My Identity Update Tuesday 9 March 2021


My Identity 9 March 2021: starts with Neil signing Avni the door is shut. They stand there. Shweta looks for Neil. Ali says don’t know what will Riya make me do thinking I m Neil. He asks her to stand well and takes her. She asks him to sing and dance. He takes her to room. She says after marriage, we will stay here , see my bedroom is so big, my fav pillow is so fluffy, you know my bathroom is much big, there is bathtub too. Ali asks are you mad. She says Neil, I will become mad when I stay in your small room, I don’t like bathroom without bathtub.

He says fine, we will make bathtub in terrace. He falls over her. She says I will get tan. He says whom is Neil marrying. He asks her to sleep now, leave me. She says first promise me, we wills tay here after marriage. He says fine, we will stay here. He hears Shweta and says how did she come here.Riya says Neil is here aunty. Ali shuts her mouth. Riya says your mum is calling you, I will tell her you will stay here after marriage. Shweta says this is Riya talking and enters the room. She gets shocked. Avni asks do you really know setting hair plaits. Neil says I learnt everything in love, sit here, I will make plaits, you don’t know wiping hair, what do you know then, making tea. She says I know having tea. He asks do you know making tea and coffee. She says no. He says good, you know to make some things well, like troubling with me, fighting, blabbering. She asks are you praising me or saying bad. He says I find goodness in every bad thing, every girl hides something, you have a lot hidden, I m taking time to find. He ties the plaits.

She says you are saying as if you did research on girls. He says someone told me, what’s that man who does not know the pain hidden in a girl’s heart. She says such men are just in books and stories, not reality. He says turn around, such man is sitting in front of you, look at me. She gets up and says enough, done. He says its said its important to end the work which started. She says you said right. He moves the hair behind her ears and signs her its fine now.Shweta sees Riya dancing on bed. She asks where is Neil. Riya says I will change Tillu’s name to T. Shweta says you are drunk. Ali hides and looks on. Riya asks why were you annoyed. Shweta asks where is Tillu. Riya signs. Shweta says he can’t be under bed. Ali says this girl will make me gone. Shweta says this family is bad. Riya says you should give privacy to me and Neil, you are standing in room, go. Shweta says I m going, never to come back. Riya says Tillu will stay here after marriage, he likes all things here. Shweta says what rubbish, he is my Tillu, I had doubt this family wants to kidnap my Tillu. Riya says sorry, I will stay in his small room. Shweta says its good to dream, see in dream that I m taking him. Riya asks why are you interfering in our life, I m his would be wife, see Tillu is going. Ali goes out of room.

Riya falls on bed. Shweta says this family is mad, I will save him from this mental family. She calls out Tillu.Avni asks Neil do you love Riya. Neil looks on. Dayaben says leave me. Neil and Avni hear her. Diksha falls down. Dayaben sits in room. She gets a call. She gets tensed. Diksha says listen to me please. Dayaben gets angry.Avni says tell me, do you love Riya. He does not say. Dayaben says this time there is no hope to have relation fixed, if engagement does not happen, everything will be ruined. Diksha says you know to make things fine. Dayaben says I m worried for life, my life is at stake. Diksha says why, tell me.

Dayaben says just go, how shall I get much money, I m in debt. She worries. Neil and Avni stumble. He says we have to leave from here, my marriage will break, what about you. She asks him to think. He sees the ventilation window and shows her.Dayaben says what did you do Diksha. Diksha says all answers are in bathroom, come. Neil lifts Avni and holds his back. Dayaben says leave me. Diksha takes her. Neil asks Avni to hold. Avni says push me up. Neil leaves Avni and says I can’t lift you, I can’t push you. Diksha opens door. Neil and Avni jump down the window. Dayaben asks who’s here. Neil and Avni roll away. He gets over her. They have an eyelock. They pendants get stuck. He frees it. Her chain falls. He asks what’s this. He recalls the pendant and says I have seen it somewhere. She says give my chain back. He says no, I have seen it. She says you may have seen such chains. He says I m saying about pendant, not chain, let me see it. She says no. He turns to see the pics. Ali comes and holds Neil.


Avni asking Neil to get way and return pendant. Neil says let me see, so that my doubt gets cleared, I m sure I have seen it somewhere. He turns to see the other side. She gets tensed. Ali holds Neil. Avni takes the pendant. Diksha says where did they go, they were here. Dayaben throws water on her face. She asks her to take bath till she comes to senses. She says I apologized to Shweta. Dayaben goes. Neil and Avni argue. Ali manages them. He asks them to be quiet and sit. He says this balance spoiled because of Bhaang. He gets chillies for them and asks them to have it, balance will come back in a min. Avni holds his hand and says stop, I want sweets. Ali thinks of Avni and smiles. Neil sees Ali smiling and seeing Avni. He asks why…. Ali says first spicy and then sweets,ready. Neil says wait, I m ready to win. Avni says and I never lose. Neil says even I can’t lose.

Avni and Neil eat chillies. Ali gets water for them and asks are you guys okay. Avni and Neil start arguing. Ali says time out. Avni says Neil’s mind is out, he added bhaang for sure. Neil says listen, I did not do this, you did this. Avni asks what do you mean. He says shut up.Shweta and Prakash come. Shweta says I was finding you, come, I will tell you what happened. Prakash says we will go home and talk. Ali thinks to leave before anyone knows. Shweta says we are insulted here, come. Ali goes. Shweta says i decided this engagement won’t happen. Dayaben and everyone get shocked.

Neil asks her to say what happened. Dayaben says give me a chance. Shweta says its enough, I m not illiterate that you always insult me. Dayaben apologizes. Avni looks on. Shweta asks why are you apologizing, for stealing bangles, for giving wrong info to press, or for calling my son characterless, Diksha called him cheap character. Riya asks what, did Diksha say this. Shweta says yes. Riya gets sad. Neil sees Riya and stops Dayaben for folding hands. He says we will sit and talk. Shweta says see he is still respecting you, this is called good upbringing, everyone do planning, Riya was planning to make him Ghar jamai. Riya says I don’t know what she is saying.

Shweta says you mean I m lying, Riya was saying she won’t stay in small house and will keep Neil here. Shweta asks Neil to come. Avni says wait, think of Dayaben requesting. Shweta says this family is ruined.Neil asks them to stop. He walks by Avni to Riya. He asks do you want to do this engagement. Riya smiles and says yes. Neil makes her wear the ring. Avni gets shocked. Dayaben smiles. Prakash and Shweta get disappointed. Shweta cries and says you did what you wanted, what is left now. Neil says you taught me to keep promise, we gave word to Riya’s family, how can we change, it will be cheat if we leave. Avni recalls Ashish.

Shweta says they insulted you, you are taking their side, you are not see your parents’ respect, this girl did not step in our house and broke our relation, can’t you see. Neil says what are you saying, its not Riya’s mistake, did she steal bangles, did she give wrong statement to media, did she insult you, why to punish her. Avni recalls Ashish and cries. Neil asks Prakash to explain Shweta. Prakash says no, I agree with Shweta, Dayaben we did not get such insulted, Shweta is right. Dayaben says Diksha is wrong, but not Riya.

Neil says dad you say no family is perfect, all members are different and together, if Riya’s family member did mistake, we will not leave Riya, I m not coward to leave Riya after promising her. Avni thinks how Ashish left Aisha and married Neela. She thinks Neil is fighting with family for Riya, while Ashish left me and Aisha in all problems, he was a coward. Neil asks does Riya has no self respect, does she not have any opinion. Avni thinks my mum died for such respect. Dayaben says I may have done some good deeds that I got a son in law like you. She blesses Neil. Neil says I know we have many misunderstandings, it does not mean we break this relation, we should join it, we are one family. Shweta says let it be, Riya’s magic is saying all this, not you. Shweta leaves with Prakash. Neil says I know my mom Riya, don’t take tension, I will manage. Riya hugs and thanks him. He asks Dayaben not to worry, everything will get fine.

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