My heart knows update Friday 4 March 2022

My heart knows 4 March 2022: The Episode starts with Kalyani catching the Man and asking him who sent him. The man gets injury on the stone and pushes Kalyani down on the ground before eloping in the auto. Malhar and Pawar come there. Kalyani tells him everything about the man and says Vaman might have sent him to spy on you. Malhar says nothing has happened to me. Kalyani hugs him and says did you ever think what will happen to me if anything happens to you and tells that she won’t let anything happen to him. Malhar asks her to relax and says nothing will happen to me. Kalyani asks him to trust her and tells that Ketki is with Vaman.She says if I am wrong then punish me anything or leave me for forever.

Malhar keeps finger on her lips and says don’t talk about going far from me. He says I want to trust you from my heart and that’s why I came to you, before talking to Ketki. Kalyani says someone tried to distract you with the fake phone call and says she has a plan with which Ketki will tell about her truth. Malhar asks her to tell what is her plan?Later Malhar comes home as the Fakeer baba. Anupriya greets him. Ketki asks him to come inside and says I will make arrangements for your food and stay. The fakeer is Malhar and winks at Kalyani. Anupriya asks Kalyani. Kalyani says he was Malhar ji and asks her to remind what was written on the backside of the letter. She recalls Vaman coming home indisguise of a fakeer and that’s why he came indisguise and she couldn’t identify him.

Sarthak comes and says Malhar keep those ladies here to keep eye on Ketki. Kalyani says Kaka told truth to Malhar ji that baba is in Ketki’s captivity and she is blackmailing him.Ketki and Malhar go to the room. Ketki thinks him as Vaman and says thank god you got out of the jail, Atul is in our captivity. She says it was easy to fool Malhar, he went to search Atul at the wrong location. She says Kalyani is troubling her a lot and she will marry Sarthak to take revenge on Kalyani. Malhar is shocked. Ketki asks Vaman to be here and says I will tell everyone that I stopped you to do your seva for a day. She says we have chosen the right house for our plan. I know Malhar since my childhood and says he is fool and gets flowed in emotions and I am no. 1 in acting, he didn’t believe his wife, I controlled him fully in my trap. She says I don’t know how can anyone be so foolish and helping his Chacha in his destroyal. Malhar gets shocked.

She says you know that Malhar sent two women for my marriage help and asks him to rest thinking him to be Vaman. She says if I stay here for much time then my would be husband will doubt me. She laughs and goes. Malhar gets teary eyes and shocked. He drops the charity pot etc from his hand and cries. Kalyani, Anupriya and Sarthak see him crying. Kalyani says now Malhar knows Ketki’s truth, but I am not feeling good as his heart is broken and I can’t see tears in his eyes.Kalyani comes to the outhouse through the window. She asks him not to cry and tells that her friend Rhea was her bestie and she used to trust her a lot. She says Papa had gifted me a compass, which Rhea had stolen. She says it hurts when a best friend betray us. Malhar cries. He gets up and apologizes to Kalyani for not trusting her. Kalyani says it is enough now and asks him not to cry. She says I am not upset with you and asks him to smile like her atom bomb.

He couldn’t smile. She asks him to open his mouth, take his tongue out and says yellow blue. Malhar says yellow blue. Kalyani laughs and says you was looking cute. She says I made this game played between girls and boys as it sounds like I love you. Malhar looks at her. Kalyani says I didn’t mean that, I want to lift your mood. He thanks her and asks her to go, else Ketki will see. He asks her to talk to Pawar and says after we leave from here, then we will search Atul and then will get Ketki punished. Kalyani asks him not to cry. Malhar says thank you Kalyani. Kalyani smiles and goes through the window. Malhar smiles looking at her. Kalyani comes out and calls Pawar. She says time has come to execute the next part of plan.

She sees the man whom she had caught and missed outside the Police station, outside their house. She recognizes him seeing his injured feet and follows him. The man tries to take an auto, but the auto driver refuses to go. He takes other auto and goes. Kalyani comes to the first auto driver and asks where he wanted to go. Driver says it is very far, near udayvada school.

Ketki getting Vaman’s call and asking her to tell where did she keep Atul. Ketki says I had told you, I kept him in the darbari academy near the temple. It shows Pawar called Ketki using an APP and asks Malhar if he heard. Malhar says I heard. Kalyani comes there in auto and tells the guard that she wants to take admission and came to do enquiry. Watchman asks her to wait and goes inside to talk. Kalyani thinks it is weird, there is so much tight security here. Baap ji’s wife comes there and says if you want admission here, then you have to gives test. She asks her to sing few lines then you can get admission. Kalyani says if I had known then wouldn’t have come here. The lady tells that they can teach the one who has the talent to sing the song and says she can’t break baap ji’s rule being his wife. She asks her to tell watchman when she is ready to sing. Kalyani thinks to check her own voice and records a song.

She thinks her voice is not good and calls someone. Pawar tells Malhar that music academy was closed, but opened recently. He says the academy is run by baap ji guru and he stays there with his wife, and two kids. He is a renowned name there. Baap ji is shown coming to the academy and presenting flower before the goddess. His students take his blessings. Pawar says he don’t take money to teach music, but he only decides whom to give admission. He is the same man who was wandering outside the police station and Deshmukh house. He takes Veena.Kalyani thinks don’t know why that man was following Malhar ji and waits for Sampada. Sampada brings Atharv there. Kalyani tells Sampada that she called Atharv here as she needed his help to get inside.

Atharv says he wants to go to loo. Sampada tells Kalyani that she has to leave for home and keep eye on Ketki. Sarthak signs the ladies applying haldi to Ketki. Ketki asks where is Kalyani, Anupriya and others. Sarthak goes to Aao Saheb and Anupriya and asks them to come. Sampada says Kalyani went to music academy. Kalyani tells the lady that she actually want to admit her son in the music academy. Lady says look at his age and yours. Kalyani tells her about his accident and telling that he wants to sing. She asks Atharv to sing. Atharv sings apna time aayega. Lady is about to go. Kalyani calls her. Atul is locked in the academy and hears Kalyani. He says my daughter came to rescue me. The lady is about to go inside, when Malhar comes there and sings song. He asks the lady to take his test instead of his son and says we have heard so much about Baap ji and they are sure that Atharv will get fine with Baap ji’s help.

The lady asks them to come. Kalyani asks Malhar to sing for Moksh and says he used to hear her song. Malhar says kids like their mother’s voice.Sarthak tells Ketki that Kalyani and Anupriya are in the room. He says Sampada and others here. Anupriya makes Moksh hear Kalyani’s lullaby. Sampada asks Anupriya to come. Pallavi sees Haiwan promo. Malhar tells Kalyani that Atul Mama is here. He says there might be two things, either Baap ji doesn’t know that Atul is here, or that he is with Vaman. Kalyani says she came here following the man who was following him. She says she will go and check Papa. Malhar asks her not to take any wrong step in a hurry. Kalyani thinks she can’t wait when her Papa is in trouble.

Kalyani and Atharv jumping inside the Baap ji’s house through the window. Atul calls her name and says he is inside. Atul shouts calling Kalyani and Malhar. Kalyani finds the door locked while others open. Atharv takes out her hair pin and opens the door. Kalyani and Atharv open the door, but there is nothing inside. Atul shouts saying he is here.Ketki asks Pandit ji to start the marriage arrangements and asks Sarthak to get ready. She asks Aparna, Sampada and others to get ready and tells Sarthak that she don’t take time to get ready. Baap ji’s photo frame falls down when Kalyani vents out her anger for not finding Atul. She sees his face and gets shocked, thinking Malhar is in trouble. Atharv dances infront of the mirror door. Baap ji’s wife tells Malhar that today baap ji will not give admission to anyone. Malhar tells that he didn’t come for admission, but he is ACP Malhar Rane and came to talk to Baap ji as someone is kidnapped.

Kalyani’s phone is on the floor. She runs to save Malhar. Atharv hears Atul calling Kalyani and goes there. He calls him Nanu and frees his hand. Atul asks where is Kalyani and Malhar. Atharv says they are outside. He searches the keys to free him. Sampada tells Anupriya that Malhar is not picking the call. Ketki gets a big utensils and tells that it has silver coins to distribute to poor. She attacks lady constables and make them unconscious. Everyone is shocked.She asks them not to act clever else Atul will be dead. Kalyani comes running to Malhar and says Guru ji is the man following you. Malhar is shocked and says it means..He calls Pawar and asks him to send him Police force outside Darbari Academy.

Atharv asks Atul to come and says I will take you to Aai and baba. A goon comes there and asks what are doing here? He tries to hold them. Atul asks Atharv to run and inform malhar and kalyani that he is here. He attacks goon with the chain and he falls down. Goon’s phone rings. It is ketki on the call, she asks goon not to let Malhar and Kalyani reach Atul, says she is threatening Sarthak to marry her and that Vaman will decide what to do with Malhar and Kalyani. Atul is shocked and takes goon’s gun. She thinks until I am alive, I won’t let Ketki and Vaman to destroy my family. Atharv comes to Kalyani and Malhar and tells that Aai’s baba is there. Malhar and Kalyani ask where? Atharv, Malhar and Kalyani come out and see Atul escaping on the bike. They also leave.

Ketki asks Pandit ji to read the mantra and asks if he wants to get shot. All the ladies are tied up. Ketki asks Sarthak if he can’t marry her for Atul. Pandit ji asks them to take the rounds. They take the rounds. Ketki says 6 rounds are completed. Atul comes there and asks Ketki to stop. Aao Saheb, Anupriya and others see Atul there and get happy.Atul says I will not let you do anything to my family and will not let you ruin Sarthak’s life. Sarthak throws the ghatbandhan cloth. Malhar, Kalyani and Atharv reach there. The ladies ask Kalyani to free them. Ketki acts innocent and calls Malhar. Malhar asks her not to dare take his name and says he hates her.

The big utensil breaks and the coins fall out. Everyone gets shocked. Ketki smiles as Vaman comes out from it and aims gun at Atul. Aparna cries. Atul also aims gun at him.Vaman shoots at Atul, but the bullet just injures his hand. He then shoots at Malhar, Kalyani and Atul try to save Malhar. Atul gets shot at his back. Everyone gets shocked. Vaman laughs. Atul picks the gun from floor and shoots Vaman at his chest. Ketki is shocked now. Vaman falls down. Anupriya shouts Atul’s name. Kalyani, Aao Saheb, Malhar and others get shocked and come to Atul. Malhar calls ambulance. Aao Saheb asks Atul not to leave his mum. Kalyani says ambulance will take him to hospital and papa will be fine. Atul says no, your Madhuri is calling me.

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