My desire update Tuesday 28 November 2023

My desire 28 November 2023: Samrat and Mansi speak to each other. Mansi blackmailed him saying that she would return Prem only when he returns his property and money to Mansi. Samrat says that till he doesn’t get to see Prem, he wouldn’t give him the property papers. Samrat and Nain decide to go to Delhi for Prem. Their families were waiting for Nain and Samrat to reach home. When they reached home, Samrat’s mother and other family members welcomed her. Nain said that she remembers everything now and apologised to the elders.

When they asked about Prem, Samrat told them that he was kidnapped by Mansi who was asking for Samrat’s money and property. He made a call to Samrat and told him that he had reached Delhi and would get the property papers ready by the evening. He asked Mansi to come to Nain’s house in the evening where he would give her the papers. Mansi agreed with him.

Later in the evening, everyone was waiting for Mansi when she entered Nain’s home. She asked for the papers from Samrat. He asked Mansi to show him Prem when Mansi said that to her money was more important. She then called Prem inside. When Prem came inside, she stopoed him. Just when Samrat gave Mansi the property papers, she returned Prem to the Samrat’s family. Mansi’s father said that he was ashamed of acknowledging Mansi as his daughter who kidnapped her own kid only for money being a mother. He said that if her mother would have been alive she would have been ashamed of her. Mansi said that she doesn’t care about all these things since she was only their step daughter. She then said that she had no time for these beggars now and left Nain’s house.

When Nain hugged Prem, he asked her where she had been for so long. He told him that he missed Nain terribly and used to cry a lot. Nain promised him that she won’t ever leave him now. Next day, Samrat informed everyone that they would go on a picnic the next day. Next morning, Mansi visited an office and shouted at a man asking why she wasn’t getting Samrat’s property or money. He informed her that Samrat had visited his office last evening and asked him to change the name of his property ownership to his parents name and make a fraud paper in Mansi’s name so that she doesn’t get to know. Knowing all this, Mansi gets furious and tells that man that she was sending Samrat to jail. This man informed him that she wouldn’t be able to do anything to Samrat since he didn’t have anything in his own name so she can’t make any case on his name.

Mansi decided to take revenge from Samrat. Next morning they reached the picnic spot and they loved the place. When they reached there, Samrat said that he has made a new rule now where everyone would now switch off their mobile phones and give it to Samrat. He would return their phones in the evening. He did this purposely to trick Mansi. Mohut saw Samrat tense and he asked him if everything was okay or not. He said he was okay. Mansi visited Samrat’s house but found out that nobody was there. She got to know that all of them had left for some place early in the morning. She then tried to reach Samrat and his family on the phone but she couldn’t reach them.The episode ends.

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