My Identity Update Wednesday 31 March 2021

My Identity 31 March 2021: starts with Prakash talking to his mum. He says Maa is coming. Shweta says what will I answer her, that bahu got swapped. Prakash asks her not to worry. Shweta says if I hear taunts because of Ananya, I will go, but its my house, they will go, I won’t go, help me. He says fine, but what about Neil, he will tell her truth. Shweta calls Neil and asks him to go out for work. Neil refuses to go. He asks Prakash will he get anything he asks today. Avni sees her locket. Ali gets coffee for her. Fatima comes. Avni says that day has come Maa, I m going to take your house from Dayaben, I have to go away from Neil’s life after auction. Fatima hugs her.

Prakash asks is this your last decision. Neil nods. Prakash says fine, I m with you in this decision. He goes. Everyone see the auction arrangements. Aman throws the chairs and shouts. Ketan stops Aman. Aman asks who gave you permission to come here, you don’t know my Dadi, she will not leave you. He shouts to Dayaben. He asks her to stop them, what’s happening. Dayaben asks Ketan did he arrange money. He says no. She shouts why, this house, you all, is it just my responsibility. Aman says tell this later, make them out first. Dayaben says stop it, none will go anywhere, where will I hide my head, I will live anyway, where will I go taking Amol, this is my house. People come for auction. Neela comes. Avni asks was it true whatever you said. Neela says yes, you can’t break this marriage if you want this house.

Fatima asks Avni not to worry, let’s get this house once, then I will talk to Neela. The auction starts. Dayaben asks them to get out, no auction is happening, its my house. She asks everyone to shut door and keep furniture. The man asks them to come out. Security breaks open the door. They take the family out. The bidding starts. Dayaben shouts stop auction. Neela smiles. Security takes Dayaben and family out.N Neelabids for 20 crores. The other man bids for 22 crores. Neela says 23 crores. The man bids 25 crores. The man owns the house. Everyone clap. Avni cries. The man is called to sign. Avni says this was mumma’s dream, how can this happen. The man says I m not the owner of this house, my boss bought this bungalow. Avni asks why did you take this house at high cost. He says I m just a broker, he gave me instructions on call. She asks who is your boss. Neil comes and says I bought this house, its my house. They get shocked. Neil says just my family can stay with me in this house, if you want to stay here, you have to stay as my wife. Neela smiles.

Neil says its a small gift for my wife, I hope you like this. Ali asks what’s all this, why are you doing this. Neil says don’t mind, I don’t need your advice to ask what to buy for my wife. Ali says she did not wish to marry. Neil asks why, is she a kid, or is she mad that she can’t decide, if she can wear bridal dress and sit in mandap, she did this marriage by her wish, I got cheated, her bad time starts now, you wanted this house, I want to do some paperworks if you permit. He goes and signs on papers. Avni asks Ali to leave her alone for some time. Ali goes.

Neela says you have seen, I tried my best, what can we do, I think your fate as husband’s support along with house, go. She goes. Doctor checks Dayaben and says she got a shock. Aman asks when will she get fine, we have to travel abroad, why did she get ill now. Diksha jokes. Aman says its Riya’s mistake. Ketan scolds him and says its happening because of you. Hetal asks Riya and Amol to be with Dayaben. Ketan scolds Hetal. Diksha says Hetal helped us, we should thank her, if Riya and Neil married, Dayaben and Aman would have gone, can’t we ask help from Ashish. Ketan says Ashish left us, we have to find a house. Diksha says there is one house, don’t know what will mum say hearing its name.

Neela cries and says forgive me Avni, I behaved bad. She asks Aisha to take care of Avni. Neil gives her a kerchief and says I thought either of you two can need this today, have it. Neela thanks him for doing this for Avni. He says no, for justice. She says you can say this, your eyes show something else. He says I just want to get justice for Avni, I need your help. She says I will do what I can, Avni should not know that you know she is Avni. He nods. He says I will go, Dadi is coming to meet new Avni. She says Shweta does not like Avni. He says she knows to handle herself. She says yes, its better than being behind bars. She goes.Shweta asking what’s all this, bahu changed and then house, your mum is also coming, why did we come to this unlucky house. Prakash says I thought you will be happy, we took revenge from your enemies. She asks did you do this for me. He says new bahu will make things fine between you and Bebe. She says that girl is not my bahu, why did you buy new lahenga for her. He says it was imp, Bebe will go her grahpravesh, what will neighbors say, Shweta’s bahu was in simple clothes. She says she is not my bahu. He says Neil regards her wife. Neil comes and says yes, Ananya is my wife, I don’t want you both to have argument in front of Dadi. Shweta says that girl will not become my bahu.

She goes. Prakash says Ananya will not feel alone as you are with her, I can’t say this about Shweta,she won’t accept her easily. Neil says Ananya came in mandap herself, it was her mistake, its her problem now, she will handle it. Avni recalls Neil’s words. Neil gets mangalsutra. She sees him. He asks her to get ready fast, Dadi is coming to meet new bahu and grandson. He makes her wear the mangalsutra. He says this marriage maybe joke for you, but my Bebe has much expectations, she will find bahu in you which she did not find in my mom, get ready fast. He sees her and goes. Dayaben wakes up and looks around. Aman and Riya start arguing. Dayaben sees Aisha and Avni’s pictures and recalls them. She says same house… Ali looks on from the window.

Bebe comes home. Prakash takes her inside the house. She hugs Neil and blesses him. She compliments him and says its good you did not go on your mum, where is she. Shweta gets aarti plate. Bebe taunts her. She asks Avni to meet her Dadi saas. She says I m Harleen Khanna, I m not like Shweta, I have my own swag. She asks Shweta to do bahu’s grahpravesh. Shweta says if you insult me in front of my saas, I will not leave you. Harleen asks her not to scold girl. She asks her to do aarti. She lights diya. Shweta does aarti.Bebe asks Avni to come inside the house. She says I m excited to see your face, mu dikhai will happen here itself, I wish Neil’s wife is pretty, Prakash’s wife is not such. She lifts ghunghat and sees Avni. She asks what’s your name. Avni says Ananya.

Bebe smiles and says your name is lovely, you are very pretty, you are not Shweta’s choice, you maybe Neil’s choice. Neil says no, mum chose Ananya for me. Bebe asks is it, it does not look so. She asks Ananya to kick kalash and come inside. Avni hits kalash and steps inside. She stumbles. Neil holds her.Bebe asks what happened, your first step got shaken up, now I m sure you are Shweta’s choice. She asks Neil to lift Avni and get her inside. Neil lifts Avni and takes her. Bebe says bahu’s first rasoi rasam will be there. Prakash says she looks so good, don’t worry. Shweta will guide her.

Dayaben says I can’t stay here. She faints. Aman asks Ketan to call doctor. Ali calls Avni and says they are at your old house, afterall its Ashish’s house. She says how dare they stay in my mumma’s house. I wish to throw them out. He says you leave them, think how will you leave from Neil’s house. She says don’t know. She asks him to meet outside house in one hour.Shweta throws boxes. She says Ananya was never my choice, I hate her. Prakash says how could I refuse to Neil. She says I hate you all, someone give me poison. Neil and DD come. DD jokes. Shweta says I will kill Ananya and go jail. Neil says you should be happy, you can use her and impress Biji, you could not impress her as bahu, you can do this as Saas, when Biji sees you taking care of bahu, she will be glad, think, go and make first rasoi by Ananya. Shweta and Prakash go.

DD says I did not understand one thing, are you on Avni’s side or against. Neil says I know Ananya is Avni, I want her revenge fire to blow off, so that she stays as normal girl, maybe she will forget revenge, Neela told me Avni has storm within, I want to change its direction and calm it. Avni leaves and collides with Neil. He sees her bag and asks are you running soon. She says I know you want to tie me in marriage to take revenge, but it will spoil your life, please don’t do this. He smiles and asks her to go. She says sorry for whatever happened, I hope I don’t come in your way again. She leaves. Neil says run Ananya run, you will come back on your own.

He calls…..Shweta says I don’t want to see Ananya. She hears Bebe complaining about her on call. Bebe says but Shweta did one thing right, she got a pretty bahu. Shweta goes to see Avni and does not find her. Avni meets Ali. He says we will go to my friend’s resort and do planning, Neil can’t come there. She says fine, we will first meet mum. He agrees. They go to meet Neela. Avni gets shocked seeing police and asks DD where is Neela. Neil gets Neela. Avni sees Neela handcuffed. Avni asks Neil what’s all this. Neil says I got to know everything, I have evidence of her every crime.

She asks what crime. He says she entered Dayaben’s house to take revenge of her dad’s death, she is a criminal, her place is in jail. Avni says you are mistaken, Neela can’t do this, I know her well, she is very nice, one who can give life for others can take someone’s life, please leave her. He asks her to say this in court. Neela cries and asks can’t you do this for me, please do this, I don’t want to go jail. Avni asks what do you want Neil, I m ready to do anything. Neil says go back home, this marriage was your decision, this relation is my decision, you are my wife now, you are Khanna family bahu now. Avni and Ali get shocked. Neela says please do as Neil is saying. Avni says fine, I m ready to come with you. Neil says don’t do this foolishness again. Neil leaves Neela.

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