Imlie starlife update Thursday 1 February 2024

Imlie 1 February 2024: Goon Mohan tells Imlie that he had made a simple plan of killing school’s trustee in a bomb blast on August 15th and enjoy life with 5 crore Rs he gets, but Imlie spoilt his plan and hence she will help him execute it. Imlie says she would rather die than helping him.

Mohan if she doesn’t die, someone else die. He shows Atharva, Akash, and Manish hanging in air under steel arrows. Imlie is shocked to see that and tells Atharva that she will not let anything happen to him. Mohan warns if she takes even one step ahead, she will lose Kairi. Imlie asks where is Kairi. Mohan says Kairi is alive and if she wants her alive, she has to do his task.

Imlie agrees. Mohan explains his plan. Ranas look shocked hearing that. Imlie holds a bomb vest while family shouts no. Mohan says he had made a plan of blasting a bomb, but now he will blast Imlie; Imlie should attend school’s 15th August function and blast it. Ranas insist that whatever god wills and in their fate will happen, so Imlie shouldn’t sacrifice herself.

Imlie recalls the quality time spent with Atharva and Kairi and agrees to Mohan’s condition. She wears bomb west and tells Atharva that she had taken an oath to protect dear ones even by sacrificing herself. Devika asks Imlie not to do that. Atharva asks why is she doing this. Imlie asks if he doesn’t know why? Mohan asks her another jacket with hidden CCTV camera in it and earphone to communicate with her. He says once she goes in front of trustee, he will press remote button and blast her and trustee. Imlie asks if he will spare her family after that. Mohan agrees and lets Imlie meet Kairi. Kairi asks Imlie to hug her. Imlie says monkey paa will hug her. Atharva says he may control Kairi but can’t control himself. Imlie pleads him to stop for Kairi’s sake.

Imlie asks Kairi to hug her grandparents whenever they cry, reach to Shivani and Ginni whenever she needs help, and comfort her monkey paa whenever he is sad. Kairi asks if she is going somewhere. Imlie says loves her a lot. Kairi says even she loves her a lot. Goons kick Atharva. Mohan asks Imlie to stop her family drama now and get back on work. Imile leaves while family pleads to stop.

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