Imlie starlife update Wednesday 14 February 2024

Imlie 14 February 2024: Imlie thinks Anu wants to sign a deal with Mr Ken tomorrow morning at 7 a.m., but without Atharva, there can’t be Mr Ken. She prays god for help. Atharva fights with goons, but goons overpower him soon and tie him down to a chair with a mask on his face.

Imlie recalls Atharva giving his phone to her while goons take him away and thinks she will get goons’ number via Anu’s phone and then will track goon’s live location. She silently walks into Anu’s room, takes Anu’s phone, and unlocks it using Chini’s DOB as password.

She notices Atharva’s photo with goons and learns about it’s location the background. She clicks pic in her phone and hides behind a door when Anu returns. Anu senses someone and switches on light. Imlie silently leaves the room and hides. Anu thinks she is going mad being with Rana servants. She closes the room and sleeps.

Imlie reaches goon’s location by tracking the logo in the photo background.

She talks to her baby to be courageous as her mamma will free her papa soon. She notices its already 6:15 a.m. and Anu wants to sign the deal at 7 a.m. Ranas wake up and not finding Imlie around think she must have gone in search of Imlie. Anu shouts to bring water for her. Keya says she will go and give water to Anu. Shivani sensing her intention says she will, but Keya insists and leaves. She informs Anu that Imlie is missing and surely must have gone to create a problem for them. Anu shouts at her to get out and thinks Imlie can’t do anything.

Goons get tired after fighting with Atharva and go out to refresh themselves leaving one of them with Atharva. Imlie sensing an apportunity attacks goon on his head and makes him unconscious. She then frees Atharva. Atharva asks why did he come here. Imlie asks if he doesn’t know why, says they need to reach home before Anu gets ready to meet Ken. Atharva replaces goon in his place and reaches home with Imlie. Imlie notices Keya coming and hides Atharva. She keeps Keya distracted while Atharva silently escapes from behind and reaches his room. Anu gets ready for the deal and walks to Ken’s room. Atharva disguised as Ken asks if she doesn’t have a culture of knocking a door before entering someone’s room. Anu apologizes and says breakfast and deal documents are ready. Ken signs the papers and asks Anu to sign them and complete the deal. Anu says she will not sign the deal until she gets advance amount. Imlie gets tensed thinking how will Atharva get such a huge amount. Anu refuses to sign the deal again.

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