Lost in Love update Tuesday 3 January 2023


Lost in Love 3 January 2023: Jagtap barges into Sai’s room and tries to misbehave with her. Samrat breaks the door open and beats Jagtap brutally. Jagtap’s ets severely injured. Sai stops Samrat somehow. Omkar tells family that Samrat will also end up in jail like Virat if something happens to Jagtap and suggests them to admit Jagtap immediately to the hospital. Samrat warns that no one can harm Sai until he is alive. Family rushes Jagtap to the hospital. Dr. Thurat passes comments on Sai and tries to humiliate her. Sari warns him to be within his limits and act professionally. She and Samrat then inform police and ask Dr. Thurat to start Jagtap’s treatment.Vithal enters the hospital and threatens Sai for hurting Jagtap. She warns him to control his son and make him understand to be in his limits or else he will lose his son forever. Vithal gets afraid and leaves from there. He requests nurse to take his blood and save his son. Sai explains the whole story to DIG. DIG files a complaint against Jagtap for trying to molest and rape Sai. Sai gets emotional. Samrat comforts her and shows his brotherly love towards her.

The nurse informs Vithal that she cannot transfer Vithal’s blood as he is an alcoholic. Vithal gets offended and yells at her.

Sai supports hospital staff and warns Vithal to stop misbehaving with them. Dr. Thurat walks to them and yells at Sai for interfering in between them. He speaks politely with Vithal and warns Sai to to dare not ruin hospital’s peace. He then ordres the nurse to take Vithal’s blood. The nurse refuses and reminds him about Malhari’s incident where Malhar had to lose his life because of Thurat’s negligence and greed. She taunts him that he always accepts goons’ offers and mistreats patients and gets adamant saying she will not let anyone innocent life be lost because of him again. Thurat gets angry on her, takes her aside, and threatens her not to talk about th eincident again or else he will kick her out of the hospital.Sai overhears their conversation and confronts the nurse. She reveals the whole truth to Sai. Sai exposes Thurat in front of everyone. Thurat stands shocked and says all the allegations against him are baseless. DIG with his team reaches the hospital.

Nurse gives her statement against Thurat. Police arrests Thurat for killing Malhar due to his greed and negligence. DIG praises Sai for her brave act and assures her that soon even Virat will also be out of jail. Sai then seeks help from her intern friend asks her to bring Vithal’s. The intern hesitantly agrees and takes phone from Vithal giving some excuse. Sai messages Mr Kamat to reach the hospital with money. Mr Kamat reaches hospital with money. Vithal gets tensed seeing him and asks him to leave. Mr Kamat revals .Virat drops Sai to her college and romantically touches her. She feels shy. He asks her to stop blushing and ask how can he fall in her love. She jokes and gets of the car. At home, Samrat helps Pakhi get ready and says she is looking beautiful. She holds his hand and says she need some stuff as they are going for the trip. He insists to take her for shopping. She says it was their solo trip, but he involved whole family in it and made it a family trip. He says family needed a break after all the troubles and asks if she is going there for her blogging. She sarcastically asks if they are going only for blogging.


Sai checks patients when she feels dizzy. Nurse helps her and asks if she took a pregnancy test. Sai shies and asks why is she thinking so. Nurse says she has a sixth sense and can guess if the woman is pregnant just by looking at them, Sai’s face is glowing and is definitely pregnant. Sai jokes and laughs. Nurse insists her to take a pregnancy kit test. Sai hesitantly agrees just to keep her words and tests herself. She is surprised to see the result positive and recalls consummating with Virat. She feels very happy and thinks of informing Virat about the same.Back home, Virat asks Sai to serve him dinner. She serves three plates. Virat he gets confused and says only 2 of them are at the house. She smiles at him and feels shy. He questions her about the third plate and walks near her. She reveals him that they are going to be parents. He gets very happy hearing that and happily hugs her. They both for their family to reveal the good news to them. Chavans return from the trip. Bhavani praises Pakhi for bringing stuff for everyone. Sai and Virat relay the pregnancy new to family. Everyone rejoices to hear the news. Bhavani and Ashwini show their gratitude towards Sai. Ninad also returns home and is elated to hear the good news. Family pampers Sai and asks her to take care of herself.

Pakhi gets jealous seeing the family’s special treatment towards Sai and decides to get pregnant soon. Sonali and Omkar look unhappy. Family then asks Pakhi also to bear the child soon. Samrat apologises to Pakhi for that. She gets closer to him saying family is right. Sai waits for Virat to pick her up, but he gets late. She calls Samrat and requests him for help. Pakhi gets irritated when Sai calls Samrat and disturbs their romantic moment. Samrat picks Sai up. Sai apologises him. Samrat says he will always be there for her as an elder brother. Car tire gets punctured. Samrat manages to stop the car and relaxes seeing Sai safe. She gets out of the car and gets angry seeing Jagtap with his goons and scolds them. Jagtap forcefully gets Sai into the car while his goons hold Samrat. Samrat fights with the goons, but Jgtap driver car pushing him way. Samrat falls severely injured. Sai is shocked to notice that.

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