My desire update Wednesday 14 February 2024

My desire 14 February 2024: Inspector informs Kashvi that luckily they found CCTV footage from the Samrat’s opposite house where they can see a face-hiding man planting a bomb in Samrat car. He says surely they will find out this person soon. Nitya gets tensed hearing that.

Kashvi says that means they can find out mummy and papa’s, she means sir’s, murderer. She asks inspector to show the video. Inspector shows video ands says is hiding his face, but we can see a big mole on his forehead and catch him soon. Nitya thinks he was a fool not to see a camera in the opposite house.

Inspector says Samrat’s staff doesn’t know the murderer, they are sure someone must have hired him to kill Samrat.

After some time, Arjun notices Kashvi upset and tries to calm her down. Kashvi says she can’t rest until she gets her parent’s murderer punished. Arjun says even he wants revenge but in a proper way. He suggests her to study as their exam is coming. Kashvi refuses to study. Arjun reminds how much Nayan sacrificed to see Kashvi as a civil service officer from becoming Sabharwal to not buying her favorite saris, etc. Kashvi thanks him for reminding her as a true partner. Arjun says he is her life partner now. They both start studying.

Nitya scolds her subordinate Sharmaji for not deleting a footage of Samrat’s opposite house CCTV camera and says Birju has seen her face and she may be exposed if he is caught. She recalls Sharmaji bringing Birju along to take remaining payment. Sharmaji says he asked Birju to leave the town immediately, so she need not worry. Mahima calls Romila and acting as in deep sorrow with Nayan’s death asks if she can return home. Veera thinks she fakes so well. Mahima thinks she doesn’t care if Nayan died, she can’t live a poor life in Mumbai and wants to return to Faridabad where at least she is not bothered about money and doesn’t have to worry.

Romila gives phone to Daadi. Daadi warns him to dare not step even in Faridabad, forget home, and says she doesn’t care if she is alive or dead. Mahima disconnects call and vents out her frustration.

Arjun notices Kashvi still sad while studying and takes her out for having kulfi. He cheers her up with his drama. They both laugh and enjoy kulfi. Kashvi notices Birju standing on road and informs Arjun that the man who planted bomb in Sam’s car is standing there.

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