Sacred Relationship Update Thursday 1 April 2021


Sacred Relationship 1 April 2021: starts with everyone complimenting Kuhu. Varsha says I will do this rasam instead Rajshri. She turns and sees Rajshri. Rajshri says I will do this rasam. She blesses Kuhu. She asks Kuhu to touch the things. She sees Kuhu. Everyone gets emotional. Ananya asks Kuhu to cry, her makeup is waterproof. Kuhu calls her Mishti and gets quiet. She says sorry Didi. She gets sad. Rajshri does her aarti and hugs her. She sees Mishti’s pic. Khushiyaan bhi baaten….plays…Ketki and Atul click pics. Meenakshi sees the family happy. She says Babu ji, I m really sorry, this happiness will end soon, whatever I will do, will be for betterment of family, not for myself. She turns and sees Kunal. Kunal sees everyone and gets sad. He takes Meenakshi’s blessings. She asks him to go from

back door, the car is waiting for him.
Nidhi says Kunal would be getting ready. Parul goes to call. Mishti gives letter to Jugnu and says give it to Abir after the marriage, don’t tell him anything, for his sake. Jugnu says he wants to meet you. She goes. Palke….plays… Kunal gets sad and leaves. Meenakshi looks at the family. Jugnu thinks. He sees Abir. He says Mishti gave this letter, I can’t stop, I won’t keep the swear. He runs to Abir. Abir dances with Nanu and everyone. Parul comes to Abir and cries. She says Kunal went away. Abir and everyone get shocked. Mishti asks driver to start the car. She thinks of Abir and says I wish I could see Abir once.

Abir comes inside the house. He gets Kunal’s letter. …. I m always busy in my work, what to do, my work doesn’t judge me, it doesn’t remind me that I got rejected twice, Mishti rejected me, I shouldn’t be so negative, I should forget the past and move on, I understand this, I forget this when I see Mishti, I hate her, if I do this marriage, she will become part of my family, I don’t want to see her face, when she humiliated me, her family supported her, Kuhu isn’t wrong, but Mishti is wrong, please say sorry to Kuhu from my side, I m not going away because of her, but because of Mishti.

Driver checks the car and says the tyre is punctured, I will go and get it repaired, don’t worry, I will take you to the airport at the right time. She says I hope Meenakshi doesn’t see me. Meenakshi asks Kaushal to find Kunal. Abir cries. Nidhi says Kuhu’s family will get angry, the news would have reached them. Ketki says I know how a bride faces insult in society when she sits in mandap and doesn’t get married, what will happen now, Kunal has run away. Abir asks Atul to go with Kaushal. He asks Parul to take care of Nanu. Shaurya calls them. Ketki answers. Shaurya asks did baraat leave. Meenakshi takes the phone and says I have to tell them the truth. Abir says they know the truth, baraat will go there, Kunal will come back, this marriage will happen. She says I can’t lie. He says tell them, we are getting the baraat. She says we are just leaving with the baraat. Shaurya thanks her. Abir says I don’t know what you told about Kunal’s broken engagement, I won’t let your plan succeed. He asks Ketki not to worry, Kuhu will cry at the time of bidaai, it will be tears of happiness.

Driver says you have to get down the car, I have to change the tyre. Mishti covers her face with a scarf. She sees Kaushal and Atul leaving in the car. She says they are going somewhere else. Nanu says what has happened Parul, why did Kunal say yes if he wasn’t ready for marriage, why did he runaway, what will Vishwamber and her family go through, we faced this when Meenakshi’s husband left her, Kunal did what his dad did, he went on his dad. Parul cries and says no, he isn’t like that. He asks why is he not here. Ketki comes and says Meenakshi is calling you Maasi. Parul says even I have to talk to her, you stay with Babu ji. She goes.

Ketki stays with Nanu. Mishti says shall I ask what’s happening, if I call Abir, he will know I m here, what shall I do. Kuhu says everyone failed in stealing my smile. Ananya says ask Kunal to take you to New Zealand for honeymoon. Kuhu messages Kunal and jokes. The message doesn’t get delivered. She says Kunal always keeps his phone on. She calls him and gets his number switched off. She says there is some problem, this can’t happen. Meenakshi calls Kunal and says you have to hide from Abir. He says I m in tension. She asks him not to lose, she is with him, they will win.

Parul says Meenakshi had called me. Abir says I called you, we have less time, Maheshwaris will doubt if we don’t find Kunal, Meenakshi has decided to tell them the truth, Kuhu had run away when her family was getting her married to someone, we found her at a building roof, she was standing on the railing, if we didn’t reach on time, she would have…. Parul says no, this can’t happen. He says she loves Kunal, she can do anything for him. Parul asks what if she knows Kunal has run away. He says I don’t know, mum kept courage when dad has run away, Kuhu isn’t strong. Parul says Kunal isn’t like your dad, don’t know why people say this.

Abir says people will say anything, if Kuhu gets harmed, people will blame us, I don’t know what happened, Meenakshi knows everything, if Kunal was confused, he would have spoken to her. She says but Kunal loves Kuhu. He says but he loves Meenakshi more, I was thinking if mum told you, you would have told me about it, sorry. She cries. Guards talk that marriage won’t happen, Kunal has run away. Mishti looks oh. Jugnu asks them to do their duty, don’t let anyone come in, Kunal is getting ready. Mishti says thank God, everything is fine here. Abir says I know Meenakshi is your friend, you both hide secrets, but no friendship isn’t valuable than someone’s life. Kuhu’s mandap will be decorated, she would be waiting for baraat, she will break down, if we break her heart, this family will get big curse, you won’t let this happen, right. Parul recalls Kunal’s words. She says I don’t know anything. He says you know and don’t want to tell me.

ladies asking Rajshri when will baraat come. Rajshri says Kunal is taking much time to get ready. Jasmeet says I feel something is wrong. Rajshri says Shaurya spoke to Meenakshi. Varsha says they got much late. Jasmeet says I can’t trust Meenakshi. Varsha asks her not to say this, Mishti didn’t meet us and left. Kuhu says Kunal’s phone is disconnected, I m scared. Parul comes to Meenakshi. Meenakshi says don’t worry, nothing will happen. Parul wipes her tears and says something will happen today. Meenakshi asks what do you want to say.Parul says Mishti did what all you said, she insulted her family and left the house, why are you not keeping your promise, why did you make Kunal run away, how can you cheat that family, don’t do this, Kunal needs Kuhu, she will get happiness in his life, I beg you, don’t break this alliance. Kuhu says Kunal’s phone isn’t reachable. Varsha says Meenakshi isn’t reachable too. Jasmeet says Abir is also not answering the call. Rajshri says we can call Mishti, she can find some way. Varsha says yes. Kuhu says I know you will answer.


Nanu asks Atul to find Kunal and get him. Ketki gets Kuhu’s call. Nanu asks Ketki to talk to Kuhu. Kuhu asks aren’t you ready. Nanu compliments Kuhu. Kuhu smiles. Nanu says Abir, we have to make Kunal bath with milk. Kuhu says Dadu was asking when will you leave. Ketki says I m ready, boys take much time, I will sit on Kunal’s horse and come. Kuhu laughs. Rajshri says thank God. She hugs Kuhu.Nanu says good job Ketki, don’t worry, Abir will not let this happen with Kuhu. Parul says I know you know about Kunal, where he is, call him. Meenakshi asks did you become the family’s enemy, Mishti and her family rejected the family, the brothers fought because of Mishti, you had seen it, you are still asking me. Parul says Mishti left, she did what you said, if you had to break this alliance, why did you take it to mandap.

Meenakshi says I will insult Maheshwaris and break their ego, they insulted my son Kunal, they have to pay a price, I don’t want to talk now. She turns to go and sees Abir. Abir thanks Parul for making him reach truth. Meenakshi says I know what will you say, listen to me. Abir says you said it already, if Kunal doesn’t come in 15mins, I will tell the world what you are going to do. Meenakshi asks are you threatening your mum. He says I can’t threaten a mum, so I m making a promise. He takes her blessings and says you know when I make a promise, I fulfill it. He leaves.Mishti is outside Rajvansh house. Aye dil hai mushkil…plays… Abir thinks of Mishti and leaves from the house. Meenakshi cries. Abir doesn’t take the car keys. Shaurya tries calling them. Kuhu worries. Mishti sits in the car and leaves. She sees Abir walking on the road. She gets down the car and shouts to him. He stops. A truck comes in between. She leaves.

Parul cries. Meenakshi comes and hugs her. She says 25 years ago, you came to my door to ask for my help, do you remember. Parul says yes, I remember. Meenakshi says I have come to take your help, I m not able to handle Abir, help me. Parul says I will do what you say, but on one condition. Meenakshi asks what. Parul says get Kunal back. Meenakshi says don’t forget that when you came to take my help, I didn’t keep any condition. Parul says I didn’t you reason for you to keep condition, I got this family, love, two children, but today one of them is going on wrong path, I won’t let this happen. Meenakshi asks what. Parul says Kunal is going to do a sin, leaving a girl in mandap is a sin, if Kunal does this, then he won’t stay happy forever, I m asking his happiness, get him back, Kunal’s dad left you, if Kunal leaves Kuhu, what’s difference between Kunal and his dad, you know I m saying the truth, you aren’t accepting this, Mishti is also gone.

Meenakshi says its not about Mishti. Parul asks are you against Kuhu, that she isn’t Varsha’s daughter. Meenakshi says I came to talk about Abir. Parul says I m talking about Kunal. Meenakshi says there is nothing to talk. Parul says Abir gave you 15 mins, you have 10 mins left, go and get Kunal. Meenakshi asks what if I don’t get him, then. Parul says then remember, Devki didn’t claim rights on Kanha knowing Yashoda is giving him good upbringing, if Yashoda takes him on wrong path then Devki will have to claim her rights, if Kuhu is illegitimate, then Kunal is also illegitimate. Meenakshi says don’t dare to call him an illegitimate. Parul says no, I will tell the truth, Kunal is my son, he is also an illegitimate like Kuhu. Meenakshi says he isn’t an illegitimate. Parul says I gave him to you so that he gets dad’s name, love and good upbringing. Meenakshi says I gave him everything, and much love more than I love Abir.

Parul says yes, you couldn’t give him true love, you should have not made him a pawn for your hatred, I have become Devki, you couldn’t become Yashoda, go and get Kunal back, else this Devki will tell her Kanha who is his mum. Meenakshi gets shocked.Abir asks how can Kunal do this and take this big step. He says what will I tell Mishti. He thinks I won’t let Mishti get blamed, the wrong will get punished. Meenakshi asks how dare you argue with me. Parul says I learnt it from you only, when its comes about family, mum forgets fear. She lights a diya. She says I m giving you time, get Kunal back before diya gets blown off. Meenakshi gets Abir’s call. Abir asks her to get Kunal back, I m standing outside Maheshwari house, I will tell them the truth, then.. I don’t think I can stay at home, I will leave. Meenakshi ends call and says Abir will leave me, if Parul says Kunal is illegitimate, then….

Mishti says I have seen Abir and its enough. She says I hope Meenakshi fulfills her deal. She calls…. Abir asks Kaushal did you find something. Kaushal says no, they have no idea about Kunal. Abir says Maheshwaris will know it soon. He gets Kuhu’s call. Kaushal asks how long will we lie, tell them the truth. Abir sees Meenakshi coming there. Abir says there is still time. He asks Atul to play the radio. He answers the call. Kuhu asks how much time will Kunal take. Abir says I can’t hear you. She asks what’s happening in baraat, how is Kunal looking. Abir says he is wearing sehra, he is looking good. Kuhu asks why are you so emotional. Abir says its my dad’s mistake. Ananya says come soon. Abir says this baraat will take some time. He asks Kaushal and Atul to help him. Kaushal asks him to say.

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