My heart knows update Thursday 20 January 2022

My heart knows 20 January 2022:  Episode starts with Anupriya worrying for Kalyani. Pawar brings her home. Kalyani is drowsy and says she is feeling sleepy. Pawar says Kalyani madam is unwell. Anupriya says she will take care. Sampada thinks why the baby is crying so much, and thinks to make him drink cough syrup. She decides to make him sleep and asks him to drink it so that both of them can sleep. She says your real mum has come and asks him to forget Kalyani. Anupriya wakes up Kalyani and asks if she got Appa’s letter.

Kalyani says yes, and tells that she will get Malhar out of jail. Atharv and Aao Saheb come home. Atharv says Malhar will be jailed and asks her to go and sleep in lawn. He says you will get Malhar’s side of house soon. Aao Saheb asks him to give a room to Atul atleast. Atharv says ok. He looks at Moksh and asks if he will call his cousin Papa at night. He makes him drink cough syrup and says now both of us can sleep. He asks you will let cousin Papa sleep naa….Kalyani tells Anupriya that she has to find out who has written that pista green letter chit and then will see how Malhar separates her from Moksh and him.

Moksh sleeps. Kalyani calls Sarthak and tells that she has realized late. She tells that the letter which she saw that day was of white letter and that she found later was pista green color. They hear someone coming there. Kalyani pretends to sleep. Aao Saheb tells Anupriya that she wants her to sleep in Atul’s room and wants to complete her life. Anupriya says she can’t sleep in Atul’s room and asks her not to force her, but Aao Saheb takes her forcibly inside. Sarthak hears on call and Kalyani also hears and gets worried. Anupriya is in Atul’s room and gets up from bed. Atul asks what happened? Anupriya says I will be back and goes out and cry.

She comes back to room. Atul asks her to close the door. He asks what happened to you. Someone knocks on the door. Kalyani knocks on the door and comes running inside. She tells him that she wants to sleep beside him, holding his hand. Atul asks her to sleep and says you are still childish. Kalyani asks Anupriya to lie down on the bed. Moksh is sleeping in the middle while Sampada and Atharv are sleeping at both corners. Atul asks Anupriya if she asked Kalyani to sleep in her room.

Anupriya says I didn’t say this. Atul says what do you think that I will let you sleep here, and tells that he had just one woman in her life and that’s Madhuri. He says he agreed to let her stay here due to Aao Saheb. He goes. Anupriya cries. Kalyani wakes up and says good morning. She asks if Papa said something. Anupriya says no and tells that she was missing Appa. Kalyani asks her not to lie and says I know this is not easy for you. She asks her not to be pressurized by Aao Saheb and not to decide to stay in unwanted relation. Atharv gets ready, but Moksh is still sleeping. Atharv says you got a rich father and spoiled. He says ok sleep.

Atul thinks his hand sores are not healing still. Kalyani comes and holds the tea cup and looks at his hand. She asks him why did you agree to stay with Anupriya in a room. She says Aai was uncomfortable. Atul asks did Anupriya sent you. Kalyani says I wish, she would have and tells that she don’t share her feelings with her and that’s why she is worried for her. Atul says you are talking so maturely because of the marriage and baby. Kalyani says my son is my life and gets up upset.

Malhar tells Pawar that his heart is shaken up, and tells that Moksh is in danger. He asks him to let him call. Pawar asks him to call from his mobile silently. Malhar says no and worries for Moksh. Kalyani comes to Moksh and asks him to wake up, else she will tickle him. She asks him to wake up and touches him. She finds him unconscious.Kalyani coming to Moksh and asks him to wake up, and says with whom I will talk and take out my frustration. She asks him to wake up and finds him unconscious. She shouts and calls Sampada asking what did she do with Billu? Anupriya, Aao Saheb and others come there.

Aao Saheb says call the doctor. Atharv takes Sampada outside the room. Anupriya calls Doctor and asks him to come fast, as something is coming from it. Doctor says he can’t come now. Aao Saheb asks her to call Rao Saheb’s doctor. Atharv tells Sampada that he made baby drink cough syrup. Sampada asks why did you make him have the cough syrup and tells that you are a devil. Atharv says if your son dies then Malhar will not leave you. Doctor checks Moksh and tells that he over slept, but is fine. It seems like someone made him drink something. Kalyani asks Sampada what she made her drink. She sees cough syrup and asks Doctor if this is the syrup. Atharv asks her not to blame Sampada and says you might have made him drink.

Kalyani asks him not to mess with her when the matter is of Billu. She tries to make Sampada drink the syrup. Sampada goes. Kalyani asks Moksh to start talking soon and says you have slept so much, now you will not sleep. Anupriya thanks Doctor and says sorry for whatever happened. Doctor says all mothers react the same way.Kalyani goes out to drop Doctor. Doctor asks if she is Atul’s daughter and tells him that he treated Rao Saheb when he had a paralysis attack and tells that after the attack, he couldn’t write with his hand and his hand used to shake.

Kalyani thinks that the letter was fake. She thanks Doctor. She calls Sarthak and tells that she found the way to free Malhar. Sarthak gets the court notice to get everyone’s handwriting check. Kalyani tells that someone has changed the original suicide note. Sarthak asks handwriting expert to check everyone’s hand writing. Atharv says he will not allow this. Sarthak asks him to be grateful and says you was in lock up that time else you would have been blamed too. Anupriya gets pen and writes on the paper.

Aao Saheb asks why did you write without my permission and gets angry. Kalyani goes angrily and brings fire wood. Aao Saheb says nobody will write. Kalyani threatens to burn all the sarees. Atul asks her to understand. Kalyani says my husband is in jail.Aao Saheb says I will not write. Kalyani lights the sarees cartoons on fire. Aparna asks Aao Saheb to write on the paper else this mad girl will burn everything. Aao Saheb writes on the paper. Aparna gives paper to Atharv. Atharv, Sampada and Vivek writes on the paper. Kalyani throws the cartoon which is empty.

She says I don’t believe in hurting my own family members. Hand writing expert check Rao Saheb’s letter with the handwriting of others. He says nobody’s hand writing matches with this letter.Kalyani checks everyone’s hand writing and says you might haven’t checked it properly and says she is sure that one of them have changed the suicide note. Aao Sahev tells that the Inspector shall be punished for hurting our sentiments. Inspector says I was doing my duty and leaves. Aao Saheb says I will not leave her. Atul asks Aao Saheb to forgive her. Sarthak says Kalyani didn’t do any mistake. Atul warns Sarthak and takes Kalyani to room.

Atul asks Kalyani who is Sarthak? Anupriya says he is a nice man. Atul blames Anupriya for making his daughter against the family members. Kalyani says Papa is right and says mistake is of Aai. She says when I came to this house and tortured you a lot, why did you bear everything. She says when everyone was against me, then why did you support me and fought with them for me. She says when Aao Saheb kicked me out knowing I am Atul and Madhuri’s daughter, then why did you give me shelter and accepted me. She says how can you love that woman’s daughter so much who broke your house. She says if you wanted then you would have given me the same name, told by everyone, Atul and Madhuri’s illegitimate child. Atul raises hand on Kalyani. Anupriya comes infront of her and tells that I won’t let you raise your hand on my daughter.

Kalyani says Aai fought for me going against everyone, and now I will also do the same, will free Malhar as I know he is innocent. Atul says I will not support your madness. Kalyani hears Aao Saheb and Aparna talking and becoming silent seeing her coming there. They go from there. Kalyani looks at the pen kept there and picks it. She looks at the pen.

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