avatar today. Mayuri pushes her and she falls down on the pit. Veer comes there.

Mayuri also falls down on the pit. Bani and Mayuri fight in the pit. Veer smiles seeing Bani fighting with Mayuri. Ponky records their fight in the cam and falls down in the pit. Bani falls on the stone and feels pain. Veer says enough. He helps her get up, lifts her and takes her from there, saying Party is over. Chachi tells that they are leaving. Ponky tells Mayuri that he will take her, but she hits him and goes. Jai comes back to the room as the snake and becomes human, where he was kidnapped and kept. The guy keeping eye on him comes there and asks him to sit. Jai sits and the guy ties his hand.Veer tells Bani that she is a cat and not a human. He says meow. Veer tries to wipe mud from her back. She asks what is this misbehavior? He says you are not that beautiful that my intention gets spoiled, take off her towel and tells that he will help her. Bani refuses to take his help.

Veer asks her to look in the mirror and says I will see you and you will see me, then I can’t see anywhere. He wipes mud from her back. Song plays…..Dil Ibadat…..Bani looks at him. Veer asks I didn’t see anywhere even for a second, just was looking at you. Bani tells that you are a bad guy and my opinion will not change about you. Veer says I am your life’s villain and not here. He goes. Jai calls Bani and asks if she is fine. Bani tells that she can’t believe that….Mayuri says you are romancing with your boyfriend. Bani says I am married and then also I am talking to my boyfriend. Mayuri says she will just take 2 mins to expose her and calls her icchadhari naagin. She asks if she understood who is boss here? Bani laughs and says thank god you called me boss. She calls her Mayuri or icchadhari moorni. She says you had jumped into the pit just as Singhanias come out, it is clear that they don’t know your truth and says it will be fun to expose you. She warns her and goes.Bani comes to the room and sees Veer sleeping. Her skin becomes scaly and then normal. She takes the blanket and goes to sleep on couch. She thinks Bholenaath has made me helpless, I can’t do anything until he attacks me. She thinks she has provoke his anger so that he raise his hand on her and it becomes his last mistake.

Next day, Veer comes to Balwant and others and says good morning. He says he came to talk about Pub. Balwant says Tapish will handle it. Bani thinks she will provoke him to fight with her. Mayuri comes there and brings the trolley of drinks. Bani comes there in party dress and tells that she will take the trolley. Mayuri asks what happened, did you change your style? Bani says my husband gifted me this. Mayuri says I suggested this dress. They have an argument. Bani takes the trolley. Veer gets happy and thinks she is jungle billi. Bani mixes something in the drink and says party time. Balwant asks what are you doing here? bani greets them. Tapish says she is Bani. Bani says she is Mrs. Veeranshu Singhania and asks where is my Pati Dev. Veer gets happy and thinks what is she doing? Bani asks who will drink this orange juice. Balwant says nobody. Bani says I know, it can be mix with drinks. She asks where is Veer? He shall know that I am taking care of your guests. She gives the drinks and peanuts to the guests. Balwant asks her to go. She asks him to chill and opens the coke tin and it spills on his clothes. Bani tells that she knows that all the guests are very humble and don’t drink infront of girl. She says I will drink, my favorite vodka with ice..and drinks. Veer is looking at her from far. She says toast to my darling husband. Balwant asks her to go. She says just now party started.

Shukla asks Mayuri what happened last night. Mayuri says she came to know that I am moorni and asks why Veer is not getting Adinaagin’s smell. Shukla says Adinaagin and her partner have special partners. He tells that Markhand wants Adinaagin’s powers. Mayuri tells that they can use Veer and get Adinaagin killed. Shukla asks how? Mayuri says that naag? Shukla says Naag will control Cheels. Mayuri says I told Naagfani and not Naag. Shukla says it will make Veer very angry and mad thathe will not know what is he doing? Mayuri says when Veer attacks her, then we will be ready with our arrows to kill Adinaagin. Shukla tells that Veer has to take out his anger without an hour else he can die. Mayuri says we don’t have anything to do with Veer and tells that Adinaagin will not know who will kill her. Bani gets drink or acts and asks where is my Praannaath? Balwant asks her to go and tells that this place is not for such girl. The guest says ladies shall not be here. Bani calls him uncle and asks if ladies’ work is just to cook, clean and entertain. She says entertainment is left. Balwant asks Tapish to take her out. Bani dances on the song Kamli….Veer is watching her from far. Bani dances standing on the sofa. Veer says good job. She thinks she did this tamasha so that he attacks her and then she kills him. He says my sweetheart dances so well and asks her to come. She pushes him. Veer lifts her and takes her from there. bani asks him to keep her down. Veer slips. She falls on him. Dil Ibadat plays……He says I took you down and holds her. Bani looks at him. Mayuri comes and helps Bani get up. Veer jokes and goes. Mayuri tells Shukla that she had kept naagfani’s thorns in Bani’s brooch.

Bani tells Veer that she needs to change her clothes. Veer comes inside and says you might wear my clothes, as you are drunk. Bani sends him out. He comes back again and says you had many pegs? Bani asks how did you know? He asks what you want to do with me. Bani says she is feeling like vomiting? He says I will help you to change your dress. Bani says I am not drunk? Veer tells that he knows that it was mineral water and tells that he knows that her family is adarshvadi/good values family. He asks why did you do this drama? Bani asks did you get angry and asks him to raise hand on her. Veer says I enjoyed the fun. She kicks something. He says I will never kick you. Bani says time will tell. Veer says I told you that I will give you slow death. He mistakenly touches her brooch and injures his finger. He says you always wanted to hurt me like always. Bani thinks he don’t attack me first, what to do? Veer sucks his injured finger and gets drowsy. He thinks what happened to me suddenly. Mayuru comes there and asks if you are drunk? Veer says my finger is injured. Mayuri says I will apply ointment and thinks at 7 pm, he will have his victim Bani infront of him.

Jai calls Bani. Bani tells that Veer doesn’t get angry and laughs as if she joked. Jai tells that he knows what is she feeling and tells that he will come to her. Bani asks him to be there. Jai asks her to figure out his weakness. Bani says no weakness and tells that he used to loves his twin brother, whom I killed mistakenly. Jai says there must be something related to his brother. Bani says she will see. Jai ties himself with the rope.Mayuri thinks just 30 mins are remaining. She comes to veer and sits. She asks if his hand is paining. Veer says no.

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