My desire update Wednesday 18 January 2023

My desire 18 January 2023: Arman follows Preesha. Sania thinks she needs to stop Rudra so that Arman can finish his task properly. Preesha gets into bathroom to wash haldi from her eyes. Servant asks Arman if he did his job well. Arman says yes and asks him to close Preesha’s bathroom’s main tap for sometime and then open it again. Preesha switches on tap and finds no water. He gets into bathroom and cleans her eyes and face. She gets nervous and says she will do it herself. Water restarts and falls on them. He thinks its a perfect timing. Sania walks to Rudra and tries to keep him engaged in her talks. Sharda asks Rudra to check where Preesha is as she went to bathroom long ago. Sania fails to stop Rudra.

Arman tries to touch Preesha inappropriately and says water is not stopping. Rudra enters and asks seeing that asks why is he not stopping water. Arman says its not stopping. Rudra closes tap. Arman blames servant and goes out to scold him. Vasu walks in next and takes Preesha to change her dress. Rudra sees Arman talking smilingly with servant and thinks why he is praising servant instead fo scolding him. He remembers recent incidents and thinks why he is always present at the wrong place, if he is trying to stop his and Preesha’s wedding.

Preesha returns to haldi venue. Rudra picks haldi and kumkum and thinks nobody can separate them. Arman thinks he will separate them. Saransh clashes with Rudra, and kumkum flies and falls on Preesha’s hairline. Mangalam Bhagwan Vishnu.. mantra plays in the background. Arman stands shocked while Rudra and Preesha get happy seeing that. Sharda says she told Rudra and Preesha are made for each other, Rudra’s thali’s red color fell on Preesha’s hairline as sindhoor. Vasu says haldi ritual is complete, now its time to play with colors. Rudra applies color on Preesha intimately with Ang Lagade Re Mohe Rang Lagade Re.. song plays in the background while others apply color on each other in a normal way. Preesha gets shy and tries to go away.

He pulls her back. Arman stands jealous. Sharda says haldi ritual is complete now. Rudra says its not yet complete and puts Preesha in a water tub. She pulls him in tub. He touches her intimately again, and she smiles. GPS and Saransh join them. Preesha thanks Arman for organizing such a good haldi function. Chachaji and Sania taunt Arman that his plan backfired and he himself will perform Preesha and Rudra’s bidayi. Arman says he will not and still 24 hours are left.

Next morning, Sharda and Rudra bring bridal dress for Preesha. Rudra holds Preesha’s hand in lieu of giving dress. She shies. Sharda alerts Rudra. Preesha says she will keep dress in her room. Rudra insists to accompany her and says he can’t directly say that he wants to spend time with Preesha. GPS says he can. Rudra says Preesha shies and says people are watching. Sharda and Vasu say he has right to spend with Preesha and sends them up. Arman gets more jealous. Rudra takes Preesha to her room and hugs her. She acts shy. He says he is romancing his wife. She shows color on her hand and asks why did he apply it. He says its a color of his love and she shouldn’t remove it.

She says he should apply more. He lustfully touching her tries to kiss her. Arman enters and coughs. They get alert, and Preesha asks if he had some work. Arman says caterer wants to talk to Preesha. Preesha says she will. Sharda takes Rudra along. Arman thinks just one night, after that Preesha will be his and Rudra will be out of Preesha’s life forever. Next morning, Sharda and Arman visit Arman’s house again for wedding and praises Preesha’s beauty. She then pampers Saransh and says its his parent’s wedding today. Rudra hugs Preesha and Saransh and says its his happy family. Arman gets more jealous seeing that.

Rudra hugs Preesha and Saransh and says this is his family, which will be happy soon. He asks Saransh if he will get back his memory. Preesha says he will soon. Rudra tickles him. Arman and Sania stand jealous. Vasu says let us start mehandi ritual. Preesha says its time for Saransh’s dinner and feeds him. Chachaji taunts Arman that haldi is celebrated now, so there will be wedding. Sania taunts him next. Arman asks her not to be sarcastic, he will not let this marriage happen. Anvi walks to him. He asks if she had dinner. She says she didn’t yet. He asks if Prishma didn’t feed her. She says no as its her mehandi. He says she is feeding Saransh though and doens’t care for her.

Vasu asks Preesha to get mehandi done soon. Anvi walks to Preesha and insists to feed her. Preesha gets up, but Vasu asks her to finish mehandi first and makes her sit back. She asks nanny to feed Anvi. Anvi walks away sadly. Rudra says he will check Anvi. Saransh says he needs to pee and takes him to bathroom, then says he doesn’t have urge to pee now. Rudra remembers singing and helping him pee and signs a song standing outside while Saransh pees and walks out. Rudra hopes he remembers past incident, but Saransh stands blank. Rudra reminds previous incident, washes his hands, and takes him back to Preesha smiling.

Preesha asks why is he smiling. He says package has changed, but stuff from instead is same, he had to sing to help Saransh pee. Preesha gets happy thinking Saransh’s memory will be back soon.Rudra sees Anvi sad, walks to her, and trying to cheer her up says he will feed her. She insists to have food from Preesha. Sania tries, but Anvi gets adamant and walks away. Rudra scolds Sania and walking back to Anvi says he will feed her, Preesha is hungry since morning and will have only if she has food. Anvi gets convinced. Rudra says let us bring food for her and Preesha, but he doesn’t know what Preesha likes. Anvi says she will bring it and gets food.

Rudra signals Preesha and says Anvi brought food for her as she is hungry. Preesha says she will not have food until Anvi has. Rudra feeds food to Anvi smiling at Preesha. Anvi insists Rudra to feed Prishma also. He feeds Preesha and eating from her spoon says sharing inreases love, she is also tasty and he wants to taste her. She shies. He says he will not wait after marriage. Anvi asks him to feed them instead of talking. Rudra fees Preesha and wipes her lips. Arman and Sania stands jealous.

Sharda returns and asks Preesha to apply Rudra’s R in her hand and make sure Rudra doesn’t find it. Rudra says he will apply it at a place which nobody can see and gets romantic. Sharda twists his ear and takes him away. Saransh writes R on Preesha’s hand. Preesha gets emotional. Anvi shows her mehandi to Arman and asks if its looking good. Arman says its pretty and asks if she will not apply mehandi on Saransh’s hands like Saransh. Sania provokes that Saransh is Preesha’s real daughter and not Anvi, so she will not let Anvi apply mehandi on her. Anvi says she is also Prishma’s daughter and will apply mehandi on her hand. She walks to Preesha. Preesha agrees. Saransh stops her and says she is his mamma. Their fight starts. Anvi pushes Saransh away. Rudra and Preesha run to Saransh worried and panic seeing his head bleeding.

Preesha scolds Anvi and takes Saransh away. Anvi stands crying. Sania says this is a perfect to provoke Anvi against Preesha. She provokes Anvi that who scolds a pretty child, Preesha loves her real son Saransh and doesn’t care for her, but she need not worry as she is her real mother and will care for her.

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