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My heart knows 10 December 2021:  Episode starts with Kalyani talking to the Constable and telling that she heard Malhar and him talking and planning to arrest Anupriya. Constable says we got the news that….Kalyani asks why are you doing this and tells that if Anupriya is arrested, then Aao Saheb will know and her dream to study will end. She tells that she will take Anupriya for the test and asks him not to arrest her. Constable says he has to arrest her as said by Malhar. A student tells that don’t know what the aunty does including cigarette smoking. Kalyani beats him and says Anupriya is innocent.

Principal tells that he will take strict action against her and will talk to her family. Kalyani is shocked and thinks everyone ended, now Aao Saheb will know this and Aai can’t study further.Aao Saheb distributes sarees to the village women and asks them to send other women as well and tells that she is giving saree for Moksh’s naamkaran ceremony. She tells that she didn’t give the sarees that day as she was unaware who the baby father is. Malhar hears her. Aao Saheb gives them sweets and tries to instigate Malhar against the baby. She tells the women that Malhar’s facial features doesn’t match with the boy. Malhar brings the baby and throws coins on Aao Saheb.

He says baby liked her drama very much and asks her to see their nose etc. Aao Saheb asks how dare you? Malhar says I feel pity on you people, as you see our nose, but not our love. He says Aao Saheb’s eyes are weak that couldn’t see that Moksh is happy with him. Aao Saheb loks angry. Malhar takes Moksh inside and asks him to make his heart strong. He says we will take revenge together with your Aai. He says I know I did wrong with Maayi, but this is the only way for me. Servant comes and says college Principal came with the constables. Principal comes there and tells Malhar that the culprit is arrested.

Kalyani recalls taking the blame on herself for keeping the cigars in Anupriya’s bag. Malhar gets angry. Lady constable brings kalyani with hand cuff. Constable says what we could do, Kalyani took the blame and Maayi was missing from the college. Principal says he has rusticated Kalyani from the college. Kalyani thinks she has saved Anupriya. Aparna slaps Kalyani repeatedly and asks do you smoke cigars, you will give these values to my grand son. She tells Malhar that this girl don’t deserve to take care of the baby. Kalyani looks at Malhar. Aao Saheb tells that what kind of Policeman is this, he can’t control his first wife and now his second wife and says it is a shame for him. Malhar looks angrily. Kalyani thinks if Aparna is here then where is Aai. Pallavi and Vivek taking Anupriya in the car. She recalls planning with Vivek to take Anupriya’s kidney for the money lender’s mother.

They see her on the road.Anupriya tells them that Sampada is alive and she is in Mumbai. Pallavi says then Atharv must be alive too. Anupriya shows the bill with her number and tells that she will inform Malhar about Sampada and then he will understand that Kalyani is innocent. Pallavi takes the bill from her hand and tells that if you inform Malhar then Aparna will hear and will tell Sampada, and then they will again elope. She says we are going to Mumbai for some work and asks her to come. She tells that they shall go to Mumbai and bring Sampada. Anupriya says she shall inform Kalyani first in college. Pallavi asks her to ruin Kalyani’s life again. Anupriya turns to her.

She says if you tell this to Kalyani then she will tell Malhar, and if we couldn’t locate Sampada then Malhar will blame you both. She says she dislikes Kalyani, but can’t see Malhar troubling her. Pallavi asks her to tell when she finds Sampada. Anupriya asks why you wants to help me? Pallavi says we are family and I want to teach Atharv a lesson. Anupriya says ok..fb ends. Anupriya thinks everything shall happen as they thought. Pallavi thinks Kalyani doesn’t know that Anupriya is going with us to donate her kidney.

  Kalyani hoping that Anupriya is not in any problem. Malhar comes and asks her to smoke. He says you told infront of everyone that you smoke, and have ruined my respect. He asks her to smoke cigarette and starts the countdown. He says if you don’t have it then maayi will be punished too and you will be responsible for that. Kalyani lights the lighter. She tells that she can’t drink it infront of Moksh and says she will go out and smoke. She goes out. Malhar asks Moksh what happened? He comes out of room and sees smoke near her. He asks why are you smoking as I asked you. Kalyani tells that she lights the agarbatti and was apologizing to God for lying infront of constable. She tells him that we both know that Constable put the cigarette in Anupriya’s bag so that you can do the truth serum test and says you would have done the test without doing this.

Malhar says I have no repentance of doing this. Kalyani says if something had happened then Aai’s dream had broken, and mine too. She says she will go and search Aai. Malhar says one work needs to be done and calls Aparna asks her to handle Moksh for 2 hours. Kalyani asks where we are going? Malhar brings Kalyani to court. Kalyani says you did wrong and whatever I did was to save Aai’s reputation. Malhar asks her to come and pulls her hand. Her dress tears as it get stuck. Malhar sees people looking at her and keeps hand on her shoulder.

He asks the lawyer assistant to give the form of name change and tells that Rane name doesn’t suit her, so that’s why he is dropping Rane from her name. He tries to get the pen with his other hand, but can’t.Kalyani helps him get it. Malhar asks her to give 100 Rs and take out her documents from his right pocket. Kalyani says you take my documents with you. Malhar says he has to do this as his wife is a criminal. Kalyani asks him to let her go. They go to the lawyer’s office in the courtroom. Malhar tells that he wants to change his wife’s surname. Lawyer says you both seem to love each other. Kalyani says yes and tells that her husband wants her to have her childhood surname.

Lawyer says ok. Malhar fills the form. Kalyani asks him to hurry up. Malhar writes it while talking to her. Lawyer checks it and says but…Malhar asks her to do her work. Lawyer changes his name to Malhar Deshmukh. Malhar asks what? Lawyer says you had written that you want your surname to change to Deshmukh. Malhar asks her to reverse the process. Lawyer says court is closed for three days and asks him to come after that and change his name.Vivek and Pallavi act while Anupriya is in pain. Anupriya complains that she is having stomach ache. Pallavi signs him and says they have just tea. Anupriya says we shall search Sampada. Pallavi says we shall take you to hospital first.

Sampada’s landlady comes to the house and asks about Atharv’s girl friend. Sampada tells her that Atharv is not having any girlfriend and asks her to forget about him. She tells that Atharv will not like such girls like her. The landlady gets angry. Sampada says if you want, we will leave this house and asks her to leave Atharv’s thought from her mind. Landlady attacks Sampada and asks what do you mean by such girls and says why can’t I get Atharv? Atharv comes there and asks what is happening here? He asks the landlady to leave Sapmpada. Lady gives injection to herself and goes. Sampada tells Atharv that it is good that he saved her else land lady would have killed her and their baby. Atharv asks baby? Sampada says she thinks she is pregnant, but not sure.

Atharv gets upset and says they will get her checked in a local hospital using fake identity.Vivek tells Pallavi that he has done all setting in the nearby hospital and says our work will be done there. Anupriya writhes in pain. Pallavi asks her to bear pain for sometime. Anupriya says God is punishing me for hiding truth from Kalyani. Kalyani promotes Manmohini show.  Kalyani pretending to talk to Malhar infront of Aparna and asks him to do lie detector test if he wants to do. Aparna asks about the test. Kalyani tells about the lie detector test and asks Aparna if she thinks her truth will be out. Aparna is shocked. Kalyani asks where is Aai? She tells that Aai went following you to market and then she didn’t return. Aparna says she doesn’t know if Sampada is alive or not? Kalyani calls Malhar and informs him that Anupriya is missing since she went following Aparna, when the latter went to call Sampada.

Aparna takes the call and tells that Anupriya must be hiding and asks him not to trust her. Malhar refuses to believe her. Kalyani says she will search Anupriya. Anupriya is in extreme pain. Pallavi says she will call Vivek. Anupriya thinks to call kalyani and calls on landline number. Aparna is about to pick the call, but Malhar picks the call. Anupriya thinks Kalyani has picked the call and tells that Sampada is in Mumbai. Anupriya faints. Aparna asks whose call it was? Malhar says don’t know, there was no voice. He smiles and thinks he will make Sampada know what is death. He thinks why did she call on landline. Kalyani calls Aao Saheb and tells her that Pallavi and Vivek took Anupriya to Mumbai forcibly and tells Malhar that she wants to file kidnapping case against them.

Aao Saheb says she will call them, but their number is not connecting. She asks Kalyani if she has proof that Vivek and Pallavi have kidnapped them. Malhar says I trust her and tells Kalyani that they shall go and file case. Kalyani thanks him. Malhar tells Constable that Kalyani and Anupriya are fooling them with Vivek and Pallavi’s help. He says they are thinking to make Sampada and Atharv elope again and says don’t know until when they will betray him.

Doctor comes to check Anupriya. Pallavi asks Doctor to do Anupriya’s operation and take out the kidney. Vivek asks Doctor if Anupriya will not know. Pallavi says we will blame the doctor. Doctor asks what are you saying? Pallavi asks him not to worry and tells that Anupriya is simple woman, but they have to be careful with her daughter.Doctor tells Atharv and Sampada that the latter is not pregnant, but she has to do blood test and sonography to diagnose about her health. Atharv says he don’t have money now. Doctor asks him to make arrangements of 6-7 thousand. Sampada scolds Atharv for not taking care of her. Atharv agrees to get her test done.

Malhar tells Kalyani that they will go to Mumbai and search Anupriya. He takes her phone making an excuse and thinks Kalyani can’t fool him now. They are on the way to Mumbai. Kalyani is falling towards the constable and says sorry. Constable says no problem. He asks Malhar to make Kalyani sit on the front seat with him. Kalyani says I am fine. Malhar stops the jeep and asks Pawar to go to back seat. Kalyani sits on the front seat and falls on Malhar now. Her earring gets stuck in his suit. He stops the jeep and takes the earrings out. Doctor does the test and tells that the reports are yet to come. Pallavi asks if he can take out the kidney. Doctor says if you say any more word then I will not do this operation. He takes her out.

Nurse brings Sampada to the shared room where Anupriya is already there unconscious. Kalyani sleeps in the jeep and falls on Malhar. Malhar calls her name. Kalyani is about to fall down from the jeep. Malhar holds her hand and shouts her name. Kalyani asks did we reach? Malhar asks her to go back to back seat and sleep. Pawar says one gets sleepy during the ride. Kalyani says she will not sleep. Malhar thinks Atharv and Sampada might be in the same hospital as Anupriya.

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