The Cost Of Love Update Thursday 11 March 2021

The Cost Of Love 11 March 2021: starts with Purva asking Pankti to make a video call. Ahaan says I want to know who’s that devil, we will find some cyber cafe. Uday says we will go home first. A man informs JD about Ahaan. Ahaan asks Pankti is she fine. The truck comes his way. The man says we just have to scare him, not kill him. Pankti asks Ahaan to look back. Uday comes and pushes Ahaan. The CD falls down. Uday gets hurt. Ahaan gets shocked seeing him. He runs to Uday. Uday says CD.
Ahaan sees someone picking the CD and running away. Ahaan shouts stop, who are you. The man flees on the bike. JD recalls Sheetal’s words. He gets an idea.

He laughs. He breaks a glass frame. He says people have hope from Lord, everyone has expectations from me, I have a right to play with their lives. The man comes and says I ended the CCTV footage recording, but the truck driver control moved off, and Ahaan…. JD asks did you kill Ahaan. The man says no, Ahaan’s friend Uday got hurt. JD takes a glass piece from the floor. The man gets worried. JD asks him to forward his hand. The man forwards hand. JD asks him to hold the piece and press it. He hurts the man. JD says if this reaches police. The man says everyone can know it then. JD says planning is done by hiding, if anything goes out of control, remember this pain. The man’s hand bleeds. JD says I didn’t understand one thing, how did Uday know this, Pankti and Purva can’t go out of their house, I took their mobiles as well. He thinks of Pankti.

Pankti asks Ahaan how is Uday. Ahaan says he is fine. She asks and that CD. Ahaan asks how did you know this, I m getting hurt, tell me that man’s name, that man did this attack right, please tell me. She says no, I can’t say, he is dangerous. He says you saved my life, you have right on it, I trust your love, trust me, tell me who is he, we got that CD by difficulty. Uday says I m injured, don’t you care for me. Pankti says please don’t say this.
Ahaan asks her to tell name. She gets silent. He gets annoyed and ends the call. Uday jokes. Ahaan says why is she saving that devil. Pankti says I m trying to save Ahaan, he believes JD. Purva says he should know truth. Pankti says no, some illusions shouldn’t break, else person breaks, I will not tell him. Purva says Ahaan’s love is very complicated. Uday says its difficult to understand your love, Pankti shouted seeing the truck. Ahaan asks whom did you tell about the CD, how did that man know. Uday says I just told you and JD, I called you when you were hurt, he answered the call.

Ahaan says tell someone’s name whom we can doubt. Uday tells about Pankti’s birthday, he has seen the date in the hospital file. Ahaan says I will surely meet her. Pankti says love is a strange thing, none can explain its meaning. Purva says love is heartbeat, love is Lord. Pankti says love means Ahaan. JD comes and says love means JD, did you not like my definition, so you are passing messages via the ipad, I thought if Anita took your mobile, how are the messages reaching Ahaan, I thought does you have a strong connection with him. He asks her if the connection is really strong, I will also love.

He reads her words, that love means sacrifice, love knows to give, not take. He says it means I have to give you something, I will give you Ahaan’s life, but you have to give me something in return, farewell party, not for me, but for Ahaan, you have to bid him bye forever now. JD calls Manav and says there is a concert in Dubai, I m introducing a new artist there, oops, I mean re-introducing. Manav asks who. JD says a talented guy, I felt he can go on wrong path if he doesn’t get a direction, his name is Ahaan. Manav gets glad. JD says Ahaan has to leave tomorrow. Manav thanks him. JD says what’s there to thank, someone taught me, love means giving, so I showed my love. Pankti cries. JD says now its your turn, how will you bid him bye, by this ipad or heart’s call, I gave my sacrifice, I made Ahaan’s future bright, he will be happy, now its your turn to sacrifice. Aparna asks what, JD is launching Ahaan. Manav says yes, Ahaan will be glad knowing this, you doubt on JD just like that. He goes.

Aparna says I have a doubt even now, how did he get big hearted, what’s the reason. JD says you can’t be selfish, how can you snatch this chance, think, its you and stardom on either sides, what do you want for Ahaan.JD asking Pankti to choose between Ahaan’s happiness and her love. He says its your birthday tomorrow, you look tensed, so I thought to give you a surprise, I m planning for your birthday, you are going to grow a year older, have some maturity, we will give a party, I made Anita busy in arrangements. He asks will your guest be Ahaan, how can this happen, he is going tomorrow, I have given him a big gift. She cries.

The family is happy for Ahaan. Sheetal says Ahaan will get famous. Ahaan and Uday come home. Ahaan says I won’t go. Aparna sees their wounds and asks what happened. Ahaan says we are fine, it was a small accident. They ask why don’t you want to go. JD comes and asks him to say why is he refusing. They all see JD. JD asks do you have a better offer or
any responsibility. Manav says don’t be mad Ahaan, you wanted this chance, you struggled a lot, JD is giving you a chance, why won’t you go. Ahaan says sorry, I can’t go. Manav asks why.

JD says love, Ahaan is in love, he is mad after some girl, he doesn’t care for the world, career…Manav says no girl will love you if you don’t have a career, you had a breakup right. JD says everything got fine now. Manav says Ahaan you are making me helpless. JD says no, look at him, he has got hurt because of that girl, pain is necessary for an artist, but not to that level that life falls in risk, he has put his life in risk for that girl. Ahaan asks JD how did he know this, if he didn’t tell him. JD says when person loves someone, he keeps news about that person. Manav asks Ahaan to tell them is this true. JD says I will handle this, Ahaan should go from here, this is better and safe for him, Manav loves you a lot, more than us, he has other ways to show love, Manav used to keep an eye on you when you performed in pubs, I was hurt that I couldn’t do anything for you, when Sheetal used to tell me about your career, I used to say you are talented and your career is not going ahead because of your anger, I m glad I did my duty today, but you didn’t think for any of us. He says I lost Manav, you explain him now. He goes.

Manav says you are going Dubai, so pack your bags. He goes. Sheetal says I will be happy if you go.Purva messages Ahaan to congratulate. Pankti asks what did you do. Purva says he should know you are happy. Pankti says what if he asks how do I know. Ahaan calls her and says thanks, how did you know about concert. Purva signs her to tell Richa’s name. Pankti says Richa. Ahaan says Richa doesn’t know this, Bade Papa would have told Richa.Pankti says this is a big chance, don’t let it go waste, work hard, I m happy for you. He says I know, I will be glad when I throw that devil out of your life. She says just think of fulfilling your dream, atleast for your parents. He says maybe I m not going, my music is broken. She asks what. He says I mean my guitar, I thought when you are not in my life, I broke my guitar, how can I make a song without lyrics, I will see if I can do something.

Pankti says Ahaan doesn’t have his guitar.
Aparna asks Ahaan did he do packing. He says no, Pankti needs me. She says I need my son, what’s the matter, tell me, that attack happened because of Pankti. Ahaan says no, I can’t say. Aparna makes him swear on her. He says Pankti is not a normal girl, a very bad man is after her, he made her life hell, how shall I tell you, sorry I can’t tell anything more, I m trying to find him, but I m not able to, I feel he knows me, he spoils anything I do, don’t know how to find him. Aparna says you are not able to find him as he is ahead of you. She shuts the door. Ahaan recalls JD’s words.
Purva teases Pankti about Ahaan. She asks him to stop Ahaan, he doesn’t want to go away. Pankti says but his family wants this. Purva says he has come back for me. Ahaan asks don’t you want me and Pankti…

Aparna starts packing Ahaan’s bag. She says I know you can’t do anything wrong, I like Pankti more, get ready now. She explains him that he is hunting openly, if the prey doesn’t know his plans, prey will not protect itself, since Pankti is not telling that man’s name, he has to hide and find that man. Ahaan likes the idea and hugs her. He says I love you. He asks the time. Anita asks JD to sleep on time. JD asks her for Pankti. He wants Pankti to be ready for the surprise.

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