My desire update Wednesday 31 January 2024

My desire 31 January 2024: Nitya performs Kashvi’s grihapravesh ritual and welcomes her home. Kashvi walks in stepping on a vermilion water. Arjun gets sad missing Mahima. Arjun and Kashvi’s postwedding rituals start. They perform ring finding ritual. Arjun imagines Mahima and smiles holding Kashvi’s hand.

Kashvi wins the game and asks Arjun why is he smiling when she won the game. She realizes he is imagining Mahima in her. Arjun thinks he shouldn’t think about Mahima now. Arjun’s cousins drop him and Kashvi in a decorated room and joke on Arjun to enjoy his first night well. Arjun nervously tells Kashvi that he never thought that they would end up in this situation.

Kashvi says they should celebrate their suhagraat. Arjun nervously says they are bestfriend and he never thought of her in a different way. Kashvi says they are couple now and should enjoy their suhagraat. He nervously walks back asking what does she mean and pressures music player button. Suhagraat Hai Ghunghat Utha Raha Hoon Main.. song plays in the background.

Kashvi walks towards Arjun. Arjun closes his eyes thinking she would kiss him. Kashvi picks a book and says they can celebrate it the way they used to before by studying together. Arjun relaxes. Kashvi says he is lucky that he got his partner as a life partner and a free tutor. Arjun says let’s start as they need to finish their whole syllabus in a week. She then acts romantic again and he laughs. Samra takes Nayan to a decorated room. Nayan asks when did he make all these arrangements. Sam says when she agreed to marry him, he asked servant to make the arrangements. He gets intimate with her saying he wants a sibling for Kashvi. Tu Hai to Mujhe Phir Aur Kya Chahiye.. song plays in the background.

Kashvi continues to teach Arjun and falls asleep. Arjun shakes her and asks where is she lost. Kashvi says she had fallen asleep and says they should sleep now as she needs to wake up early tomorrow. Arjun says why early. She says she needs to perform a kitchen ritual. Arjun says she can take Nitya’s help in kitchen. They both lie on a bed. Arjun says Kashvi must be feeling awkward as she never shared bed with a boy till now. She nods yes. He draws a distance between 2 and says he will respect her privacy always. Kashvi thinks she knows its not easy for him.

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