My Identity Update Tuesday 30 March 2021

My Identity 30 March 2021: starts with Dayaben asking what’s happening. Everyone gets shocked seeing Avni. She asks Riya what was Avni doing in mandap. Riya cries. Riya says mum stopped me from coming here. Shweta asks what shall I understand now, they all did this drama, the family is just acting, how shall I trust Riya, did Hetal stop Riya. She asks Prakash not to say anything, Dayaben was ill that day, so I could not decide things, will you trust her today. Neil asks Avni what did she do. Shweta says Ananya stayed here by Dayaben’s wish. Dayaben says yes, to reform Amol. Shweta says to reform Amol, it means she is a social worker, does Amol have any problem, or is he mad. She asks Dayaben not to shout.

She scolds Dayaben. She says Dayaben has blackmailed me and made me agree for this marriage, she had your
and Ananya’s pictures, she said she will show all pictures to the world. Neil gets shocked. Neil asks what. Shweta says if you did not do that with Ananya then… Neil says wait, there is nothing between me and Ananya, its all a lie. Neil asks Avni what is she doing in mandap. Neela stops Neil. She asks him to ask Riya once, why did Riya run away from home before marriage. Shweta asks what. Neela says this is the truth, Riya was running away, maybe she has forced Ananya to sit in mandap, she did not wish to marry. Shweta asks Dayaben is this true. Riya says but Neela aunty… Shweta says shut up, just answer what’s asked, did you try to run away. Riya bows down. Shweta says dreams should break both sides. She takes the cheque back and tears it. Avni and Neela get glad. Shweta puts the cheque in the havan. Dayaben gets shocked. She holds Avni angrily and says you did all this. She says you were first seeing Amol and now Neil, what did my family do, remember one thing, I will find out. Prakash says enough, leave Ananya’s hand, leave my bahu’s hand. They get shocked. Shweta asks what are you saying. Prakash says I m saying right. Neil says this is a cheat, not marriage.

Prakash says it would be cheat if Riya unwillingly married you, you have filled sindoor in Ananya’s maang and took rounds with her, she is our bahu now.
Prakash covers Ananya with the chunri and blesses her. Avni cries. Neil says I have to talk to Ananya in private. He holds her hand and takes her outside. Neil asks Avni to remove the car decorations/Neil and Riya’s name board. She says I can’t, please. He asks why, when you can sit in mandap, what’s the big deal. He ruins decorations. He says marriage is not a game, you wanted to marry me. She says you and Riya don’t love each other. He asks will you cheat and marry me. She says think if Riya ran away, your respect would have got ruined. He says you are sounding silly, you are saying you were saving my respect, look in my eyes and say did you do this for me. She says yes. He says lie, you are a liar, you are lying. She says you can’t understand what I m, you won’t have to bear my burden, I promise. He says you can’t be trusted, so I did not trust you, you have cheated me.

Shweta asks Prakash to come. Neil goes to Neela and says you did this so that I don’t arrest Avni. She says I knew you will not arrest her, I did this for you, you care for her, you love her, you are not ready to accept today, when you realize love in future, think of me. He says I don’t feel anything, you think you tied her to my neck, let me tell you, this marriage is fake, I bought that pandit. She says we both love Avni, we both bought the pandit, this marriage happened by all rituals, you can ask pandit. He gets shocked. She recalls giving money to pandit and asking him to do marriage with all rituals. She says you also cheated, if changing pandit is justified, then changing bride is also justified, you did not love Riya, Avni is now your responsibility, I will pray Lord gives you strength to fulfill your responsibility.
Dayaben beats up Hetal angrily. Diksha stops her. Dayaben beats Diksha as well. Amol looks on. Ketan signs Amol. Amol takes Hetal and goes. Dayaben says there is no one mine here, just Amol is mine, I can sacrifice anyone for his happiness. Ketan smiles.

Fatima asks Neela did she tie Riya in room and force Avni to sit in mandap. Neela sees Ali. She says I did what I felt right, Dayaben would have run with Aman, this was only way to stop her. Fatima scolds her. She says it was my mistake to give you Avni’s mum’s place, you are not deserving, you fell so low and put Avni at stake, you are not her mum. Neela gets shocked. She asks what are you saying. Fatima says yes, you would have not done this if you gave birth to Avni, why did you sacrifice her, why did you not stop Dayaben by other way.
Neela says enough, where were you all these years, I raised her like a flower, you are saying I can’t be her mum. Fatima says you crushed that flower under feet, why did you get her married, will she be happy. Neela says I m her mum, I know where is her happiness, Dayaben could not take Aman. Fatima says you are a liar and fraud, you cheated Avni, who are you to decide for her life. Neela says I m her mum and cries. She says I have right to decide for her life, its not yours. Avni cries and recalls Neela’s words. She recalls her marriage. She asks Aman to come back, I have put my respect at stake for you, I m tired.

Prakash asking Neil to come and get bahu. Shweta and Neil do not move. Prakash goes to Avni and asks her to come home. Avni says no, I can’t come home. Prakash says where will you go then. Avni says you are very nice to support me after all this, I have insulted you all, I don’t deserve all this. He hugs her and says always remember one thing, Lord is writing our life’s story, he knows very well what’s right and what’s wrong, you have helped Neil, else he would have married one who does not love him, come home, we will talk there, please come. Neil hits the punching bag and recalls his marriage. Prakash gets Avni home. Neil sees her at the door. Prakash asks Avni to come in. Prakash says she will stay here, she is your wife and this house’s bahu. He asks Avni not to worry for anything, he will talk to Shweta. He apologizes as they could not do her grahpravesh. He says you are part of this family now, welcome. Avni takes his blessings. Prakash says Neil please…… He leaves.

Neela cries at Aisha’s grave. She says I did this for Avni’s happiness, there can’t be anyone better for Avni than Neil, don’t you see love in Neil’s eyes, why does he worry for Avni, because he loves Avni, Avni will get love which we did not get, I will always try that Avni keeps this marriage well, I will need your help, will you help me?
Avni removes the mangalsutra and gives to Neil. She says sorry for whatever happened, I have put you in trouble, trust me, I will break this marriage, I m a guest for few days here. Neil says why shall I trust you. She says I m sure that this love is not in my fate. She goes. He looks at mangalsutra. Avni goes to meet Neela. She hugs Neela. She says it happened as we wanted, Aman is ours, I will go away from Neil’s life, I will break this marriage. Neela says if you have to make Dayaben out, we have to do its auction, I will buy the house, there is a condition, you will not break marriage, its not a joke, I will not let you make this marriage a joke, you have to keep this relation. Avni says I did not wish to marry. Neela says your both mums wanted such relation, you have to respect this relation for Aisha’s sake, till when will you be burden on me, I m fed up of you and this revenge, free me now, go to Neil, now you are his responsibility. Avni asks why are you… Neela asks her to leave. She shuts the door and cries. Avni asks why are you making me away. She cries.

Avni comes to Chamko cafe and cries. Ali sees her and gets annoyed. He gives her water. She apologizes. He says when friend hides things, one should understand his value, Neela said we are nothing to you, Avni can decide everything, forget you had a friend Ali. She cries and holds his hand. She says forgive me please and hugs him. Khamoshiyan…….plays…. She says I wanted to kill Dayaben, I picked the gun too, game would have got over in one bullet, but Neela stopped me, she did not wish me to go jail. He says even I don’t want you to do wrong. She says I have hurt you and cheated Neil, I want to go away from Neil’s life, but Neela kept a condition that I have to keep this marriage with Neil, else she won’t help me in Dayaben’s house auction. He gets shocked.

Neela comes to meet Neil. She says she had gun in her gun, she is burning in revenge fire, she was ready to become a murderer, if she did this, what would be difference in her and Dayaben, I just had this way to save her from this crime, I m her mum, so I did what I felt right, I made her sit in mandap, she does not believe in marriage, she did not wish to marry. Neil says I agree its not her mistake, what’s my mistake. She says its mistake of your system, which did not punish Dayaben, who forced Avni to become criminal, she was not such, please stop her from becoming a criminal, I have seen love in your eyes for her, your love can blow off the fire of hatred in her heart. She gives him mangalsutra and says this decision is in your hands.

Ali says once we get the house, I will take you away from here, can’t you take Amol. Avni says Amol does not know he has a sister, Dayaben spoilt him, I can wait for him to change. He asks her not to change, he is there for her. She thanks him and hugs. Ali asks her to wait, there is a surprise. He says you are missing Aisha, I m making poha like her. He just acts to cook. She asks what are you doing. He says I m adding tomato. He asks does anyone add tomato in poha. He says I m chef. She says fine, I will also help you. Khamoshiyan…..plays…. They cook together. He sees her crying and asks what happened. She says I was cutting onions. He smiles. She asks him to see poha burnt. He gives her poha. She says its like mum used to make. She pulls his cheek and thanks him. Ali asks her to wait.
Neil recalls Neela’s words. He thinks of Avni. Avni falls asleep. Ali smiles seeing Avni. Yeh dooriyan……plays……Ali gets a shawl and covers up Avni.

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