Can you see me update Saturday 5 March 2022


Can you see me 5 March 2022: Suchi returns home and scolds Pihu why did she write a letter to her boss, now boss wants to meet her, how will she say that only she can see Pihu bhooth. She continues why she troubles her with mischief, now Aarav will get a chance to scold her. She gives Anandita’s letter and walks in. Pihu cries that her mama would not have scolded her and stands crying. Gulgule also comes and stands crying. Sheetal comes and Gulgule pleads her not to inform maa. She asks him to go and cry in store room as punishment. Pihu thinks even she should do same for troubling Suchi.

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Suchi thinks Anandita will come any time, what will she do now. She remembers Sheetal’s friend’s daughter Pinky and thinks to call her home. She asks Swayam where is bhabi. He shows Sheetal speaking to someone standing behind pillar and says he does not know whom she speaks to and lies she is speaking to her mom. Sheetal speaks to stalker and says she had uploaded her nanad’s pic and profile and not hers. Man continues flirting with her. Pihu walks near and asks what happened. Sheetal drops her mom and nervously says it is her mamma. Pihu asks to call her friend’s daughter Pinky home. Sheetal says she used to hate children, what happened now. Suchi says she changed her mind.

Gulgule gets Anandita’s letter and reads that he is also her Pihu’s mamma’s friend and is coming to meet her with lots of gifts. He finds difficulty reading name and tears letter. Pihu shouts he should have read at least name.Suchi goes to room and asks Pihu where is letter, but does not find Pihu in room. Arav from unknown number SMSes kisses again. Suchi says she sent them last night by mistake. He replies she did it purposefully. Suchi angrily replies yes and calls. He disconnects call and fumes that Suchi is having a boyfriend, so she is replying freely.

Anandita packs gifts for Pihu and excitedly tries to leave home when she sees a shadow holding knife and throws bottle on it. Rakhi comes out holding knife and fruits and asks what happened to her and suggests her to call Subodh and inform him about attacks on her. She says if she does, Subodh will call her to Singapore, she wants to stay here with Pihu’s memories. Rakhi says she will not go anywhere now. Anandita sasy she is going to meet Suchi’s Pihu. Rakhi gets adamant.Pihu tries to collect torn letter and finds her mamma’s pic on floor. She happily picks it and runs to Suchi to show it. Suchi gets Anandita’s call and expects she is calling to ask address, but Anandita says she is not coming.

Suchi gets very happy and ignoring Pihu asks what happened, gets busy in chat. Pihu climbs chair and shows her pic. She pushes and pic falls down. She then sees someone and stands tensed.Pihu tries to show her mamma’s pic to Suchi, but Suchi is busy speaking to her boss Anandita. Pic falls on ground and Suman swipes it away with garbage. Pihu insists Suchi to listen to her. Suchi tells Anandita that Pihu is greeting her. Anandita asks to give her love to Pihu. Suchi disconnects call. Pihu says she got mamma’s photo but does not find it. Suchi says she is saved today as Anandita is not coming. Pihu finds mama’s sketch. Suchi checks it and says she has to send mail and leaves. Pihu confronts Gopal why he plays with her feelings, she found mamma’s photo and he disappeared it, why he is not bringing her mamma to her, cries she needs her mamma, where is she.

Rakhi calls Anandita and asks where did she go again, why she is not picking Subodh’s call. She says she picked call, but he warned her not to meet Deboshish, so she disconnected his call. Rakhi asks where is she now. Anandita disconnects call and meets Deboshish. Deboshish gets anxious seeing her and asks why did she come here. She says why he is hiding from her, police will question him and know what he is up to. Deboshish breaks her mobile when she tries to click his pic. Anandita reacts and slaps him. He cries that he is not a bad man, he was alcoholic and his daughter was severely ill, so he sought Subodh’s help, but he did not. By god’s grace, his daughter got well, but he hates Subodh and his family a lot, he does not want to meet her, he cries to go away and locks door. Once she leaves, he laughs.


Anandita returns home and explains whole incident to Rakhi. Rakhi says ACP told her close ones who know about her whereabouts, where she goes, what she does behind her attacks. Anandita says only Aarav knows about her whereabouts.Suchi returns to her room and sees Pihu sleeping in a corner. She lifts her and makes her sleep on bed. Arav as stranger messages again and insists her to meet him at 5 p.m. She says okay, then says my foot. He fumes she easily agreed to meet a stranger. He calls his assistant and asks to keep Suchi’s dismissal letter ready. Next morning, he reaches office and asks Pooja repeatedly if Suchi came. She says not yet, he asked many times till now. Suchi comes. Pooja informs her that boss calling her and asks what did she do now. Suchi enters Arav’s cabin. Arav says they have a client meeting tonight at 5 p.m. Suchi asks why is he taking her permission, he can. Arav thinks she will back off at end moment.

Pihu searches her mamma’s photo in room and confronts Gopal why don’t he let her meet her mamma. She hears Sarita yelling that Suman sweeps all important items on floor along with garbage. She runs out and sees Sarita holding mamma’s photo along with chikankari design papers. Sarita gives photo with papers to her husband. Husband takes it away. Suchi reminisces Pihu asking if she found mamma’s pic. She calls Sarita and asks to search file in her room. Pihu hears and says she needs to speak. Suchi asks Sarita to go to her room and switch on speaker. Pihu speaks. Suchi asks if it was drawing or pic. Pihu says real photo and Sarita ggave it to her papa, cries to come back soon as it was only one pic.

Arav in his cabin thinks only 30 minutes left for 5 p.m., if he made a mistake. Suchi comes running and says she needs to go, he can suspend her and runs away. Arav fumes what a lier she is, he is coming where she is going and signs on Suchi’s dismissal letter.Suchi takes Pihu to papa’s shop and asks about his designs. He says those were Sankalp’s designs and he took it. Suchi says she had important paper and should search it at home itself. Papa asks to go home carefully. Suchi walks in market. Arav comes and says she came to meet him at last and asks if her blind date was so important. Suchi asks what does he mean. Arav says her truth has come in front and he has proof. He gives her dismissal letter and says she is fired, smirking.

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