My desire update Tuesday 13 February 2024

My desire 13 February 2024: Kashvi tells Arjun that she was waiting for her father since years and when her father was around her, she couldn’t hug him and call him papa. She says he got emotional when she called him papa during her muh dikhayi ceremony.

She insists to visit Samrat’s house and experience his presence. Arjun takes her along. At Sam’s house, a guest asks Romila if she found out who is behind the blast. Romila says how will they know as Nayan was from a middle class family and didn’t have any enemy, though Sam was rich and must have had many enemies.

Kashvi walks in and asks her to stop badmouthing about her papa. Romila asks papa? Nitya stops Kashvi and says nobody should know that Samrat was her biological father. She scolds Romila for trying to create a drama. Romila says she said right. Daadi asks her to stop at least now and let the 2 souls rest in peace.

Nitya takes Kashvi and Arjun to a room and says nobody should know that Sam was Nayan’s biological father. Kashvi asks if she knew about it.

Nitya says Nayan had informed her about it. Kashvi says Nitya and Arjun knew about it, but her parents didn’t inform her. Nitya says they wanted to after her exams as they didn’t want her to be under any mental pressure. She acts crying and says she lost her bestfriend and wants the world to remember her bestfriend the way she was. Kashvi requests her to find out who is behind the blast. Nitya says she has sent her best team to investigate. She comforts Kashvi and asks her to call her mummy from hereon and not aunty as she is also like her mother. She asks Arjun to take Kashvi out.

Once they walk out, she grins and picks Samrat’s photo and laughs saying he wanted to send her to jail and she sent him to heaven; unfortunately, her bestfriend also had to die as she was sitting besides Samrat in a car. She recalls how she used her aide to fix a bomb in Samrat’s car. She then calls another aide and asks if he deleted Samrat’s house CCTV footages. Aide says yes. Nitya thinks she erased all the evidences against her now.

Veera brings vada pav for Mahima. Mahim throws tantrum and says she will not have bun and aloo bhajia. Veera says its vada pav and is a lunch and dinner of many people in Mumbai, she can either have it or leave it. Mahima thinks she can’t live on this grass and needs money.

She picks phone to call Samrat again and blackmail him but is shocked to see a news about Samrat and Nayan’s death in a bomb blast. Veera comforts Mahima saying her mom is dead and she should return home. Mahima says Nayan was not her mother, anyways she will return home to gain sympathy.

Samrat’s lawyer meets Kashvi and gives her Samrat’s belonging. He says Samrat had asked to give it to her if something happens to him; he also wanted his property and wealth to be transferred to her instead of charitable trust. Kashvi says even lawyer knew about it, but not her.

Lawyer says Samrat wanted to inform her but was afraid after a chandelier incident. Kashvi asks him to transfer Samrat’s wealth to charitable trust and takes his belonging. She returns to her room and is about to open it when Arjun calls her down. She keeps the box in her cupboard and walks down. Inspector visits them and informs that they doubt that someone killed Samrat out of conspiracy. Kashvi says there are CCTV cameras all around the house. Inspector says all the CCTV footages are deleted. Kashvi says only family knew about the cameras, definitely a known person has done this. Inspector says she is right. Kashsvi asks him to find out who the person is. Inspector says they got some clue. Nitya gets tensed.

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