My desire update Thursday 19 January 2023

My desire 19 January 2023: Preesha cries worried for Saransh when falls down and gets injured. Rudra consoles her and says Saransh is fine. Preesha says he is right, but she got back Saransh after a long time and is afraid to lose him again. He says her concern is valid. She shows her spoilt mehandi. He corrects her mehandi. Tumse Se Hi.. song plays in the background. He says he applied better mehandi than professional artist and its color will be more bright as her hubby applied it. Arman gets jealous seeing that and determines to separate them. Preesha asks Rudra to go out as she wants to be with Saransh for sometime. Rudra gets a music company’s call offering him to sing for an album. He gets happy and informs Sharda that their problems are solved, he got a music contract and will get back their mortgage house and revive their past life.

She gets happy but then asks how can he go out today on his sangeet day. He says he will return soon after signing contract and give a surprise to Preesha, so she shouldn’t inform Preesha where he went till he returns.In the evening, Sharda enters Arman’s house alone for sangeet ceremony. Chachaji and Sania discuss where is Rudra. Arman reveals he sent Rudra to a fake music company luring him with a music concert and will not let him come out from there. Rudra reaches music company where receptionist asks him to wait till a concerned person meets him. Preesha asks Sharda about Rudra. Sharda remembers Rudra’s surprise plan and says he will come. Chachaji acts and says Rudra does this to Preesha always, its better they cancel this wedding.

Sharda asks him to stop. Chachaji says last time Rudra went missing and returned after marrying Sania. GPS says Rudra didn’t marry Sania. Chachaji says Rudra will make Preesha cry after marriage. Sharda thinks where did he go leaving Preesha crying again, she will tell truth to Preesha and not let things repeat again. Arman tells Chachaji that Rudra will return soon. Chachaji says he gave pain to Preesha again and don’t know when will he return, so its better they cancel this wedding.

Rudra enters with Ahuja saying this wedding will not be canceled. Arman gets tensed seeing him returning. Preesha asks Rudra where was he. Rudra says he had gone to sign a music contract, but found someone fooled him. He remembers noticing empty recording studio and tries to go out, but finds door locked. He panics and breaking door comes out and searches for a cab. Mr Ahuja reaches there and asks what is he doing here. Rudra says he came to sign music contract with DGU company. Ahuja says there is no company with that name and if he wants to do concert, he will sponsor him as many music companies are waiting for him, his fan would be very happy. He says its his and Preesha’s sangeet today and he needs to reach soon.

Ahuja says fans will be more happy to hear about Rusha reuniting and drops him to Arman’s house. Out of flashback, Rudra looking at Arman says someone tried to fool him. Arman asks who will do that when Rudra knows music industry well. Rudra says someone wanted to separate him and Preesha and challenges to dare try to separate them. Arman gets more jealous. He calls his aide and scolds her for being careless and asks to vacate the place immediately and don’t leave any clue. Sania and Chachaji taunt him that his plan failed again and he will lose Preesha. Preesha applies medicines to Rudra’s injury and asks him to go out again uninformed as she doesn’t like Chachaji or anyone insulting him.

Rudra touches Preesha’s ear romantically and says earring was lose. She asks is it. He says when he got a chance, he wants to misuse it; then says he had gone to sign a music video contract and surprise her; with Saransh’s return, he wants to restart singing and live happily with her and Saransh; he wants to pen a new song for her like he penned will you marry me when he proposed her first. He then explains the meaning of her name. She says that means she looks beautiful to him. He says yes and gets more romantic. She asks him to change his dress for their sangeet. Arman enters and asks Rudra to get ready and come down. Rudra gets angry. After sometime, Arman hosts Preesha and Rudra’s sangeet ceremony and says his best friend Preesha is getting married, Preesha is unique and there is no one like her.

Rudra takes mic and says he is right that Preesha is unique, Arman is lucky to have a friend like her and he is lucky to have Preesha back in his life as a wife. He holds Preesha’s hand and says I love you, then asks her to say I love you. She shyingly says I love you. Everyone clap while Arman gets jealous.Rudra says let us make this event special and announces GPS and Vasu’s dance saying there will be both Punjabi and South Indian dance. GPS hesitates. Preesha and Vasu also insists, he agrees. They both dance on 1, 2, 3, 4 Get On The Dance Floor.. song. beautifully. Bunty calls Rudra. Rudra goes out and thanks him for coming. Bunty asks why did he call him. Rudra says he got a call from some fake GNU music company to stop him from attending his sangeet function, he wants him to track who the culprit is.

Bunty asks if he doubts someone. Rudra says Arman. Bunty asks why would Arman do that when he is getting them married. Rudra says he wants to find same. Bunty asks him to go in while he finds out. Rudra rejoins family and watches GPS and Vasu’s dance.After dance performance, Anvi sadly sits aside seeing Preesha pampering Saransh. Preesha notices her and asks her to join them. Anvi walks away ignoring her. Arman walks to her followed by Sania who provokes her not to talk to Preesha as she doesn’t love her. Preesha gets concerned. Rudra asks her why she looks tensed. Preesha says Anvi looks angry on her and is not talking to her. Rudra says maybe she is angry as she scolded her, she should go and convince her.

Arman and Sania continue to brainwash Anvi and ask her to act as falling to see if Preesha loves her like she loves Saransh.Anvi acts as falling down. Preesha rushes to her. Anvi says she is hurt. Preesha says she is not and is acting. Anvi says its internal injury, she loves only Saransh and scolded her when he fell down, but she is not bothered when she fell down; she runs away saying she doesn’t want to talk to her. Preesha tries to walk behind her, but Arman stops her and says let Anvi stay alone as they both have to learn to stay without her once she leaves after marrying Rudra.

Arman walks to Anvi’s room. Anvi thinks Preesha came. Arman says Preesha will not come as she is busy with Saransh and Rudra. Sania says she came though as she is Anvi’s real mamma and cannot see her crying. Anvi says Prishma loves her and insists Arman to bring her. Arman goes out to call Preesha. Host announces Rudra and Preesha’s dance. They both dance on Will You Marry Me song to revive Saransh’s memory. Saransh sits expressionless, then walks to them and kneeling down extends his hands towards them. They both get emotional.

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