Twist of fate update Thursday 13 January 2022


Twist of fate 13 January 2022:  Abhi telling Pragya that when he painted on Tanu’s face, she shouted and ran away as if Dog is behind her. Pragya says she will close her eyes and asks him to do magic again. She acts as surprised.

Ranbir calls Prachi and hopes she stops him. He calls her. Prachi asks why are you calling me, I have done break up with you. Ranbir says I called you mistakenly, I was calling someone else. He says I have also done break up with you and says even now she is satisfying her ego. He ends the call and regrets it. Pallavi comes there and gets emotional. Ranbir says he is happy with his engagement as she is happy. He says everyone is happy. Pallavi says you mean all of us. Ranbir says yes, even the one who is getting engaged to me and I love her. Prachi cries. She looks at her engagement ring, which Ranbir made her wear. Manmurade plays…..Prachi continues to cry and keeps the ring in the drawer. She goes.

Later, Aaliya comes to the room and tells Gayatri that she has set the room well. She asks where is Bhai? Pragya says he went to wear the new clothes as it is party downstairs. Aaliya says Bhai doesn’t like new clothes. Pragya says he likes this. Aaliya asks her not to send him down and goes.

Abhi comes wearing the new clothes. Pragya asks him to stay there and says she will bring the icecream. Abhi insists to go down. Pragya says there are many people and asks him to be there. Abhi says I will not do anything.

Tanu asks Rhea to go to room as she’s the one getting engaged and people should have craze to see her. She asks her to keep Ranbir safely, like keeping necklace safe in box, so that Prachi don’t steal him. Rhea says she can’t do this, as I am getting engaged. Tanu tells that Pragya had snatched Abhi from her and she knows how it feels. Rhea excuses herself. Tanu says Pragya had snatched Abhi from me, and now I will come between you and your daughter and will snatch Abhi from you.

Pragya asks him to drink water. Abhi says he is talking to fuggi and tells that she scolded me, asked me to listen to you. Pragya says your fuggi wants you to listen to me and asks him to drink water. Abhi drinks water. Pragya wipes the water from his mouth. She says she will keep the fuggi and asks him to play a game with her. She says just as the water touches your tongue, you will drink it. She teaches him how to drink. Abhi drinks just as Pragya teaches him. He gets happy and says I drank water. Pragya gets happy and emotional seeing him happy. He plays train game with her. Pragya asks him to sit.

Pallavi tells Ranbir that she feels that she is forcing him with her choice and sometimes she feel that he is happy. Ranbir says he is happy. Pallavi says she will meet Aaliya. Tanu comes to Pallavi. Tanu says welcome and thank you for keeping party at Mehra house. Pallavi says family is one. Tanu hugs her and says thank you for becoming my samdhan. Mitali says Tanu and Abhi have a relation long back. Tanu tells that she has taken Ranbir and Rhea’s responsibility on her, just as she comes to know about Pragya, who failed as a mother and wife. She excuses herself.

Rhea asks Shaina if she saw Ranbir. Her friend teases her. Ranbir is drinking. Rhea comes there and talks to him. He clicks selfie with her and sends it to Prachi. Aryan asks Ranbir to come with him. Shahana comes to Prachi and calls her selfish. Prachi says she is not selfish. Shahana says you are not thinking about yourself and says the deal is of no use, as your Papa neither remembers you nor Maasi. Prachi says Shahana. She asks her to understand that the world is such and she feels pain. Prachi says Papa is not like before, but he is same for her. She says Maa is working as maid for Papa and she is sacrificing so that Maa and Papa can be united. She turns and sees Shahana not there.

Dadi asking Pandit ji to see Abhi’s kundali whenever he gets time. Pandit ji says ok. Aaliya asks them not to waste time and make it a happy day. Ashok comes there as the waiter and thinks to complete the work, he thinks to take revenge for Varsha’s death. Aryan asks Ranbir why are you hurting Prachi? Ranbir says he has sent her selfie so that he wants to convey her that he is getting engaged to Rhea. He says now he can see everything clearly and there is nothing like love. He says he wants to show her that he is doing as she wants. Aryan says I don’t trust you. Ranbir says I want to see the world from her perspective. Aryan says Prachi is not such a girl. Ranbir says she was standing with the guy who made the MMS and I got insulted and fighting with everyone.

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