My Identity Update Sunday 21 March 2021


My Identity 21 March 2021: starts with Avni asking what will people say, its a criminal’s family. Dayaben and everyone leave. Aman says stay happy for one more day, you won’t be happy for long, I promise. Avni says why so much anger and ego, calm down, learn to let go, stay positive, you will be happy, the people around you will be happy. Aman says I will get happiness when I answer you well, my Dadi has much money to live life happily, so keep your lecture with you. He goes. Avni says one day, you will understand your Dadi has no money.Fatima asks why did you come being worried that day. Neela says Ali lied to me. Fatima says he thinks Avni is alive, forgive him, Neela say truth, is Avni alive.

Neela says no, Avni is not alive, the one who loved her mum and dad, who used to stay happy, she died, Dayaben killed her. Fatima cries and says tell me where did you bury her, I don’t know even that. Neela says calm down. Fatima says I will leave. Fatima gets to see Avni and her mum’s pic. Maid comes and says sorry, I got late. Fatima sees the maid’s pic with Avni and gets thinking.Riya says the plan flopped. Dayaben comes and says Shweta and her family is coming. Aman says I don’t like the arrangements. Dayaben says I will decide about Ananya. Hetal says what will they say seeing Ananya here. Dayaben says I will say Ananya threatened us about trapping Amol. They all go. Dayaben worries and thinks I forgot to pay bank instalments, I have to save house from getting mortgaged, maybe I have to use Chanakya’s plan this time.

Diksha asks Dayaben why is she scaring her, she does not know about jewelry. Dayaben says stop playing small games, find out who is Ananya. She hurts Diksha. Neil, Ali and DD have a drink. Ali asks how did you come today. Neil says I was busy in some case, I came to meet you today. Ali asks did you find anything, you are still marrying Riya, are you serious. Neil says its not Riya’s mistake, why are you interested in kidnapping case, as Ananya’s mom is involved, I can see you are interested in Ananya. Ali says I don’t have any interest in her. Neil asks are you sure. Ali asks shall I write on stamp paper, I don’t feel there is such connection between me and Ananya. Neil thinks how to make Ananya say truth, Ali’s option is also gone. DD says we shall leave. Neil and DD leave.

Dayaben asks the bank man why did he come without informing. Avni hides and looks on. He says I came for routine check. Dayaben takes her. Diksha sees Avni following and stops her. Diksha says I m expert in your game. Avni says I know, you morphed my and Neil’s pics and proved it. Diksha goes. Aman looks for tv remote. Riya asks what do you have to see. Aman says I wanted to see your birthday party CD. Riya says great, I will call everyone. Avni thinks mum came in party and worries. He says you don’t want anyone to know about your mum, what will you do of this DVD.

Neil asks the guy to scan Ananya’s profile and get all info. DD says superb idea, but Ananya took the case back. Neil says I know, but this is unofficial, there is some mystery about her, she has just put three pics, the girl who loves her mum a lot, she has no pic with her, isn’t that weird, can you find out where this profile was accessed the most. The guy says its strange profile, there is no location check ins. Neil says she met Riya before engagement, there is no friend connected. The guy says she has booked London tickets for two people. Neil says my accident happened by Amol’s car on that day. He thinks Ananya is clever, why did she want to save Amol, I will solve this mystery.

Everyone smile seeing the party video. Aman thinks now Ananya’s mum will be seen, it will be fun. The video gets bad quality. Another video plays. They see Dayaben talking to bank man. She says none should know jewelry is mortgaged to bank, I will do something. He says fine, I can’t let you keep this for long, make its duplicate jewelry. Avni recalls recording the video. Dayaben gets tensed. Everyone gets shocked and see Dayaben.Dayaben asks what is this nonsense. Riya says jewelry is mortgaged to bank, it means I can’t wear this in marriage. Aman asks was it a lie that you have much money and power, that you can do anything, don’t we have money.

Dayaben asks can I leave you alone, I promised I will free you from jail, see you are here. He shouts lie, you would have not let me get arrested, you would have not taken help from Ananya, don’t touch me. Avni smiles. He goes. Riya says Aman is not telling anything wrong, you have hidden such a big thing from us, you did not think about me, if I wear fake jewelry, you know how will Shweta react. Hetal asks how will we do marriage with jewelry. Dayaben gets angry and asks her to go and ask her father, you all got against me in a moment, you all got luxuries, because you are related to me, answer me who did video recording. She sees Avni.

Dayaben asking who did recording. Diksha takes Avni’s phone and asks for password. Avni says I did not do anything, return my phone. Riya asks who did it then, tell me, we kept jewelry box in your room so that we can kick you out of here, but jewelry was found in Diksha’s car, wow, Ananya you played game, you did the recording. Ananya says I came here to reform Amol, Riya you call me your friend, did you not get shame to do all this, Diksha give my phone back. Dayaben says you said right Ananya, you give me your phone, so that they don’t say anything. Avni says none insulted me till now, its fine, everyone’s phone will be checked then. Riya agrees and gives her phone. Dayaben says we will start with Ananya’s phone. Avni worries.


The guy says the photo is morphed.
Neil says it means Ananya’s mom is not the one in pic. DD says we could not see Ananya’s mom at kidnapping site, she made her go away. Neil says Amol knows her, but he is not saying anything. DD says case is complicated. Neil gets info about her college. Neil asks is there any school record. The guy tells him about some school mentioned in her profile.Neil asks him to check, this info is for last 10 years, any previous info. The guy says no. Dayaben checks phone and says there is no video in it. They all get shocked. Avni takes Riya’s phone and gives to Dayaben. Dayaben checks and says there is no video in it, Riya is foolish. Avni gives Diksha’s phone. Dayaben sees the video and stares at Diksha. Diksha gets shocked and says I did not do this. Dayaben slaps her and scolds.

Neil says we have no answers about Ananya’s past, all answers are in this connection,what’s Amol and Ananya’s connection, we have to find out who Ananya’s mum looks. Avni recalls Diksha’s crimes. She thinks Diksha tried to blame me, this punishment is very less for her crimes, this is just a start, I have to make Aman realize, how a family made an innocent child an animal, I will make everything fine, I have to meet Neil first. Neil says I have to meet Ananya, but we have no excuse. DD says your marriage is the excuse. Neil says right, mom wants to decide marriage date, things got complicated, we have no way. DD asks is it imp to involve Ali. Neil says there is no other way.

Ali works out. Fatima gets juice for him. She recalls the photo and says I know Ananya is Avni. Ali says that’s why I feel so, I will prove this. She asks how will we prove this. Ali says idea, Neil’s marriage….Shweta checks some decorations things and tells Prakash that she called pandit also. He asks did you ask Neil. She says its all fixed, Ali is coming he will help us, then we will go for Neil’s shopping. He says its tough to understand you, you got ready for Riya suddenly. She recalls Dayaben’s words.

Neil gets a message and smiles. DD asks what happened. Neil says its Ananya’s message, she wants to meet me. He reads.. I know you feel I cheated you, please let me explain. DD says then we don’t need to involve Ali. Neil replies. Fatima says we don’t know she is Avni or not, remember you love Avni, not Ananya. Ali says Ananya is Avni, my heart says this. He smiles. He says I have to go and meet Shweta, bye. He leaves.
Neil and Avni meet at cafe. Neil says you wanted to meet me, you are not saying anything. She says I did not cheat me, trust me. He asks why did you not give statement, are they threatening you, trust me, I guarantee nothing will happen to you. She says no, I want to change Amol. He asks do you realize Amol would have shot you. She says he did not shoot, he can’t shoot, he is not a criminal. He says I don’t believe this, you are defending that man who kidnapped your mum, what do you want. She looks at him.

He gets a call and goes. Shweta waits for Ali. Avni leaves. Ali meets Shweta and says sorry, I got late. Shweta says I came here to take you. They leave. Neil comes back and thinks where did this girl go. He looks for Avni. She comes back and sits. He sees her and says I thought you have run away again. She says I went to washroom. He says okay, why did you want to meet me. She says you saved my mom’s life, thanks, trust me, I did not cheat you. He says fine, till when will we fight, don’t feel guilty, I trust you. She smiles. Bolna mahi bolna….plays…. They shake hands. Ali talks to Neil and congratulates for marriage date fixing. He says I m going for shopping with Shweta. Neil says thanks, we will meet. He ends call and tells Avni about his marriage date fixing. She congratulates him. She hopes Neil will understand why is she doing all this.

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