My Identity Update Tuesday 27 April 2021


My Identity 27 April 2021: starts with Amol saying handi is fixed and bomb too, Avni’s fate will break with this handi, good bye Neil, Avni will become widow. He dumps the locality model in bin. Neela asks whom are you looking for. Avni says I was seeing decorations. Neela holds her shawl. Avni says yes. She thinks of kids tying Neil and her in shawl. The kids ask Avni which handi she likes. Amol says removing fixed handi is abshagun. Avni says its nothing like that. Neil says I will tell you, Avni’s decisions are mostly wrong. Neela asks Avni to convince him. Avni says do as Neil says, he is smart. Neil says stop making fun of me. He goes. Neela says you will get zero marks if you have to convince anything. Avni asks what did I say him. Neela says we will keep a tuition teacher for you. Avni says yes, this will be right, but where will we find teacher. Neela says mad girl, I wish to break my head.

Everyone dances on Galyaan Sankali Sonya Chi Hi Pori Kona Chi …..Neela and DD make Neil and Avni dance. Neil comes to her. He dances and pours water on her. Avni looks at him and pours water over his head. She dries her hair. Neil holds the shawl and gets inside it. He asks her to agree now, ego is not good, I m drying my hair here, people will think what’s happening inside. Neela and DD smile. Amol looks on. The man says Neil Sir, dahi handi is ready. Neil ties her shawl/dupatta to his head and smiles. He signs Neela and goes.
Amol comes to Avni and smiles. Neil climbs the human pyramid. Avni says Neil, I m annoyed with you, I did not forgive you. Neil says fine, stay annoyed, I m also annoyed forever. Neela says go and convince him, he can get annoyed forever, then you will regret a lot. Avni goes to see Neil. Neil falls down and climbs again.

Neela puts some banana peels in bin and gets the locality model. Neela turns and sees the locality board. Neela sees the human pyramid model and Neil’s pic. She sees the wire and light in the dahi handi. She thinks and gets shocked saying bomb. Avni shouts I m sorry. Amol looks on. Neela comes and shouts Avni. Avni asks what happened. Neela says bomb….. Avni goes to her. Neela says stop Neil, that handi has a bomb. Avni gets shocked and runs to Neil. Neela and Avni shout. Neil reaches the top of the pyramid. Avni asks him to come down. He waves to her. Avni pushes the people. Amol presses the button and says 10 seconds and game over. Neil gets the coconut to break hand. Amol starts down counting. The bomb explodes. Neil falls down along with others. Everyone run around. Avni, DD and Neela look for Neil. DD says I m finding him. Avni shouts to Neela and Amol. Aman says once I get Neil’s body, I will call Dadi. He sees Neil lying with others. He drags Neil. Avni looks for Neil. A garland falls on her. She turns and sees her dupatta getting dragged. She thinks of Neil tying it to his head. She shouts Neil. Amol takes Neil, while Avni fails to see him because of smoke.

Amol taking a metal rod to hit Neil. Avni comes there and shouts Neil. Amol keeps the rod and starts drama. Gurumaa asks Dayaben to have belief, mum does not upset devotees, his state will be like you want, have patience. She plays news. They smile seeing bomb blast news. Everyone in Neil’s house get shocked. Shweta drops aarti plate. Gurumaa says I told you Devimaa doesn’t upset devotees. Bebe asks Prakash to call Neil. They all leave from home. Amol asks Neil is he fine, is his breath running. DD runs to get ambulance. Avni says he is bleeding. She apologizes to Neil and shouts for ambulance. Neela says pulse is running, but slow. Amol says ambulance will come in 20mins. Avni says we don’t have that much time.

Avni gets peacock feather from Neil’s pocket and prays to Lord for his safety. She says please save my Neil’s life, do something, show me some way. She sees a moving cart and says we have to take Neil to hospital. Amol says I will remove this metal piece. Avni says no, more bleeding will happen. Amol thinks what will I say Dadi if he survives. Dayaben asks Amol to give her good news. Amol says Neil is alive, Avni is with her, I promise I will not leave him, I was going to kill him but…. Neela comes to him. Amol cries and says I won’t let anything happen to Neil, what will happen to Avni. He says I called hospital for Neil. Neela says nothing will happen to him, come. They push the cart. Amol says we will get some time if we clean his wound. Neela says I will see DD and goes. Avni asks Amol to remove the stones. Amol removes the metal piece from Neil’s body. More bleeding starts. Amol comes and says I don’t know, I went to get cotton.


She asks Neil to open eyes. Neela comes. Avni says so much blood is flowing out. Neela asks her to keep courage. Avni ties her dupatta to his stomach. Shweta, Prakash and Bebe come there and get shocked seeing Neil. Shweta cries and scolds Avni. Bebe asks Prakash to call ambulance. Shweta says you have ruined your parents and now Neil. Bebe says Shweta, its not the time to talk all this.Ambulance comes. They take Neil. Avni cries and recalls Shweta’s words. Avni says I m unlucky, Dayaben was right, everyone got hurt because of me, your marriage broke, Aisha left me, Ashish also died, maybe Lord also thinks I m a sin, a curse, you also get away. Neela slaps her. She says you are not unlucky, Neil is taking breath because of you, Dayaben has killed Ashish, not you, Dayaben will win if you think you are unlucky, you are not a sin, you are fruit of my Tapasya. She hugs Avni and says you are not any curse, you are a blessing, you have to prove this by saving Neil’s life, you have to prove your love is legitimate, Neil always did his duties, go and save his life.

Neil is taken in OT. Doctor comes and says we are trying our best, we can’t say anything before we examine him. DD says it was a dangerous blast, Avni has made Neil away from the pot. Shweta calls Avni shameless. Avni asks doctor how is Neil. Doctor says his liver is injured, we have to do his surgery, he is critical. Shweta says don’t dare to go close to him, I don’t want your impure shadow to fall on him. Neela, Ali and Amol look on. Shweta asks Avni to come. Avni doesn’t move.

She says you can call me illegitimate, but my marriage is legitimate, I have his name’s mangalsutra, his blood in my maang, its my right to stay with Neil, none can snatch my right. Neela says Savitri fought with yamraj and saved Satyavaan. Shweta says you have taught her how to hurt inlaws. Neela says I also had a dream to get love in inlaws, you know the longing to get love in inlaws, when I held her hand, she was 12 year old girl, who was roaming with bullet wound in her chest, she needed support, today she has become her husband’s support and trying to save his life. Shweta says my son is fighting with his life and death, its because of Avni. Neela says no, culprit is one who play with innocent lives in such auspicious pure festival. Nurse comes and asks who has tied this dupatta on patient’s injury. DD says Avni has tied it. Bebe looks on. Amol says Neil is still under observation. Dayaben says it means he did not die, we have lost, remember one thing, I won’t lose. Amol says I will also not lose, trust me. Dayaben says I wanted to hear this, now I will not attack like a shadow, I will do this work myself.



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