Sacred Relationship Update Tuesday 27 April 2021


Sacred Relationship 27 April 2021: starts with Mishti asking about Mehul. Pandit says he has defamed Rajgarh. She says his blame wasn’t proved. He asks why did he run away if he wasn’t at fault. She asks where did he live. Mehul meets someone. He says we have to stop her, who was she. Mishti asks about the address and goes to the house. Meenakshi says I will be with dad, I can become his friend, he needs a friend. She asks Jugnu to take the fruits to dad. She asks Abir to give her the address from where he used to get medicines for Nanu. Abir says none’s life will be affected if I m not here. She says you are going forever now. He says I have no options, you are still taunting me. She says you believe everyone, except me. He says when I feel you are telling me the truth, I will believe you, no need to make lists, I will always fulfill my responsibilities. He goes. She cries.

Mishti sees Mehul’s nameboard. She finds the door locked. Mehul comes there. He sees the hand marks on the door. He says someone had come here, who can it be except Meenakshi. Mishti enters the house through some window. Mehul says how did these marks appear. Jasmeet invites Nidhi and asks her to get Kunal along, they will break Karwachauth together.
Kuhu thinks Kunal won’t come. She fakes a call to Kunal. She says Jasmeet and Nidhi are going to have a good competition on Karwachauth this time, it will be fun. Her phone rings. Jasmeet and Varsha ask her whom was she talking to. Kuhu says factory has low network, maybe call got disconnected, I was talking to Kunal. Jasmeet says I will not let Nidhi win. Kuhu takes Nidhi’s side. Jasmeet gets upset and goes. Kuhu thinks I don’t know what to say when Kunal doesn’t come at night. Mishti says there is everything, but nothing to get information, I didn’t get any answers, I just have my questions, what to do, I will get something if uncle used to stay here. She sees a trunk. Mehul shows Meenakshi’s pic and asks was she finding me.

The man says I heard her voice, I didn’t see her. Mehul says Rajgarh is a small village, just go and find that woman. Mishti’s phone rings. Mehul thinks there is someone at home. Mishti gets Abir’s call. Abir says you didn’t message me. She says sorry. He asks when can we meet, where are you. She says I m with my friend, we are buying curtains. He says you are buying curtains for the new house, fine, take care. He ends call and says she is making the surprise ready for me, I couldn’t even buy a saree for her. Mishti says I fought with Abir that he had hid something from me, now I m lying to him, I should know the truth before telling him. She hears sound and hides. Mehul looks on. She thinks who can come here. Kuhu gets Varsha’s call. She says Kunal wants to gift me an outfit, so I have come to the boutique. Varsha says you said he is at factory. Kuhu says that was his joke, this is his surprise.


Varsha says don’t make him spend much. Abir comes and says lying worries the person, dark circles won’t suit you. Kuhu says you have come to shop for Mishti. She shows some suggestions for Mishti. He asks her to talk to family. Kuhu says no, I wanted some break, Jasmeet kept Karwachauth thing, I know Kunal won’t come home, but what drama will happen at home. Abir says you want Kunal to come for family’s sake, is there any reason. She says I don’t care. He asks her to drink water. She refuses. She says don’t tell Mishti, I m not strong like her, I just loved a guy in my life, I m a loser. He says no, you are the strongest, we won’t judge you. She says thanks, I like to dress up, I feel confident. He says I will help you, find an awesome dress, that’s a gift from my side, I will find something for Mishti. Abir messages Mishti about the surprise. He writes the hint. Mehul looks around. Mishti hides and checks Abir’s message.

She thinks Abir is waiting for me, how shall I go out of here. She thinks who can it be. She sees Mehul and thinks why did he come here, what if he sees me, what will I tell him and Abir. He hears sound and goes out. Mishti runs out. Her bangle falls there. Mehul says there was someone, who can it be. He gets the bangle. He says its Meenakshi’s Baa’s bangle…. Kunal finishes his meeting. He sees Kuhu with a guy. He says Kuhu was pretending to keep Karwachauth fast, she is eating fried food here. The guy asks how did your husband torture you. Kuhu says my husband won’t be coming at night, by making me keep the fast. The guy says I will come home and make a featured story to expose him, this story is the best for women rights. She likes the idea. Kunal hears this and goes. Kuhu asks did he hear us. The guy says yes. Abir says image is imp for Kunal, he will come. Kuhu thanks him. Abir thinks where is Mishti. Mehul calls someone and says come to the temple, she is here. Mishti hides inside the temple.



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