Anupama starlife update 2 February 2024

Anupama 2 February 2024: Vanraj tells Leela that everything is alright, he is stressed regarding his work. Leela asks then why Kavya is tensed. Kavya says she was helping V in his work and even she got stressed out. Hasmukh asks if they are sure. Vanraj says yes.

Kinjal gets a message that her cab is canceled and says she has to go via auto now. Dimpy says they will drop her in their new car. Kinjal says thanks but no thanks as she is going in a different direction. Dimpy says that is why she is going in an auto, she was thinking good anyways. Leela asks since when. Samar says they also think good for the family, but family doesn’t notice it.

Dimpy asks Leela not to prepare their dinner as they have a business dinner with MD, MD is so impressed with them that she doesn’t do anything without consulting them.

Kinjal gets a message that Rakhi handled the meeting.

MD’s employee arrives and gives a document to Samar. Dimpy says MD must have sent them a new contract as she wants them to head her new Mumbai unit. Samar looks shocked and informs that MD removed them from job and is demanding back her car. Dimpy is shocked to hear that. Shahs say that they warned them repeatedly against MD, but they didn’t listen to them.

MD’s employee demands car keys. Dimpy refuses. Employee threatens to call the police. Vanraj asks Samar to explain his wife to give keys now and then go and clear their issues with MD. Dimpy gives keys yelling. Leela chuckles and says she was spinning keys in her finger just a minute ago and now lost the car itself. Dimpy calls Anupama. Anupama informs Anuj that she needs to visit Hasmukh’s house. Anuj asks if there is any problem. Anupama says she doesn’t know and reaches Shah house after dropping CA to school.

Dimpy starts yelling at Leela for taunting her and Shahs for being ungrateful towards her. She then criticizes Anupama. Leela warns her. Anupama asks everyone to let Dimpy spill out the whole venom inside her, she will simply listen to her and then when she will start speaking, she will not let Dimpy speak. Dimpy makes weird faces. Anupama asks her to stop making weird faces or else it will turn permanently in that shape. Dimpy says they lost their job because of Anupama, she lashed out MD and MD kicked them out of the job. Anupama says they just were a pawn for MD to harm her, family warned them repeatedly against MD, but they didn’t listen to them.

Ankush notices Romil leaving the house and asks where is going. Romil rudely asks if he shall maintain a register and note down all his activities. Anuj stops him and warns him that he cannot speak to his father in this tone and explains that elders worry for their youngsters and question them about their whereabouts, Romil is new in this town and they just want to know where he is going and when he will return, he can use family car or go by bus or train, but he should inform them. Romil says his friend is coming from Ahmedabad, so he is going to meet him.

Anuj says it’s so simple and hopes Romil doesn’t show attitude towards anyone in this house. He asks how is his studies going. Romil says he didn’t get a reply from college yet. Anuj says he will get his admission and asks him to self-study then as there is a huge competition ahead. Romil rudely asks him to take a chill pill and not bother about him. Anuj laughs out loudly and says he can chill as he made his career already, but Romil sould be worried. Ankush to divert the issue offers Romil money and ask him to go. Romil rudely asks him to give his card. Ankush gives his card and asks him to take car and driver along. Romil leaves. Anuj says Ankush did wrong.

Dimpy shouts at Anupama that they lost their job, but she is busy lecturing them. Toshu asks Samar if he will also blame their parents for his job loss. Samar says he just knows that MD was impressed with their work and kicked them out of the job because papa and mummy’s warning to her. Leela says he is acting as his wife’s obiedient puppy. Anupama says they usually blame DIL for their son’s misbehavior which is really wrong. Dimpy tries to speak. Anupama shoo’s her to shut up and continues her speech. Dimpy yells that she loves interfering in other’s lives and asks her to concentrate on her family and spare them. Kavya says Anupama never comes here by herself and they call her to solve their problems.

Kinjal says Dimpy is so thankful and selfish, her own family disowned her and feel she is a disgrace to them, her mother attended her wedding hiding her face, she is criticizing Anupama who supported her and got her son married to him. Leela tells Kinjal that her BIL married a great woman and asks Dimpy did she call Anupama here. Dimpy says to expose Anupama’s acts. Kinjal says mummy did right. Dimpy says Dimpy is obsessed to become second Anupama’s, but that doesn’t mean she will support Anupama blindly. Leela says Dimpy shouldn’t forget that she became this family’s DIL because of Anupama or else she will not let such a girl even enter her house, their family is united because of Anupama.

Dimpy asks where is a family here. Kinjal asks if she has so much problem, why don’t she leave this house. Toshu asks where will Dimpy go when her own family kicked her out of the house. Dimpy warns him to shut up. Kinjal warns her to behave with Toshu. Samar says Toshu will laugh on them for losing their job. Toshu say she will laugh as they are not understanding Anupama’s words, Samar is new i in this field and Dimpy is fit for nothing, why would MD hire them. Samar says he got jealous of them. Toshu says what rubbish. Dimpy says he is speaking truth, Toshu got jealous of their job and new car.

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