I’m on the edge update Saturday 9 July 2022

I’m on the edge 9 July 2022: A girl tells her mom that she found 700 rupees from her piggy bank. They reach the temple. A big car stops in front of them and a woman come out.Ambika says bhaisa what is maji doing in temple today? he says we are here for pooja only. Don’t care about anything else.Pandit ji says your family has been doing this here. Maji comes in and says stop prohit ji. She says what happened Bharat chauhan? Scared to see me? She says from now on they won’t do this havan. My son Adhiraj will do this havan every year.

Pandits are doing shudhi karan of Adhiraj in mountains. He jumps in river and comes out. Bahrat saays but we have been doing. Maji says so what? He says our father started it? Maji says who is the trustee of this temple? prohit saays you maji sa. She says see then who will do this havan? Today I have vowed that I will change all the rituals of this temple. 15 years ago my husband died because of your family. Ambika says your husband died because of your fate. You can’t blame us. Majisa says you shouldn’t be even allowed to stand here. She says why not? This is temple not anyone’s property. Our family has been doing this havan and will always do. Start havan pandit ji. I will see who stops us. Bharad is about to lit the fire, Adhiraj throws matchstick in it and lits the fire. He touches masa’s feet.

Bharat says pooja is more important that who does it. They are leaving. Masa says AMbika no sindur but your tongue is so sharp. You are the leftover of my son. Remember you came here in this temple 15 years ago to marry my son. She recalls how Masa stopped her wedding and broke her knot with Adhiraj. She says you are virgin and will die that way. Ambika says you are right but the one you got? Purvi where is she now? Or this new daughter in law? mohan’s wife? She has sindur but her husband left her. And you..You don’t have sindur either. thank God I never became part of your cursed family. Adhiraj says shut up. Masa says say whatever you want. Truth is that I taught your family a lesson when you brother his wife and daughter died. That Mahendra, devi and his wife manju died as well.

Ambika says don’t live in misunderstanding. Her name was devi. You know Devi’s live forever. Do you think you are God? Bharat takes her from there.Majisa comes home and says what was she saying? That devi is alive? i know that devi died too. how can she be alive? What did she mean? Adhiraj says leave it. Majisa says if she is alive I won’t let her live. I thought she died and our revenge was taken. Adhiraj says I can’t forget that moment when I saw dad dead. I was kid. I wanted to burn their family. You took over everything. i won’t forget what happened with us. If Devi is alive I will make her life hell. Majisa hugs him.

Bharat says you made a mistake. He hid from whole world that devi is alive. We sent her to Dehli. Ambika says I am sorry. i didn’t tell them she is alive I just.. Bharat says she figured it. We are stuck. I dont’ know how will I save devi from them.
They call devi but she isn’t picking up. Ambika says why don’t you go dehli? He says no they will be more suspicious. Adhiraj’s spy overhears and tells him.

A neighbour says we should have known if devi was alive. Ambika says she is not alive. Majisa comes and says don’t lie. She is alive and I will make her my daughter in law. My cursed sindur will be in her hairline. I will get her married to adhiraj. Everyone is dazed. She says your devi will live in our feet all her life. Adhiraj does the arti.

Scene 2
Devi is in city. She is fun loving. She sits in a bus and enjoys her journey. Devi is in a rickshaw. She says I am going back home. Everyone will be so happy to see me.
Bharat is on his way to find Devi.
Adhiraj is following him.The driver says someone is following us i think. Bharat sees Adhiraj. He says no no I don’t know them. The driver says I will stop the car. They will kill me too. Bharat says no please don’t do that. He says then give me 5k extra. He says okay. Adhiraj drives himself.

DEvi sees him in the car. She says stop. Bharat’s car passes and her rickshaw came in front of Adhiraj’s car. His men start beating him. She says adhiraj please stop your men. I saw my chotay kaku sa and shouted. He got confused. He says to his men we can’t waste time. Lets go.
Adhir later realizes she was devi because she used to call Bharat choay kaku sa in childhood.He Uturns his car.Devi comes to the house. Ambika sees her and is dazed. Ambika says why you came here? Bhai sa is with you? Devi say relax. What happened. Ambika says did someone see you? She says yes a lo of people did. Kaki says bharat was looking for you everywhere.

She says I was missing you all so I came here to surprise you all. I thought it will make you happy. I think I should go. Ambika says its not like that. We miss you everyday.Adhiraj comes in. Everyone is dared. Devi says who are you why are you here? He wsays are you devi? She says yes why. He drags her out. She says what are you doing. stop. They take Devi with them.
Devi says what is this? That was an accident. The thug says she doesn’t know whats right. Ambika calls bharat.Devi runs from Adhiraj’s car. She hides in a shop. Adhirak comes there and find her. She is scared./ He grasps her face. She says who are you? He says come with me. He says I am Adhiraj ajawat your husband to be. I will marry you today. SHe is dazed.

She says how dare you. He drags her. She says I am not scared of you. I will come with you where you want. I want to see your mom who has not taught you any manners. She sits in his car.Adhiraj brings her home and says ma I brought your daughter in law.

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