Eternal Love Update Sunday 21 March 2021


Eternal Love 21 March 2021: starts with Sonakshi asking Tulsi about Rohit. Tulsi says his state is really bad. Sonakshi asks why isn’t he getting fine when all the patients are recovering. Tulsi says he just have 6-8 hours left now. Some time back, Nishi and Yash give the interview to the media. Nishi says we have given the drug patent to the govt. So that they can save people, they gave us an order to make the drug. Reporter asks where is Sonakshi, she has risked her life and made this possible. Nishi says she is taking rest, Sippy hospital have thought of this idea and made the antidote, Yash will handle your technical questions. A lady comes to Sonakshi and thanks her, calling her Devi to save many people. Sonakshi says just pray that no one falls prey to this illness. Simmi says Rohit’s state is getting bad, why isn’t the antidote working. Doctor says antidote was given, maybe virus got spread in his entire body. Nishi speaks to the minister about a new contract. Suman asks Sonakshi to come and meet Rohit. Veena stops them.

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She asks why are you going to meet him, stay away. Sonakshi says please let me see him once. Veena asks so much concern suddenly, you didn’t wish to care for him, why. Suman says Veena Sippy, you forgot that Sona has saved him, if she wants to save him, then let her. Nishi stops her. She says anything can happen to your daughter here, better leave, here is the discharge papers. Suman says they have no heart to understand your goodness. Sonakshi says let me meet Rohit once. She shouts Rohit. Rohit hears her and reacts. Nishi says shut up… security, if they are seen here from tomorrow, then you won’t be seen. Suman says it won’t be needed. Suman takes Sonakshi. Sumit comes and asks what happened. Suman says Sonakshi wanted to meet Rohit, but Veena and Nishi stopped her. Sumit says I will give you all updates about his health, I m here, go home and take rest. Suman says maybe Rohit made himself away from you because of his selfish family, come home.

Veena and Nishi come to see Rohit. Veena asks what happened, didn’t you given him antidote, why is his state getting worse, do something. Doctor says Rohit’s body isn’t showing any effect of that antidote. Nishi says let doctors do their work, please come. She says Suman’s curse has hit him. Sumit looks on. Suman rings the bell and calls out Pari. She takes Sonakshi inside. She looks for Pari. She says maybe she went for a walk, you go and take rest. Rohan gets Pari home. Tanya gets angry and asks why did you get Pari here. She pushes Pari. Rohan holds Pari. She says stop it Tanya, Pari is ready to give her baby, but she has a condition, we will take care of her until her delivery. Tanya asks what are you saying, she won’t do this, she will separate us, she is smart. Rohan says please listen to me, trust her and see, you want our baby right.

Pari says this is your baby, Tanya, feel him. Tanya says baby kicked. Rohan also feels the baby kick. Yash asks Veena not to worry. Veena says call the doctor, pay any amount, don’t call Rastogis, do something Nishi. Nishi says I have called the senior doctor, I also love him a lot. She smiles.Sonakshi sees Rohit’s pic and says I have been foolish to think he hates me, he is so ill, even then he was finding me. She recalls Veena’s words and cries. Sumit calls her and asks how are you. She asks how is Rohit. He says he will get fine by tomorrow, take care, you know how much he loves you, pray for him. Suman comes and says Pari isn’t answering, I will go and see. Rohit says Sona… Sonakshi feels it and calls Tulsi. She asks how is Rohit. Tulsi says he isn’t fine, other patients are getting fine, don’t know why antidote isn’t working on Rohit. Sonakshi asks what, how can this happen. Tulsi says don’t know, senior doctor is coming, he hardly has 6-8 hours. Sonakshi says be with him, I m coming.

She says Veena and Nishi won’t let me go to Rohit, something is wrong, Nishi tried to kill Naren and now Rohit, now my acting will work, Parvati will teach a lesson to Nishi now. She takes a nurse’s disguise and comes to the hospital.She says I have come Rohit, I will make you fine. Nishi collides with her. Sonakshi puts on the mask. Nishi asks who are you. Sonakshi says sorry, I m best nurse from Kerala wellness centre, my name is Sarvapalli Venkatrama Shivpriya Parvati. Nishi says whatever, we didn’t call any nurse. Sonakshi slaps her.

Doctor saying Nishi wanted to give the antidote to Rohit. Sonakshi says she would have not given it to him. Doctor says in that case, he would lose his life. Some time back, Sonakshi slaps Nishi and says I didn’t slap you, but a fat mosquito sucking your blood, you know so many diseases are spreading. Nishi raises hand. Tulsi and Simmi come and ask did you come, you can go. Nishi asks who is she. Tulsi says she has joined us, she has special training in this field. Simmi says we got her by following your instructions.Nishi says next time, nothing will happen without asking me. Sonakshi winks. Simmi says something is wrong, everyone is getting fine, except Sir. Tulsi says we have to make him fine, there is less time. Sonakshi says I won’t let anything happen to him, where is Sumit. Tulsi says he left some time back.


Sonakshi says I have to tell Suman and him. Suman and Sumit come home. Suman says I m worried for Pari. Sumit says I will file missing report, you take care of Sonakshi, I will go to hospital. Suman thanks her. Suman gets Pari’s call. Pari says I m fine. Suman says I m finding you madly. Pari says I have reached the right place, Rohan’s place. Suman says they ousted Sona, why did you go there. Pari says its about my baby’s right, I will do anything, I want to get legitimate name for him, I m an adult and can take my decisions, I just called to inform. Suman says I don’t want you to be there, come back. Pari says its not Sona’s Sasural now, its my house now, don’t come here, don’t tell if anyone insults you. Suman says Sippys are merciless, come here. Pari says I m not innocent like Sona.

Suman asks by what right are you staying there. Pari says I don’t need to tell you. She disconnects and says I won’t tell my plan, Tanya has to leave. Suman looks for Sonakshi. She gets a note, call me. Sonakshi cries seeing Rohit. Tumko dekh ke…..plays… She holds him. She feeds him water. He sees her. He asks who are you. She says nurse, I had come from Kerala for your treatment. She holds his hand to check BP. He says Sona….. She looks at him and asks who Sona, I m a nurse. He says you aren’t such a good actress, I understood its you by your touch, just go, Tulsi ask her to go, leave me alone. Sonakshi says stop it, I know your truth, I know you love me a lot, stop making me away, fine, you can call anyone, I won’t go leaving you. He doesn’t listen and pulls the drip. She asks him to open his eyes. She asks Tulsi to see him. Tulsi says he doesn’t have much time. Sonakshi asks what, does Rohit’s family know. Tulsi says Nishi assured that she is taking care, so family went to freshen up. Sonakshi says we can’t sit like this, where is the doctor who handled his case. Tulsi says maybe Dr.

Mathur is with Nishi, he can say why is the antidote not working. Sonakshi says we have to find him, come fast.Veena says sorry Naren, Rohit is fighting with a deadly virus, nothing will happen to him. Naren cries. Veena asks everyone to go and change. She says thank God, Nishi is with Rohit, else don’t know what would have happened. Naren gets angry. Veena says Nishi is taking care of Rohit, she is managing everything, you should be proud of her. She asks Naren to take care. She goes. Vimmi asks Veena to go to Rohit, she will make the dinner. Veena says add minimal salt in soup. Pari comes there.

Veena asks what are you doing here. Pari says I m brought here. Veena says its my house, leave. Pari says leave my hand, ask your son, he got me here.Veena says you think I m foolish, please leave. Tanya stops Veena. Tanya says Pari is pregnant with Rohan’s child, I want her to stay here. Veena says you don’t know Pari, you are doing a big mistake. Tanya says Pari won’t go anywhere, if Pari goes, then I will also go, I have to take care of Rohan’s baby, this baby is ours, I know I can never conceive, Pari is my last hope, please let her stay here. She asks Pari to take care of herself. Pari thinks I have to give a shock to Veena. She screams and says I m having much pain, I feel dizzy. Tanya holds Pari. Rohan comes and lifts Pari to take her to room. Veena says you are making a big mistake. Tanya says I m doing it for that baby, please let him stay here.

Dr. Mathur is tied up. Sonakshi says if you don’t tell the truth, then we will infect you with supervirus. Tulsi shows the infection. Sonakshi says we will make sure you don’t get the antidote. He asks did you get mad, I didn’t know my team members can do criminal activities, I m confused, Nishi wanted to inject antidote to him, I don’t know why is it not affecting him. Sonakshi says I m sure she didn’t give the antidote to him. He says in that case, he can lose his life. Nishi thinks Rohit will be dying now, he wanted to expose me and got exposed to the virus, the news will come, Dr. Rohit Sippy is no more, Sonakshi won’t be able to do anything. Sonakshi asks where is the antidote. Doctor says Nishi has it in the deep freezer, she has the keys. Tulsi says its tough to get the key.

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