My heart knows update Friday 14 January 2022


My heart knows 14 January 2022: Anupriya and Aao Saheb come and hold Moksh… Aparana scold Kalayani for being careless… Sampada smiles?… Kalayani inform Anupriya that he is allergic to something, I have called for medicine..

Aprana scold her saying to call Doctor instead, I have informed Malhar.. Aao Saheb scold Aparana saying you must have called☎ doctor first.. Kalayani get call☎ from person for medicine..Malhar drive back home, just than Kalayani pay that man and Malhar was shocked? to see that face person and he notice his weeler number..Kalayani take Malhar inside where, Sampada shows proof about Moksh turning blue while scolding Kalayani and Malhar… Malhar sideline her and take Moksh, he take Moksh and realise that blue color was on towel..

He tell this and confront Sampada… Sampada deny saying she didn’t do anything?.. Kalayani scold her for hurting Moksh and take her phone and put in Blue colored water, Sampada try to take her phone and Kalayani pushes her down… Samapda face turn pale?? and she goes after getting irritated…Kalayani say sorry to Malhar about getting panic and she say sorry.. Malhar scold saying stop saving Keshav with Anupriya and put efforts for Moksh safety….

Malhar call☎ pawar and tell that person vechical number and ask for his complete details and think? that person is for sure related to Keshav’s past…

Malhar calling☎ Pushkar and ask him to trace the two? wheeler number, Keshav is really framed as I saw the man whose picture is fixed on Keshav case file!!Villagers and Sarpanch come and by mistake call Kalayani Maid, after realising they say sorry.. Sampada come and say she is the maid after all who clean house, look after child, cook food etc. Kalayani say yes you are right, and for your information maid is much respectable, unlike sampada who left happy? family and enjoying on boy friend money??…

Villagers say sorry to Aao saheb and ask for to be chief Guest for Samuhik Vivah (combined Marriage).. Aao Saheb say she don’t want you all to forgive for insulting my daughter, Anupriya, but I know you were provoked by Sampada and Atharav, she add saying you all shall plan this wedding in our place!!! Samapda shouts saying No, I don’t want any drama in my house?.. Atharav arrive and say to villagers, you shall proceed with marriage, after all its my house? and take sampada.. Kalayani and Aao Saheb get surprised??, thinking? from where sun arise today???

Anupriya thinks? and flashback is shown where she shows keshav confession that Atharav helped him, adding after all Keshav is my brother, my blood, he will always help me.. Atharav say he is culprit, no one will believe him.. Anupriya again show him proof and say you consider me maid and I took benefit of it.. Now do as I say, otherwise I shall give this to Malhar.. Atharav say, you know I shall be out in minute due to money??!! Anupriya say I agree but your name and fame will be in trouble when these proofs are with police??‍✈, now I know how to deal with you people, my Kalayani taught me..Atharav get scared? and say I shall do as per you wish..

Anupriya say I shall not give proves to Malhar, but in return you should not trouble my family anymore… Out of flashback Anupriya smiles?..Malhar beat that Man in police??‍✈ station and ask about his link with Keshav?? He say he run illegal medical shop and was cuaght by police??‍✈, thats why my picture is there.. Pawar come and tell that all Keshav records are missing.. Malhar tell to leave this man, I shall find truth any how!! Man goes out and call☎ someone that I followed your orders and didn’t tell them anything, keep my money?? ready…

Kalayani talk☎ to Moksh saying I shall talk about Sarthak and Anupriya marriage with Malhar.. Malhar come and see Moksh naked and enquire about his diapers?? Kalayani say they are out of stock.. He order her to make at home…Kalayani make 4 diapers and Moksh watch her.. She get tired while saying its to hard and Moksh put his hand on head while smiling?… And start crying?, she check him and say you did it again, you spoiled 4 diapers in half hour, moksh smile? again… (this secene was so cute?? that its really hard to explain, but I tried to put my emotions)Malhar come and scold her for messed up room..

Kalayani say its difficult for me, but you are not trying at all.. She take sessior ✂and hold on Malhar neck, she say Moksh is your son as well, you only orders me, you are father as well, you should work as well,.. Now make diapers.. Malhar try to calm her anger?, but she scold him, she scold Moksh is not Prince?, he is normal son, who can stay Naked for sometime…Malhar ask her not be angry? so much, otherwise even I have to wear Diaper.. Moksh is smiling?.. Kalayani ask him to make diapers.. Malhar start making, Kalayani ask him did he make it?? He say 15⏰ minutes.. Kalayani say, you are saying this since last 3⏰ hours..


Malhar call her name and clap??, and this turn out Kalayani’s dream and he ask her to take all this drama out…Kalayani sleep? while Ironing and Anupriya come and see Iron falling on Kalayani and save her nick on time⏰. Her hand get burnt.. Kalayani get up and ask her to come and why did she do this?? Anupriya jerk her hand.. Kalayani say yoy are still annoyed with me?? Anupriya taunt her that she didn’t went for her mother marriage… And warn not to sleep? next time while ironing…

Anupriya give Diapers to Kalayani and she ask you made?? Kalayani thanks her.. Anupriya say she is still angry? on marriage part… Anupriya say I was alone when Keshav attacked this family, and didn’t have someone to talk expect you, but you were busy in my marriage plans.. Kalayani say I am not that busy, but I am also angry? for not informing about Keshav??? Anupriya think? why she did I talk about Keshav??Kalayani ask about Keshav truth, even Malhar is behind him?? anupriya say because if case re-opens everyone feelings will hurt? while going court again and again..

Even I took care of Atharav, he will stay quite?, I want Malhar to forget also about case.. Kalayani ask about atharav??? Anupriya tell her whole truth…Kalayani praise Anupriya and hugg her… Malhar call☎ Pawar and ask about belogingings related to Keshav case, he come out and see them hugging.. Kalayani create fake drama and ask Anupriya not to come on our side again, Anupriya goes… She say Anupriya made Diapers for Moksh and say if you want you can wear (dream drama), rectifying throw them… And goes.. Malhar throw them and find camera fixed on it and think Kalayani and anupriya is spying on me, but I shall find truth for sure…

2022: Malhar finds Camera and think that Kalayani and Anupriya are trying to spy on me, Atharav was right about keshav being driver??‍✈ of deshmukh and think? might be Atharav was right.. He call☎ Pushkar and ask for the things that were involved in accident for finding clue, as he doubt that Anupriya is saving someone from deshmukh family..Next morning Kalayani and Aao saheb talk about Mudra Yojna (an investment plan, for small scale business).

Anupriya ask workers about preparation of Samuhik Vivha?? Aao saheb, Baba and Vivek talk about Atharav agree for Marriage celebration?? They talk about Keshav helping Atharav, but Anupriya assure them that Keshav promised her, not to help Atharav, that secret will not come out… Kalayani come and ask about which secret?? And why they are talking about Keshav?? Anupriya say I told you it yesterday, that keshav was driver ??‍✈and if case is re-open, whole family will be dragged… Kalayani say take chill pill and relex, Malhar is behind that case unncessarily and think? anupriya and she are saving that keshav..

After all he is culprit.. Anupriya drag her for helping in preparation.. Kalayani ask Anupriya about her re-marriage plan?? Anupriya get angry?.. Kalayani say not to spoil mood and smile? seeing Devdas Atharav..Atharav is enjoying sweet.. Sampada enquire about all the drama and why is he scared? about anupriya threat?? Atharav smile? and tell Her about plan to do Vidai of Anupriya and discuss plan.. Sampada get happy? and say I Love❤ You..Sarthak come and offer help in preparation..

Sarthak help Anupriya, seeing this Kalayani smiles? and think? about Sarthak and Anupriya Marriage with Kaisa yeh Ishq hai music? and smiles? happily, and shout excitedly marriage will happen… Anupriya ask why is she so happy??? Kalayani say because she will witness Samuhik Vivha for first time, she will be online even, and goes… She think? to talk to Malhar soon about Marriage of Sarthak and Anupriya…Pawar give evidence box to Malhar and when he open he get emotional? and ask is this handkerchief found during accident?? Malhar remembers something and one lady was shown weaving that handkerchief!! Pawar say yes…

Malhar feel emotional? and cry?…Sarthak and Anupriya talk about Malhar and Kalayani relationship and curse the return of Keshav.. Suddenly Anupriya strike with box and her things fall.. Sarthak try to help her but stop himself.. Anupriya pickup things and sarthak find threat letters sent by Madhuri.. He confront her.. Anupriya say let bygones be bygones.. Madhuri is dead, and if Kalayani find out about these letters she will get hurt ??only… Sarthak say kalayani will be happy?, as these letters are proof of Atul’s innocence.. Anupriya agrees, but ask him to talk to Malhar.. Sarthak is about to say something but Aao saheb call Anupriya..

She goes, and Sarthak think? if Malhar find truth about Keshav, than Kalayani and Malhar relationship will be spoiled

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