My Identity Update Wednesday 10 March 2021

My Identity 10 March 2021: starts with Neela saying why did Avni not come till now. She calls her and could not connect. She gets a gun from cupboard. Avni comes home. Neela asks where were you, you did not call or message, I was so worried, I was waiting. Avni cries and says we were waiting for him to come, but he did not come, I thought he will come to marry my mummy, but he did not. Neela asks what happened at Dayaben’s house, did she say anything or that Neil. Avni says Neil came with his family, he held Riya’s name going against his mum, he got engaged, what did my Papa do, he left mumma and did not think of me and mumma for Dayaben, today Dayaben is getting a son in law like Neil, the woman who could not teach her sons to respect women, she is getting such grand son in law for whom women’s respect matters most, what is this justice.

She goes. Neela says who is this Neil, Avni  hated men, I have seen her respecting him.Prakash says you did not do right. Neil says I did what I thought right. Prakash says you did not listen to Shweta and held Riya’s hand. Neil says it was about fulfilling promise, you also went against family and married mum. Prakash says situation was different, my best friend died, Shweta was alive, I had to hold her hand else it would be big mistake. Shweta says it was my mistake, my family was not with me that time and even now I m alone. She cries. Neil says I m sorry, please forgive me. Shweta says you did what you wanted, you have grown up now, you left my hand and held Riya’s hand today, I will not change my decision, I will not accept her.

Its morning, Neil jogs in park. He sees Avni and hides. He says madam comes here every day for jogging, where is DD. DD sells icecream. Neil calls him and says just talk of work, look at that girl. DD says we are just seeing her since some days. Neil says follow her and get all info, keep an eye on her. DD says fine. He sees Avni gone. Neela comes and buys icecream. DD says Neil won’t leave me. Avni asks Neela about icecream after jogging. Neela says you should have sweets before good work, you heard Dayaben, find out where is Aman. Avni says I m ready. Riya says see this Ananya, its my fav. solitaire just like I wanted. She asks Dayaben why is her birthday dull and sad. Dayaben says we are in tension, let marriage happen, else there will be nothing. Riya says end stress by buying things, is this dupatta good for Shweta. Dayaben says will this change Shweta’s mind. Riya says engagement happened. Avni says I will explain, its imp that Neil’s family accepts you.

Shweta says Hetal, Neil and I won’t accept Riya. Hetal asks her to think once. Ali serves food. Shweta says I heard you much, my answer is no. She eats food. Ali says Shweta is correcting Neil’s wrong decisions, what happened to Neil. He collides with DD. DD asks for Neil. Ali says no, he did not come, his mum is here. Shweta asks DD to come to her and not hide. Ali says meet me later. Avni says marriage is between two families, not just guy and girl, if Shweta does not accept you, it will affect your and Neil’s relation. Riya says I know Neil, he will convince Shweta. Dayaben says its not easy, we have to think. She thinks to keep Neil on her side, so that he just sees Riya and her love. She says Ananya, you have do one work for me and Riya, will you do. Hetal says please just once Shweta. Shweta says no, just take the shagun back. Hetal says it will defame Riya. Shweta says this marriage won’t happen, my answer is no. She goes. DD gives shagun to Hetal. Hetal goes. DD says I m not liking the relation breaking. Ali says person has to regret all life if he does not marry right partner.

Dayaben says we will keep a good party on Riya’s birthday. Riya thanks her. Dayaben says Neil and his family will come. Avni asks how. Dayaben says you will talk to him, you and Neil prepare for party, ask him to convince Shweta to come. Riya says please don’t say no. Avni says but Dadi… She sees Aman’s pic and thinks for my brother, I will do. She says I will talk to Neil. Riya thanks her. Dayaben says I can just expect help from you. Avni smiles.
DD says you want to know about Ananya. Ali says yes why. DD says everyone is asking about Ananya, even Neil asked me to get her info. Ali asks why. DD says I can’t tell it, its top secret. Ali asks him to say. Neil comes and asks what confidential info are you sharing. DD says no, Ali was asking about Ananya. Neil asks Ali why do you want to know. Ali says I was thinking how can Riya’s friend be calm. Neil asks are you mad. Ali says she fights with you, she does not talk to me. Avni calls Neil.

He says I m surprised, how did you call. She says Dadi wants us to plan Riya’s birthday. He says fine, cafe in 20mins. She asks can’t we meet somewhere else. He says Chamko cafe. She agrees. He ends call and says my real plan is to know your all plans. Avni comes to Chamko cafe. She sees the pond and thinks will I get my Aman soon, Chamko try to answer like you always used to do. Neil comes and says so we meet again, what’s the plan. She says Dayaben wants you and me to plan Riya’s surprise party. He says we shall sit and talk. He says so you can do anything for Dadi. She says yes, masquerade party will be nice theme, Riya will like it. Neil says mask hides people’s real face, secrets and cheats. She worries and takes mask from him. She says everyone wears mask, some hide truth and some hide lie, it depends on you, what you have hidden. He says I don’t wear mask, I remove mask from liar and cheaters’ face. She says really, good for you, one who hides something are scared, tell me if you have better idea. He says we will meet soon again. She leaves. He says from where she comes and goes, what she wants, what’s her motives, I don’t understand but I will find out.

Neela calling Avni. Avni says I was going to call you, Neil has just seen Ananya. A biker goes and she gets tensed. She says I stumbled. Neela asks her to look around and cross road. Avni asks how did you know. Neela asks her to reach home. Avni turns back and says Neil’s fear should stop, why will he follow me here. Ali follows her. He misses to find her and thinks where did she go. He comes in front of Neela’s car. Neela says I m so sorry, did you get hurt. Ali gets shocked seeing her. Neela thinks how did Ali reach near our house. Ali hugs her and smiles. She asks how do you know me. He says I know everyone related to Avni, I m Ali. She says you got tall and slim.
He asks where is Avni, I have to meet her. She says Avni is not alive. He gets shocked

He says no, my Avni is alive. She says Dayaben has shot her at heart. He says no, my Avni would have got saved. He asks Neela does she stay here, come I have to meet her. She says Avni is not here.
Dayaben asks Hetal why did you not stop Shweta. Hetal says I tried hard. Dayaben asks what happened to you all. Hetal says just you can get Riya’s happiness back, do something. Dayaben says I know what to do, this work will get completed, Ananya will do this work. She thinks I trust Ananya, she makes things fine. Ali sees Neela’s flat number. Neela asks him to understand, Avni is not alive. Ali says I came here after her, she is alive. He runs upstairs. Neela stops him. He asks her to open the door, I will not go back. Neela says Avni is not here. Someone opens the door.

Riya asks Neil what are you doing. Neil says I m having water. She asks what are you doing tomorrow. Neil says I m busy. She says tell me something new, I saw a great pendant in mall. He asks her to go with Ananya and buy it, its a birthday gift from me to you. She says how unromantic, I have to do this now. He says I m busy now and ends call. DD says I have a good idea to gift Riya. Neil says I know, Riya wants a pendant, I have to ask Ananya.
Ali asks maid where is Avni. Maid asks who, just Neela stays here. Neela asks Ali to go now. Ali enters the house and calls out Avni. Neela stops him and asks him to meet Avni, she is waiting inside. He asks really. She shows him Avni.

DD says Ananya will help you, then she will tell Riya that Ananya chose this, Riya will get angry. Neil says you have no mind. He thinks of some idea. Ali sees Avni’s pics. He sees the garland on her pic and gets sad. He recalls Avni and his childhood.
Neela says its just Avni’s memories, if you want to take this, I won’t stop you. Avni hides and looks on. Ali cries and says no, this is a lie, please tell me. Neela says this is truth, Avni is dead. Ali says no. Neela says Dayaben killed her. Ali says Avni is my best friend. Neela says good people leave us, she left us. Ali holds her pendant. Ali and Avni cry. Avni apologizes to him in heart.

Neil and DD look for some pendants online. DD asks him to give a good chain, pendant should have your and Riya’s pic, close to her heart. Neil recalls the thief’s and Avni’s pendants. He checks the pendant piece. He says it means case 123 and Ananya have some connection. DD asks what.
Avni cries thinking of Ali. Neela comes to her. Avni says I…. Neela pushes her in pool and laughs. Avni asks what’s this.

Neela asks can just children trouble parents, we can also play pranks, finally I did this, parents become kiddish. Avni says you spoke like Mother india, come. Avni plays in water. DD stares at Neil. Neil says I did not have proof, I was not in senses, but its just this thing I believe, Ananya’s locket cover, we will go in Riya’s birthday party, Ananya’s true face will come out.

Its morning, Neil talks to DD and asks him to keep him informed. He says how long will Ananya play alone, it will be fun when someone gives tough competition, I m ready. He looks at Dayaben’s home. Ananya comes to Dayaben and hears her scolding something. Dayaben says I can’t meet you, if you drag Amol in this, I will not leave you. Avni says what happened to Aman, is he in problem. Neil comes and says hearing other’s conversation is bad thing. Avni says Dayaben was worried, so I did not disturb. He looks at her neck to see pendant. She asks doubt on even this matter. He asks why, give me one reason for not doubting, are you responsible for all this. She says you know whether your mum is responsible or me. He asks her not to drag Shweta in this. She asks him not to drag her. She goes to Dayaben. Neil thinks you are always here on any occasion, I will find out who are you.

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