My Identity Update Friday 2 April 2021

My Identity 2 April 2021: starts with Avni coming to room and seeing decorations. She asks what’s all this. Neil says its our suhaagraat today, so I thought to do something special. She says I m not interested in this. He says this night does not come always, I worked hard and lit candles, electricity board is not working fine. He goes close. She says please stop all this, I have to go to mum’s house for pagphere. He asks why do you want to do pagphere rasam if you don’t believe in this marriage. She says Bebe told me. He says I think you are planning something. She says mum is at Fatima’s house. He says call her at Neela’s house. She says no.

He says plan something better, behave well with me, maybe I help you in leaving from here, I m going to study room, do something that I can’t flop. Avni recalls
Ali and Bebe’s words and adds the pills in the milk. She takes the milk for Neil. She says Bebe has sent this, have it, else its fine. He hides her file. He says no, I don’t want to have it now. She thinks this is the right chance, if Neil does not drink this milk, I can’t run away. She gives the glass again. He goes. She thinks why is he behaving such, I have to faint him. Neil avoids and hides the file. Tujhse kiya hai…..plays…. She insists. She takes the file from his hand. He worries seeing the file and drinks the milk. He takes file back. He gets dizzy. He holds her close. They dance.
Neil feeds the milk to her as well. Avni gets dizzy. She falls on the bed. Neil sees her. Its morning, Avni wakes up. She recalls dancing with Neil and says what happened yesterday night. Neil comes and greets her.

He says I felt you will sleep till late, I was cursing myself after marrying you, I realized I was wrong, I did not imagine you would have such a romantic side, great. Avni cries and asks why did you do this, you had no shame to take advantage of me. He says you took my advantage, you came to me. She says you should have stopped me. He asks what. She says you know it, don’t act smart. He asks what’s wrong. She says I was drunk. He asks how. She says the milk I gave you has sleeping pills. He says you forgot I m a policeman, I know how to make culprit speak truth, I m a real man, I know how to respect a woman, nothing happened between us, you do your homework before planning anything, I don’t like milk, Bebe knows this and will never send milk for me, I have thrown the milk after drinking it, so I did not get affected. Her tear falls on his hand. He says we have to go to Neela’s house, your mum would be waiting, go and get ready. Avni meets Ali. She says Neil flopped our plan, he is keeping an eye on me, he changed pagphere location, he will not let me go out of here. Bebe sees Avni and Ali.

Avni cries and hugs Ali. Bebe says who is this guy with Ananya. She calls Shweta and asks do you know what your bahu is doing. Shweta asks what did Ananya do now. Bebe asks her to come. Ali consoles Avni. Bebe asks what’s happening, who is he. Avni says Bebe…. Neil comes and says Ali you have come, I was going to call you, are you ready to take Ananya for pagphere. Bebe says so you came to take her for pagphere rasam, you are her brother, you should have told me before. Neil says no, Ali is my and Ananya’s special friend, like her family, right Ananya. She nods. Neil asks Ali to go home, they will just leave in some time. Bebe says I want to meet her mum. Neil says I also want to meet, but not right now, go and rest. They go.
Dayaben and Ketan are at hospital. She says I don’t find this new doctor good. Ketan asks her not to worry. Doctor says I have checked her records, since when does he have acidity. Ketan says anxiety.

Doctor says sorry, I was confused, give her medicines on time. They leave. Doctor calls Neil and says your work is done, I changed all her medicines and give calcium and vitamins tablets, she did not doubt. Neil thanks him. He sees Avni getting ready and jokes on her anger. He asks if you break my furniture, you have to pay for loss, shall I give bill to Neela or Madhavi. She asks shall we leave. He applies her black dot and asks will you come this way, if anyone’s bad sight catches the pretty bride. He asks why are you running. Bebe and Shweta come there. Bebe says atleast shut the door. Neil says I married, I did not do any theft. Bebe says fine, have this, its sindoor, fill in bahu’s maang. Neil and Avni get shocked. Neil sees them and takes sindoor to fill Avni’s maang.

Bebe asking Neil to fill Avni’s maang. She taunts Shweta. She says once I go, Avni and Bebe can stay any way, till I m here, be careful of traditions and customs. Neil says fine. He goes to fill sindoor in Avni’s maang. Bebe says Shweta did not apply sindoor. Neil signs Avni. Avni applies sindoor herself. Bebe says now you look our bahu. Bebe applies her black dot. Shweta and Bebe leave. Avni thanks Neil. Neil says I will not force you for anything, I know the imp of sindoor in a girl’s life. He goes. Avni sees herself in mirror.
Madhavi says I have to tell something. Neela says when Neil comes, give this envelop to him. Fatima says Ali and I did preparations, how did place change in final moment. Neela asks Madhavi why is she worried. Madhavi asks how will I look Neil’s
Saas. Neela asks her to do it as practice. Avni and Neil come home. Madhavi recalls Neil’s words and stumbles. He asks her to be careful. He jokes and signs her. Madhavi does their aarti. Neela also does aarti from far and signs Neil. Fatima asks Madhavi to treat Neil well.

Neela asks Madhavi to do nose pulling rasam. Madhavi says no, leave it. Neela insists. Madhavi and Neela do the rasam and pull his nose. Madhavi says sorry, I came late, I have to tell something imp, Neil knows everything about Ananya, he knows your and Ananya’s relation. Neela says don’t tell this to Avni, Ali and Fatima. Madhavi says it means you know all this. Neela says just do as I say, take all this. Ali meets Neil. Neil asks what are you doing in my house. Ali says I was jogging and passing by. Neil asks are you serious. Madhavi drops the glass and worries. Neil says its fine, I will just come. Neil goes and talks to Neela. Neela says its not easy to control Avni, you are helping her a lot. He says I m just doing my duty, Dayaben’s medicines are changed, my plan started. Ali gives note to Avni and says I will meet you in some time. Neil says this will work, if Avni supports me. Avni thinks you can’t cage me for more time Neil.

Shweta plays the DVD. Bebe comes and asks her to clean the house. She goes to prepare for aarti. Shweta says its good she went, now I can see DVD. She sees Neil and Riya, and says till sangeet, I felt they will get married. She sees Ali and Ananya and says everyone will think they both are getting married, I found a solution. Neela says you feed the kheer to Ananya. Avni says no. Neil agrees and feeds her kheer.

He says I have some work, I will pick you later. He asks Avni to wait for him, and signs her. He leaves. Neil talks to his staff. He says this is my plan’s second step Dayaben, now none can save you. He gets DD’s call. DD says we have kept our men at Neela’s house, Avni can’t run. Neil asks him not to call her Bhabhi and focus on work. He calls Neela. She says Avni is very happy Neil. Neil says did my wife change plan to run away. Avni asks Neela to leave everything. She says I want to enjoy the day with you. She feeds kheer to Neela. Neela smiles and hugs her.

Neil comes to pick Avni. Neil calls DD and says Avni is with me fine, relieve the men whom we kept to guard her. He asks her to wear seat belt, else he will tie and it will get romantic. He plays radio. The song yeh moh moh ke dhaage……plays…. Ali puts the nails. Neil’s car goes out of control. He stops the car and checks tyre. He sees the nail. He sees Avni gone. He looks for her. He sees Avni going with Ali. Avni recalls reading Ali’s plan in the note. Ali signs to Neil about nails. Ali and Avni leave. Neil looks on. He calls Neela and says why is she not answering. Neela wakes up and holds head. He calls again. He says Avni has run away with Ali. She asks what’s happening, where am I, I don’t understand, my head is aching a lot, Avni is calling me, hold. She answers Avni’s call. Avni says I m fine, I m with Ali, I m going to board flight, I m leaving India and this fake marriage with Neil, I m going forever.

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