My desire update Wednesday 4 January 2023


My desire 4 January 2023: Rudra informs Shardda that he married Sania Dubash just sometime ago. Preesha in shock asks how can he marry someone else while he was mad behind her, came to Shimla behind, fought with Arman, and even was badly injured. Rudra laughs and asks if she trusted his lies, everything was a drama. Arman enters and stands shocked seeing Sania and thinks what is she doing here. Rudra shouts at Preesha that he didn’t forget that he lost his son because of her, she left him when he needed her the most, he came on road because of her, he left his singing because of her; so he wanted to take revenge from her and make her feel the same pain he went through; he just wanted to make her accept that she still has feeling for him even after being married to someone; he ruined her life and made her accept her love for him in front of her husband and daughter; his final attack was when she left them to enjoy a date with him. Preesha sheds tears in shock.

Rudra says he wanted to see tears in her eyes and ruin her life, he never wanted to be with her; he is in a relationship with Sania since 6 months and is of his standard, not a behanji like Preesha.Preesha tells Sharda that Rudra not only ruined her life but also Sharda’s motherhood; he played such a dirty game with her and proved that he is Sulochana’s dirty blood and dirty Kabir’s dirty brother. She tries to hit him asking why did she betray him. Sania holds her hand and warns her to lower her hand and voice as she will not tolerate her husband’s insult.

She pushes her away. Arman holds her and angrily warns Sania how dare she is to touch his wife, it wouldn’t be good for her if she dares to come near his wife again; he tongue lashes Rudra that chachaji was right about him that he is not a right person, he shouldn’t have let Preesha with him, he proved his worth with his heinous act, good he opened up as Preesha would have continued to blindly trust him, now with his betrayal Preesha and my relationship got more strong, I will not let any tears in my Preesha’s eyes, etc. He warns him to dare not come near Preesha again and walks away with her. Rudra cries seeing that and thinks he feels as if his life is going with Preesha and he hurt her again. Main Tumhara.. song plays in the background.

Rudra further reminisces Sania offering to give him Saransh and Ahana’s information if he marries her. He shouts if she has gone mad. She asks if he doesn’t love his son. He says he didn’t think she would stoop so low. She says she wants to have a contract marriage as she has some work and once its completed, he is free. He remembers quality time spent with Sarnash and agrees to marry her for Saransh’s sake. Out of flashback, he apologizes Preesha for breaking her heart again. Sania asks what was this drama, anyways let us forget it, and she asks Sharda to perform her new bahu’s aarti. Rudra also asks same. Sharda slaps him and says she will mourn her bahu’s departure instead and warns that Preesha will be her bahu always and nobody can take her place in this life.

She says she is bound with Rudra or else she would have left him for his heinous act, he will find a helpless mother in this house instead of his Sharda maa.Arman takes Preesha home and says he cannot believe Rudra can betray her, he accepted her and Rudra’s relationship and sent her to him after convincing Anvi. Preesha asks him to leave her alone for sometime and goes on a walk wiping her tears. Arman thinks he cannot leave her alone like Rudra. Preesha walks on road remembering her and Rudra’s romance and cries vigorously sitting on a road and remembering the recent incidents. A sad song Punjabi plays in the background. Arman walks to her and consoling her thinks he cannot see her in pain like this even after sacrificing his love for her, fate broke up her and Rudra’s relationship and sent her to him, now he will not let her go.


Rudra reminisces Preesha confronting him that he proved with his heinous act that he is Sulochana’s blood and Arman warning him to stay away from Preesha or else it would be good for him. He apologizes Preesha for lying to her and thinks he will set everything right once he finds Saransh. Sania walks to him and says his mother didn’t perform her graha pravesh yet. He questions about Saransh. She says its their wedding night and he should speak romantically with her or else she will shift to some hotel. He shouts at her not to act oversmart as he hurt Preesha and his mother and married her for Saransh’s sake, he insists her to tell Saransh and Ahana’s address.

She warns him to dare not speak in high tone to her or else he will never know where Saransh is. He thinks he wants to strangulate her, but needs to control himself till he finds Saransh. He goes into flashback where he marries her in temple and bribes Panditji to perform a fake marriage. Out of flashback, he thinks once he finds Saransh and brings him in front of Preesha, he will kick out Sania out of his house and life.Arman gives medicine to Preesha and makes her sleep. Chachaji seeing his sad face asks if he fought with Preesha. He says Preesha and Rudra fought and informs what happened. Chachaji says he deserves Preesha and not traitor Rudra, he should make sure that Preesha doesn’t return to Rudra or else Preesha will lose her life.

Arman says he will never let that happen and will erase Rudra’s name from Preesha’s life; he doesn’t know if Preesha is in his fate, but she won’t be in Rudra’s fate. He further informs him something important, Chachaji looks shocked hearing that.Preesha remembers Rudra informing that he married Sania and was in a relationship with her since 6 months. Main Tumhara… song plays in the background. She thinks Rudra is lying as Sania was not in Rudra’s life at all, she needs to find out truth. She calls Bunty to find out about Sania and informs him that Rudra married Sania. Bunty is shocked and says he will question Rudra and find out the truth.

Preesha thinks even Rudra’s best friend doesn’t know about Sania and Rudra’s marriage, something is wrong.Sania tries to sleep on Rudra’s bed. Rudra stops her and says only his wife can sleep in that place. She says if he behaves with her like this, he will never find out Saransh’s location and since she is his current wife, she has right to sleep on his bed. He walks away saying she can never take Preesha’s place. Sania thinks she married Rudra to keep Preesha away from Rudra’s life. Preesha meets Sharda. Sharda thanks her for coming even after Rudra’s betrayal. Preesha says there is something which Rudra is hiding. Sharda asks how can she be so sure. Preesha says by reading his eyes, he was hiding his eyes so that she couldn’t read them; he told he knows Sania since 6 months, how is it possible as he was about to marry Devika at that time, she needs to find out details about Sania.

Bunty meets Rudra and asks if he really married Sania. He says its a fake marriage and he will kick Sania out of his life once he finds out Saransh. Bunty hopes he doesn’t break Preesha’s heart. Preesha tells Sharda that Rudra is in deep pain. Sharda asks why did he marry Sania then. Sania walks to them clapping and asks why did Preesha return even after Rudra kicked her out.

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