My desire update Thursday 15 February 2024

My desire 15 February 2024: Kashvi notices Birju on road and identifies him as the one who fixed a bomb in her parent’s car. Arjun asks if she is lost in his charm. Kashvi points at Birju and says he is the one who fixed a bomb in her parent’s car, they should catch him and question who hired him.

Arjun says it’s police duty and calls police. Kashvi notices Birju leaving on his bike and says she herself will go and catch him. Arjun says he can’t let her go alone and agrees to follow Birju. Birju stops at a pan shop. Kashvi says they should go and catch him now.

Arjun says it’s clear that Birju was hired by someone, he may go to meet that person, so they should silently follow him. Birju notices them and gets suspicious on them. He takes diversions to find out if they are following him. Kashvi asks Arju why Birju is taking diversions. Arjun says he doesn’t know, they need to follow him silently.

Birju confirms that they are following him. He calls Sharma who asks if he left the city. Birju says not yet as he had his wife’s birthday.

Sharma asks him to leave soon as police is searching him as they found a CCTV footage from Sam’s opposite house. Birju says if he is caught, he will expose even Sharma and Nitya. He informs that 2 young boy and girl are following him and asks if they are police. Sharma calls Nitya and informs her about the same. Nitya asks him to inform Birju to hide in a sealed factory.

Veera notices a job interview in a news paper and tells Mahima that they should try for this job. Mahima in her usual arrogant style says she is born to rule and not work. Veera asks her to get into reality and understand that she is worst than a servant now, they don’t have money to run their daily expenses and should have to work.

Mahima shouts that she has to work now, she curses Sam for dying without giving her money.

Birju enters a sealed factory via a broken window. Arjun and Kashvi reach there following him and searches for him. Nitya reaches next and picks a gun to kill Birju before he exposes her. She thinks when she didn’t spare Sam and Nayan, she will not spare even Birju. Kashvi shouts seeing a rat. Arjun shuts her mouth. Nitya hears her voice and thinks a girl is inside.

Arjun and Kashvi’s cute nok jhok continues. Nitya walks in. Kashvi hears a sound and thinks Birju is trying to escape. They bump on Nitya and asks what is she doing here. Nitya stands tensed. Kashvi notices Birju running and alerts Arjun. Arjun runs behind Birju. Birju hides behind Nitya and pleads to save him from them. He reveals that she had hired him to plant a bomb in Sam’s car and kill him. Nitya says he is lying and tries to slap him. Kashvi holds her hand and confronts her.

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