My Identity Update 1 Thursday April 2021


My Identity 1 April 2021: starts with Shweta saying did this girl run away. Bebe asks Prakash not to let Shweta make bahu like her. Shweta hears her. Bebe asks where is your bahu. Shweta say she is in room. Neil and Avni come home. Bebe taunts Shweta. Neil says Bebe, mum was trying to hide that we had a fight. Bebe asks did fights start so soon, its Shweta’s choice. Neil says Avni was saying she will cook everything, I said what’s the need, I asked her to just cook one thing, anyways she can cook as she wants, Ananya just make sure Bebe likes the food. Bebe asks really, she can’t be Shweta’s choice. Bebe asks Avni to serve dinner till 8pm, else she will fail in her first rasoi.

Avni asks Neil what does he think of himself. He says a dashing policeman and your husband. She asks him to stop acting, you think you can never be wrong. He says I m never wrong. She says you are also like typical men who have much ego, if I leave, your respect would have got stained, so you threatened to arrest Neela, I m not your jail criminal. He says I won’t let you become that. He holds her against the wall. They have an eyelock. He says when husband and wife argue, its better to be inside room, I don’t want Bebe to know anything, its your first rasoi, don’t waste your time, you need time and hardwork to make real pulao. He takes his file and goes. She does not see file related to her.

Shweta says I don’t want to help, but have to help, else Bebe will taunt me. She asks servants to help Avni. Bebe comes and asks Shweta not to help Avni. Shweta says I came to make tea for myself. Bebe jokes on her. She asks servants to go and rest. She sends Shweta. She says I know food made by Shweta, I request you, don’t take her help, just make food, its fine however you make.Neela says Avni is married, who are we to change her fate, I feel you should accept this. Neil says no, she went to take revenge and you made her sit in mandap, I don’t want your intentions, I will always be her friend, if Avni is not happy with this marriage, I will get her out of this marriage, I can do anything. He goes. Avni cuts vegs. Neil says you were in hurry to it in mandap, you should have taken training of rasoi, you got stuck here, see the kitchen, Bebe and mom will hate you for this, you still have food, mom took Bebe to dentist. She says I don’t know this, I m hockey playing girl, not cooking Lauki. He says you are my wife and have to do this, will you have carrot, its better than your burnt food.

He clicks her pic. Neela sees her pic and smiles. Neil says Avni has much anger in her, I hope she gets her lost happiness back. Neela asks will you still say you have nothing for her in heart, I don’t regret for this mistake to unite you two. He says I want your help in getting justice for Avni and Fatima, we have to collect evidence against Dayaben. Neela says she is never clever, we have no proof, what do you mean, will we just sit this way. He says if Dayaben accepts her crime in court… She says this is not possible. He says trust me as much as you trust Dayaben, I have a plan, you have to tell me about Dayaben’s past, your and Avni’s past, what happened with Avni and Aisha, I promise Dayaben will accept her crime in one week. Neela asks him to listen.

Avni thinks why is Neela doing this with me. Prakash comes and asks is everything fine, Shweta stopped Bebe and sent me here, see this recipe book. She thanks him. Bebe calls him. He stops Bebe and says you here, I had to come to take water. He says I miss dad and old time. He hugs her. Avni gives water to Bebe. Prakash says she is Shweta’s choice. He tries to cover up for Avni. Bebe and Prakash go.Avni says how will I cook food. Neil says Avni has tolerated a lot. Neela says she needs love along with justice. Neil says I promise, being a policeman and her friend, I will get justice for her. Neela thanks her.

Neil gets Prakash’s message. He calls DD. DD says understood. Neil sees Ali. Ali says I don’t know what are you doing and why. Neil says I don’t find it imp to discuss personal things with you, just stay as friend. He feels sorry to hide this, else Avni can find his plan, just trust me, I m doing this for Avni.Avni makes rotis. DD comes and gives her food. She checks and thanks him. DD goes. Bebe waits for dinner. Neil says we will order food, Ananya can’t make food. Bebe says yes, order something good. Avni gets the food and serves them. Bebe asks Shweta to taste food. Bebe likes the food.Bebe says I liked Shweta’s choice for the first time. Neil says good job Ananya. Bebe gives the shagun to Avni. Avni says no, how can I take. Bebe says you have right on it. Neil asks her to keep it. Bebe asks them to see how Neil controlled his wife. Prakash and Shweta ask her to have food. Neil sees Avni.

Diksha says Dayaben has wasted money on Amol. Dayaben says he is a kid. Diksha says give me money too. Ketan says we have less money. Dayaben says I don’t get sleep here, this happened after Ananya came, find about her.Neil helping Avni. She says I can manage. He says don’t show attitude, I m just helping, none becomes Bahurani by getting hotel food. She says I did not get it, DD got it, he worries for me, what would I do, would I get your mom insulted. He asks why do you care for mum. She says I m not so bad as you think, I also have heart. He asks how did you get hurt. She says leave my hand. He makes her sit. He does the aid. She says no need, I will do on my own, I managed myself all my life. She goes. Neil says you are not alone, I m with you. Avni cries. Ali flashes light on her. She sees Ali and says you…. She hugs Ali.


He says everything will be fine, take these pills, feed this to Neil any way, he will faint, you come out of the house, I will wait for you here, we will leave and kidnap even Neela. She asks how will we do this. He says you will be free of this relation and house, trust me. She says this is not right. He says what’s right then, Neil is behaving such with you and Neela, I lost you once, I can’t lose you this time. He cries and asks her to do as he is saying. He says I think someone is coming, I will meet you later, take care. He goes.Shweta sees Avni and says I caught you, what did you try, cheat and lie can’t hide, I got the restaurant bill, you were showing you can cook better than me. Avni says no, I did not wish to let you down in front of Bebe, I did not cheat to get nek. Shweta says no, nek is small thing, you will get entire property, don’t stare at me. Avni says I just wanted to do good. Shweta asks with me, then do more good and leave from this house, I worked hard to impress Bebe, but you ruined everything, you can’t be my choice, I can’t tolerate you, you will not stay happy for long.

Avni looks on. Shweta goes. Avni thinks maybe Ali was right, I could not talk to Neela. She calls Neela and says with whom is Neela talking. Neil talks to Neela and says Avni made food, I could take that food to use in interrogation. Neela says poor Avni, when could she learn cooking. Neil says sorry, I wanted to ask, we could take help from Ashish, he is Avni’s father. Neela says no, Ashish once said…. Avni was his mistake. Neil asks what…. He sees Prakash and ends call. He keeps the file. Prakash says you did not turn and knew its me. Neil says you use same perfume, you always come silently. Prakash asks about Ananya. Neil says I m trying to know her.

Bebe asks Avni does she know about tomorrow. Avni asks what. Bebe says its pagphere. She asks Shweta did she not tell Avni about pagphere. Prakash says Avni is a nice girl, behave well with her. Neil says it was her decision to come here. Prakash says you know your mum and accepted her with good and bad, Avni came here leaving everything, accept her.Bebe says girl wears the clothes given by inlaws and goes home for pagphere, I will give you saree, Shweta wears western. Avni says western suits aunty. Bebe asks what did you say, aunty, it means you did not like Shweta by heart, so you are not calling her Maa. Avni says no. Bebe says call her mom or biji, but you have to call her mum, Saas is like mum, not aunty. She asks Shweta to teach Avni and goes.

Shweta asks Avni why did you not call me Maa, you don’t know value of mum. Sshe goes. Avni says I may leave from here on pagphere day. Dayaben sees Aisha’s pics and recalls Ashish. Dayaben throws the photos. Riya comes there. She asks Riya to make things fine. Riya asks how. Dayaben says you are my blood, you will find some way. Ketan come and looks on. Dayaben says I had nothing, I became queen of this city, you also make a start, go and find some job. Riya says I don’t know anyone. Dayaben says you know Ali. Riya says yes, Ali is my good friend, I will talk to him.Avni talks to Ali. She asks him to pick her before Neil picks her. He asks her to come to Fatima’s house, not Neela’s house, Neil is smart. She says what will I tell everyone. They get idea of Madhavi tai.

Ketan asks Dayaben how did her plan get small. Dayaben says your thinking got small, I want to keep an eye on Ali, its a way to reach Ananya. Ali says we won’t get better chance to make Avni run. Madhavi comes. Ali tells everything. She says what, Ananya got married. Fatima says she got married to Neil.Ali asks her to help them, Neil thinks you are her mum, reach the address, we will get Neela there, Ananya will get free of this fake marriage, once Neil gets calm, we can continue our revenge plan. Madhavi thinks they think Neil does not know Ananya is Avni, shall I tell this to Neela or Neil, what shall I do.

Bebe scolds Shweta. Avni comes. Bebe asks Avni to give her diary farm milk, with pinch of elaichi haldi and sugar, you are Neil’s choice, you can’t be Shweta’s choice, tell this to me once, then we will not leave Shweta, get friendly with me. Avni says Neil loves his mom a lot, he won’t like anyone hurting her, if you love Neil, you should understand this. Bebe smiles. Shweta says she is my choice. Bebe asks her to learn from Avni. They go. Avni says just one more day, then I will get free of all of them.

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