My desire update Tuesday 17 January 2023


My desire 17 January 2023: Rudra and Preesha discuss that they had lost hope on Saransh, but god sent him back to them. He asks if Saransh’s memory will be back and will he be normal again. She says her pediatrician friend may prescribe something to Saransh. He excitedly says let us take Saransh to her friend tomorrow itself and hugs her. Next morning, Anvi wakes up and calls Prishma/Preesha to get her ready. Arman walks in. Anvi asks if he is Prishma that he came here. He says Preesha is busy as there is a function tonight. Anvi gets excited hearing about function and says she herself will get ready as she is grown up now. He walks out of room. Sania stops him and asks why didn’t he inform Anvi that its not his and Preesha’s engagement today.

Arman says Anvi is his trump card which will help him stop Rudra and Preesha’s engagement.Preesha with Rudra and Sharda takes Saransh to her pediatrician friend who checks Saransh’s reports and says brain neurons are damaged due to strong medications. Rudra asks if Saransh’s memory will be back. Doctor says yes. Rudra asks when. Preesha says they have stopped medicine and hence memory will return. Doctor says they need to recreate old memories and try, it may time some time.

In the evening, Rudra with Sharda visit Arman’s house for engagement. Vasu and GPS welcomes them. Arman tells Rudra that one who deserves will get Preesha. Rudra gets eager to meet Preesha. Preesha walks down with Saransh. Their eyes lock. Arman interrupts and say he hired turban maker as its important in their family. Sharda asks Rudra to get his turban as Preesha will not go anywhere. Rudra agrees and gets turban fixed on his head. Anvi happily rushes to Preesha and says she is looking pretty. Preesha says she is looking pretty. Arman says they both are looking pretty. Pandit enters and apologizes for coming late. Arman says let us exchange ring and takes it out. It falls down. He asks Anvi to pick it. Rudra walks to Preesha. Anvi gives Preesha’s ring. Pandit asks them to exchange rings and chants mantras.

Anvi gets shocked seeing Preesha fixing ring in Rudra’s finger, stops her, and says she can fix ring only in papa’s finger and asks Rudra to go away from there. Arman thinks this is his trump card, Preesha will be with him always. Rudra asks Anvi why is she saying this. Anvi says Prishma will fix ring in papa’s finger and will be only with them.Arman asks Sania and Chachaji if they understood his plan, Anvi will force Preesha to marry him, now its time for acting. He acts as convincing Anvi. Anvi gets adamant. He angrily scolds her and says Preesha will go with Anvi. Preesha stops him. Anvi hugs her and asks her to promise that she will not go away from her. Preesha takes her along and promises her that she will not leave her at any cost; she explains her that she came to her only a few months ago, but kids come from mother’s tummy.

Anvi asks if she has 2 mammas, she needs only Preesha mamma. Preesha says she has 2 mammas like Krishna had Devaki and Yashoda; she is going to next house and will return to her whenever she wants to; Sania is her real mamma and she returned back for her. She asks if she loves her. Anvi says a lot. Preesha says she also loves handsome uncle and is happy with him, so she is marrying him. Anvi asks what about papa. Preesha says Sania is there for Arman, so she is marrying Rudra. Arman apologizes Rudra for Anvi’s misbehavior. Rudra says he will explain Anvi. Sharda says Preesha has already gone. Chachaji tells Arman that his plan is working and Anvi will convince Preesha not to marry Rudra.

Preesha with Anvi walks down. Arman says Preesha will give good news, finally Anvi’s love separated Preesha and Rudra. Vasu asks what did she decide. Preesha says Anvi will tell herself. Anvi asks Rudra if he is angry on her. He says how can he as she is like his daughter. She says he is good and kisses him, leaving Arman in shock. Anvi holds Preesha and Rudra’s hands and says they both can marry now. They both thank her. Chachaji tells Arman that his plan failed. Sania says kiddy plans with kids fail. Arman says even her plans failed. Chachaji asks what will they do now. Arman says engagement. He tells Anvi that he is proud of Anvi that she accepted Preesha’s request. Rudra and Preesha exchange rings and complete their engagement. Everyone clap for them.


Rudra and Preesha exchange rings during their engagement ceremony and take elders’ blessings. Chachaji taunts Arman that engagement is finished, they should celebrate their wedding tomorrow. Preesha and Rudra give gift to Saransh. Anvi asks where is her gift. Preesha says its in her room. Sania fumes thinking even kids are mad behind Preesha. Anvi rushes to her room to check gift and then runs to bathroom. Sania walks to her and says she will unwrap her gift till then. Rudra flies toy helicopter trying to revive Saransh’s memory. Saransh fails to remember. Rudra says Saransh doesn’t remember playing with helicopter in Goa. Preesha says let us try again. Anvi returns from bathroom and excitedly plays with doll. Doll’s hand falls down. Sania provokes her that Prishma purposefully gave her broken doll and doesn’t love her, so she should confront Prishma.

Rudra and Preesha click pics with Saransh. Anvi gets sad seeing that. Arman stops her from going near Preesha and says its Preesha, Rudra, and Saransh’s family and they forgot her. He sees doll in her hand and asks if Preesha gifted her. Anvi says its hand is broken. Sania remembers breaking doll’s hand to provoke her against Preesha. Out of flashback, she says Preesha should have brought a good doll for Avni, she got a good toy for her Saransh though. Preesha calls Anvi and says her family is incomplete without her. Anvi happily kisses her. Sania tells Arman its not easy to stop Rudra and Preesha’s marriage, but they both will; Anvi is their daughter and will trust them and not Preesha.

At night, Preesha smiles looking at her engagement ring and remembers engagement ceremony. She hears someone throw stones at window and goes to check. He hugs her from behind. Tumse hi.. song plays in the background. She asks what is he doing. He says hugging his would be wife, mom told he cannot get closer to her after haldi ceremony, so he came now. Arman gets angry seeing that, wakes up Anvi and provokes her that her Prishma is missing from her room. Anvi goes out to check. Arman and Rudra get intimate and are about to kiss when Anvi walks to them calling Prishma. Arman thinks he used Anvi and separated Rudra and Anvi, he will use her repeatedly to separate them.

Anvi hugs Preesha and asks where did she go. Preesha says she is with her and will inform her before going. Anvi says she was not in her room. Preesha says she came to meet Rudra. Rudra says she should inform Arman to call Preesha. Anvi says papa.. Arman walks in and says thank go she is here. Anvi says papa told Prishma is not in her room. Arman nervously says he told her just like that. Rudra says because of him, he has to stay away from Preesha for 3 days.Next morning, Anvi wakes up Preesha and asks her to get ready for haldi ritual. Preesha walks out and sees Arman decorating house asks why is he decorating house like in holi. He says its colorful haldi and Chachaji’s idea.

Chachaji walks in. Arman signals Chachajji if they celebrate colorful haldi in his village. Chachaji nods yes. Arman asks Preesha to go and get ready. Once she leaves, Sania and Chachaji confront Arman. Arman says he will apply haldi to Preesha before Arman. Sania says he will support him. In the evening, Rudra with family walk in for haldi rituals and gets romantic with Preesha. Arman and Sania fume seeing that. Arman then orders his servant to drop haldi thali before Rudra and Preesha’s haldi and threatens to dismiss him else. Sharda performs Rudra and Preesha’s aarti. Preesha sits for haldi. Arman signals servant who in lieu of helping Rudra picks haldi thali and drops it in front of Preesha. Rudra gets worried. Preesha goes to wash herself.

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